How to choose an effective type of investment real estate
How to choose an effective type of investment real estate

How to choose an effective type of investment real estate

How to choose an effective type of investment real estate. Real estate is one of the optimal channels that investors choose to make money. However, on the market, there are many different types of real estate from townhouses, villas, apartments to plots or individual houses.

In fact, real estate is classified into many different forms. The most typical is buying and selling real estate, apartments, or buying real estate and then renting it out. Although the scope is quite wide, real estate investing is not easy.

 So, what type of investment should be chosen for effective investment? The following are important ways to identify the type of investment not to be missed.

First, we need to understand what real estate is?

Real estate, also known as real estate or real estate, is a legal term (in some countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United States, and the Bahamas) that includes land and anything permanently attached to it with the land. Things that are considered permanently attached such as houses, garages, structures above or oil and gas, mineral deposits below that piece of land. Things that can be removed from the land such as mobile homes, tents, and temporary houses are not considered real estate.

After understanding what is real estate? So how do choose the type of real estate to invest ineffectively? You should note the following 3 points.

  1. Based on their financial ability to decide which form to choose to invest in.

Experts recommend that the minimum capital needed for real estate investment must be from $25000. Because under $25000, it is very difficult to have a project to buy, of course, if there is, it will be difficult to make a profit. If the capital is below this level, investors can invest in groups or get a bank loan.

However, the capital will be in trouble if investors disagree when making decisions. Borrowing from a bank, the interest rate will account for a part of the profit, but it will reduce a lot of financial pressure, if you have a financial plan from the beginning, a bank loan is a viable solution that can be considered.

  1. Based on real estate investment experience to avoid risks

Among the types of real estate investment, the land plot is probably the channel with the highest profit potential because the price depends on many factors of planning, economy, policy… Just invest in surfing to catch up on projects or sell out immediately land fever is a real estate investor with huge profits.

However, because it depends a lot on the market and the value sometimes goes up and down irregularly, investing in land plots requires a lot of experience, it is necessary to carefully study the real estate situation in the intended investment area.

According to statistics, townhouse projects often have a profit rate of 30-70%

Townhouse products are very versatile, making commercial, office, and residential premises all feasible and in great demand from the market. The price of townhouses is directly affected by the price of land and infrastructure projects, but the infrastructure is increasingly invested synchronously, the land price also increases, but it is difficult to decrease.

If you are new to real estate investment, you can choose types with high safety and stable growth such as affordable and mid-range apartments. These products have low value, usually from 700 million to 1 billion dongs/unit for the affordable segment and from 1 to 2 billion dongs/unit for the mid-range segment.

The profitability of the product is always over 10%/year- 125/year, although not too high, it rarely breaks or loses capital. Because the real demand for housing and investment in affordable and mid-end apartments is always very high, making the liquidity very high. On the other hand, apartment projects are often carefully studied in terms of planning, so they limit issues of clearance, policies, and laws compared to land plots, townhouses, and villas.

  1. Based on the market situation to make investment decisions

The real estate investment market does not always grow or surf according to the rules. A traffic project can cause plots of land, townhouses, and villas to clear, but it can also be a strong growth opportunity for adjacent real estate. Regulations on subdivision, bank credit, or economic crises also make real estate unpredictable.

  1. Seize the right opportunity

Not everyone who invests has instant success. Therefore, there is a competitive factor appearing in the economy as well as in the real estate sector. Investors need to calculate and prepare a full project investment strategy.

Unexpectedly volatile markets will present many situations that need you to capture correctly. This is also an effective method of determining when to sell real estate. Especially when doing long-term business, investors should prepare projects carefully to adapt to many different fluctuations.

  1. Pay attention to the social community factor

Good real estate investment experience for those who know how to “create time”. But how to grasp time is not an easy thing. Before entering this field, you need to focus on infrastructure and community factors.

It expresses traffic, landscape, and environment. Of course, everyone wants to live in a place with good infrastructure. Convenient transportation, a fresh landscape, and a healthy environment. Therefore, these are expensive locations that make attractive real estate “dishes” of high value.


Therefore, if you want to invest in real estate safely. You need to carefully analyze the market situation to choose potential products. If you do not have the ability to judge, you can ask for the help of experienced relatives, friends, real estate investment consulting services, and professional real estate brokers.

Thus, in order to be able to choose the right type of real estate business. There is not only an effective financial solution but also an investor’s knowledge of the market. Certain real estate investment experience. Thereby providing effective investment solutions.

After clearly understanding the operation forms, you need to have a playground to practice. Gain experience for yourself Real estate investment experience is not random. This a result shape by many real factors in the market. From there, I hope you have determined a specific direction for your profession. Let’s prepare well before entering the real estate field to reap a lot of success!

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