How to Crack RAS Exam in First Attempt

How to Crack RAS Exam in First Attempt: Top 10 Tips

RAS aspirants have this question that keeps revolving around their head which is- “Can I crack the RAS exam on the first attempt?” or “How to crack the RAS exam in the first attempt?”

Yes, with a good strategy and a study plan, one can clear the RAS exam on the first attempt. Every year lakhs of students prepare for this exam, and very few get selected. RAS is the highest level of state service. 

But what is RAS? Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) are the civil services that are conducted for hiring RAS officers. RAS is the highest level of state service. RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Service) is the exam RPSC conducts to select eligible candidates for several administrative posts in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is an organization that the State government of Rajasthan manages, and it was founded in 1949. 

RAS exam is conducted each year by Rajasthan Public Service Commission to pick out eligible candidates for approximately 400 vacancies. It is a highly regarded post in the state of Rajasthan. RAS exam consists of three stages: RAS Prelims exam, RAS Mains exam, RAS Interview, or Personality Test.

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If you want to clear the RAS exam, it is best to be well-versed with the syllabus and the exam pattern. There are numerous topics in the syllabus like, geographical, current affairs, history, and topics related to Rajasthan. In this article, we will be discussing some tips for cracking the RAS exam in the maiden attempt.

How to Crack RAS Exam in First Attempt

1. Check the Syllabus 

Get a copy of the syllabus before starting the studies. The syllabus of the RAS exam is huge, so make a study plan according to the syllabus. Aspirants prepare according to the books, but that is wrong as there are various topics. There is no need to read the whole book. Cover only those topics which are relevant and need to be studied for the exam. 

2. Study Plan

Devise a study plan as it is a road map that will lead you towards success. Allocate time to the topics as per the schedule and study for 10-12 hours daily. Sleep for 6-8 hours as it will assure that you will be refreshed while studying and absorb more information. 

3. Make Notes

Make notes while studying as that will help you during exams for doing a quick revision. Organize notes and highlight important points in the book. This will help you to recollect the information easily during the exam. 

4. Have a Target

Make a note of which topic needs to be completed first and have a target based on the topics. Make targets for a week or a month for your subjects as it will allow you to complete the syllabus on time. 

5. Check Previous Year’s Question Papers

Check previous year’s question papers as they will give you an idea of what kinds of questions are generally asked in the exam and see which relevant topics are in the RAS exam. Many competitive exam papers are similar to the previous year’s papers; therefore, practice previous year’s papers to get well-acquainted with the pattern of the paper.

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6. Revision and Mock Tests

After completing all the topics:

  1. Begin the revision.
  2. Revise concepts that are difficult to recall and take mock tests as it will help you keep a track record of the progress and see where you stand amongst others.
  3. Keep taking mock tests and revise topics at regular intervals to avoid information disappearing from your brain. 

7. Read Newspapers

It is seen that most of the questions in the RAS interview are asked from the current affairs around the world. Read and watch the news about government policies, elections. Be up to date with the daily news and revise the current affairs of the last three months. The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc., are some of the newspapers that UPSC aspirants must read. 

8. Study Material

Refer to the books which cover the geography of Rajasthan, the development of Rajasthan, and the valuable input of Rajasthan’s influential personalities in the struggle for independence. The standard NCERT books should be referred to for studying the basic concepts. NCRT’s are must read books for RAS Preparation

9. Practice Answer Writing

Answer writing practice plays an important role as you will be able to recollect the information in your brain for a long time because of writing. Writing allows you to present the answer in a good manner. And one more advantage of answer writing is that the syllabus of RAS is vast, so writing answers will help in revision and organizing your thoughts.

10. Wake up Early

Wake up early as you will be able to absorb more information and grasp concepts easily. Furthermore, you will be able to focus on what your target is being without being distracted. It also helps in memorizing topics and concepts easily. It could be because of a peaceful atmosphere and a fresh memory.

Final Word

As it is known that exams cause a lot of chaos and stress, keep in mind that you have to remain calm and not be frantic. Start preparing early for the exams and make a study plan and allocate topics accordingly. Do not put pressure on yourself and maintain a routine and follow it regularly. Take breaks from time to time and go to the gym or for a walk to help you study properly.

Therefore, to end this discussion, I hope that this article was helpful to you. Remember that being consistent and hard work will certainly pay off, so give your 100%.


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