How to choose a sex doll?

How to choose selective dolls? Buying a doll can quickly become a headache, especially for the first buyer. The following is the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about buying silicone sex dolls.

With so many choices are now available online, how do someone choose their dream dolls? What are the different elements to be examined? The trap to be avoided? How much is the budget? All our answers can help you see a little more clearly.

How to choose a sex doll?

Anyone who examines the silicone doll market must realize that there are two types of realistic dolls available: Silicone mold dolls and TPE dolls. The material choice is very important and depends on your budget and preference. We have published articles dedicated to this topic, see if necessary: ​​Silicon vs TPE.

In addition to the material used, you must ensure that your internal metal framework is of high quality, modern and durable. This internal frame ensures that your sex doll sexy pose realism. Different joints make silicone dolls like life and fun for you.

What is the budget for silicone sex dolls?

The correct budget is very dependent on the material used. For high -quality silicone dolls, the budget can easily reach $ 8,000 to $ 10,000, while the budget doll from TPE may be less than $ 2000. Please note that any material you choose, you will have the opportunity to adjust your love dolls: Color Options Skin, eyes, wig, accessories and, for some more sophisticated dolls, interactive features.

After you answer the two initial questions (material and budget), you can choose the model: the body and face.

Which silicone sex doll model is the best for you?

At first glance, the choice of doll’s face may look like a clear priority. We will really recommend that you do the opposite. Indeed, before choosing a beautiful face, you need to know that each model has a removable head and therefore can be exchanged.

In the case of TPE dolls, for example, the substitute head can be purchased for several hundred dollars ($ 300 to $ 500). Therefore, if you decide, you will be able to convert your head. Therefore, your choice of body should be your first priority.

Choose the body and size of the doll

The good news is that there are a large number of different silicone doll sizes on the market. The bad news is that too many choices do not simplify the decision.

The doll height ranges from 140 cm to around 170 cm and is available in various breast sizes, hips, and buttocks. Choosing the right doll will depend on your ability to open your mind to your fantasy and describe yourself with a doll the size of your dreams.

If doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your dealer and read many reviews available online to verify the best choices for you. Buying silicone dolls is a long -term investment and every important detail, from the choice of skin color (pale, Europe or Tan) to the color of your nail polish.

Choice of doll faces.

As mentioned above, the choice of face can be made independently from the body. Your personal preference is important, make sure that if you decide to change your head, the skin color of your sexy doll matches the skin color you choose. The tone of the skin and head can be adjusted.

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