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How to Create Custom Fonts in Wilcom | 5 Actionable Steps

How to create custom fonts in Wilcom

  • Custom Fonts at Wilcom:
  • Step 1 – Open Your Application:
  • Step 2 – Lock Your Design File:
  • Step 3 – Select Your Custom Lettering:
  • Step 4: Keep the Stitch Angle Correct
  • Step 5: Fix the Shape:

Are you looking to make your own fonts in Wilcom? This article is for those who answered yes.

You can easily add custom fonts to Wilcom.

There are many font options available in the font drop-down.

The problem is custom fonts. If you need to create your own fonts for a particular project, you won’t find them anywhere. You will have to make them yourself.

Wilcom Custom Fonts

Step 1 – Open your Application

Open the Wilcom embroidery software and import the required embroidery design file with the custom letters.

Step 2 – Secure Your Design File

You can lock your design file in the toolbar to make it easy to work on. Or, you can simply use “K” from your keyboard as a shortcut key.

Step 3 – Choose Your Custom Lettering

Select “Column A” from the left toolbar to enter selection mode. Start manually selecting your custom lettering. Make sure to place the circular and square nodes in accordance with the shape of your letters.

Step 4 – Make sure the stitch angle is correct

Satin is the best choice for creating your letters.

You might find it difficult to read the circular area of your letters.

Make sure you keep the stitch angle straight. This will make it easy to get through.

Step 5 – Fix the Shape

After you have selected all your letters and placed nodes on them make sure they are in good condition. If not, then you can use our reshape tool.

To ensure that your embroidery machine runs properly, make sure you select all letters one-object.

You have created your customized lettering by setting the spacing you require.

You can change the color and save the design file. Now your file is ready for embroidery.

We hope it helps you!

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