Disinfectant Mist Gun
Disinfectant Mist Gun

How to Clean Bedroom Accurately

Disinfectant fogger machine is able to clean the bedroom. It is an important place for rest and sleep. We keep it clean and comfortable at all times to help us rest and improve our sleeping environment. When cleaning, mainly we focus on the following two aspects:

disinfectant fogger sprayer

Question: If the bedroom bedding is used for a long time, it will not only be dusty, but also contaminated with the user’s hair, dander, and grease. How to clean it?

Cleaning method: The bedding is also a four-piece bed. The easiest and most direct method is to prepare an extra set of spares. You replace and clean it every 1-2 weeks.

The quilt core and pillow core are cleaned once a quarter. The middle cleaning process can be simply handled by a mites remover or a disinfectant fogger sanitizer.

Question: Because the wardrobe is not organized for a long time, it is in a messy state, and in wet weather, the clothes inside the wardrobe will accumulate a certain odor due to random accumulation. How should I take care of it?

Care method: First, we make a clear division according to the size of the wardrobe, folding area, hanging area, storage area. We then hang them one by one according to the type of clothes. So we store clothes and optimize the interior space of the wardrobe.

Secondly, for the problem of odor in the wardrobe, we do not clean clothes. Part of it is because of the invasion of moisture. You can re-clean the odorous clothes and put them in the dehumidifier box and sachet to keep the wardrobe fresh for a short time.

In fact, home cleaning is not troublesome. As long as you use different tools like vaccum cleaner or disinfectant fogger machine  to clean it according to the area, you can save a certain amount of energy and time. It also helps the space to return to a clean, tidy and livable state.

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