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How to Cheat On a Proctored Exam: 10 Creative Ways

Covid-19 changed everything. Presently, we learn through online measures. It is a brilliant learning method. However, it comes with unique challenges. Unfortunately, online learning makes cheating a lot easier for students. Whether you are taking proctored exams or standard, there are various ways to cheat. Even I can pay someone to Do My Class Help For Me and take its exam. I can easily get an excellent grade if I hand my course over to an expert. That is why many schools are deploying new assessment methods to reduce cheating.

No matter how hard schools try, students will still find ways to cheat in proctored exams. An academic survey showed that the most searched question was cheating prevention in an online exam in the recent year. It simply indicates that cheating in proctored exams is common.

10 Creative Ways to Cheat in a Proctored Exam

However, many schools are now using advanced monitoring software. This monitoring software can detect suspicious movement. For example, if you leave the place or put your head down for some minutes, the invigilator will get a notification about it. Besides, below are the ten best creative ways you can cheat in your proctored exam.

Sit With a Guide

Sitting with a guide is the sneakiest way. However, tell your guider not to talk to you meanwhile the exam. If the proctor finds you making any signals or talking, they will disqualify you. Therefore, be aware of these types of communication. A tiny mistake can lead you toward disqualification.

Screen Sharing Applications

A proctor can never detect what is going on in your monitor screen. Therefore, using screen-sharing applications can help significantly. You can share a screen with an expert or friend to seek assistance. Even facial recognition cannot detect screen sharing, as you are looking at the screen. No one knows that you have multiple screens on your monitor. There are various applications that can help you in this, such as Teamviewer and AnyDesk.

Adaptive Learning

Students can mold the learning schedule the way they want. There are no restrictions on completing a course. Either you can complete a MyStatLab course in one month or eight months, as it is up to you. This way, you can spend time on other important things. Adaptive learning is an enemy of academic burden. So one big reason to register at MyStatLab is flexible learning options.

Key Bindings

Many students make various document files and even set key binding to answers. By simply pressing a single key or keyboard shortcuts, you can get the answer to a specific question that you made earlier. There is various software available that can bind a lot of information on a single key.

Advanced Micro Communication Equipment

Today, we have micro wireless earphones which are hard to detect. You can be on a phone call with someone guiding you with your exam. This way, you do not have to worry about suspicious movement and disqualification. Also, cameras or any software cannot detect these tiny earpieces.

Old School Methods

Students will never run out of creativity when it involves cheating in exams. Many students use old-school cheating methods in their proctored exams. Hiding notes in their sleeves, putting sticky notes on computer monitors, and writing formulas on their palms. An invigilator can never find these materials virtually.

Smart Phones

Have you ever tried to attend a proctored exam using a smartphone? Sometimes, facial recognition fails when you connect through a smartphone. These algorithms are compatible with desktop computers. Thus, joining the exam through a smartphone may disable facial recognition and ease your cheating.

Programmable Calculators

Programmable calculators are strictly intolerable in exams. However, no one can detect if you use it in a proctored exam. You can store various formulas and information in it. The proctor will see it as a calculator, as there is no way to detect it.

Using the Internet

No one can help you like the Internet. Whether you want to study, work, learn, or cheat, the internet is a brilliant assistant. Technology has brought us various advanced tools. Who knew students will use them to cheat in proctored exams one day.

Keyboard Shortcuts

What if I tell you to copy answers and paste them into your exam? Yes, you can do it. However, you have to prepare answers before participating in the exam. The proctor cannot detect your keyboard movement, so it is a safe approach.

Force Exiting from Exam

The easiest way to take some minutes for cheating is by force exiting from the exam. If the internet connectivity disconnects a student from the exam, it is tolerable. The student can rejoin the exam and tell the proctor about the internet glitch. Thus, many students do this intentionally. They cut off their internet connectivity and disconnect them from the exam. Afterward, they go through the course material and get the answers. After rejoining the exam, a simple excuse, “my internet stopped working.” can save them. Also, the web camera stops working as well if the internet disconnects. You will also tackle real-world statistical problems during the course. This way, you can prepare yourself to enter professional life.

High Success Rate

Many academic studies show that students who studied from MyStatLab perform brilliantly in their professional life. It happens due to MyStatLab’s easy learning lessons. Even many famous schools use MyStatLab to teach stats to students. Thus, it leads students toward bright career opportunities.


No one can beat students in cheating. Their brains work faster when they think to cheat in an exam. So no matter how secure the online assessment system is, students will somehow find a way to cheat. Still, remember that cheating can lead you toward disqualification, and it is intolerable. Also, it is not an ethical habit. Instead, you can pay someone to do my online class and get an excellent grade in it. Besides, if you decide to cheat, the above ways can help you. I hope you the best for your proctored exam.

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