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How to create your brand of t-shirts

I see a lot of posts asking this question. And as I used to help a brand of t-shirts before. So I want to create this thread to help friends who want to create their brand of t-shirts and sell them. Whether it’s going to sell at the flea market or send to the shop, it’s a good profit.

In this post, I will write about building a t-shirt business from start to finish. It must be a little long The thing to talk about is

  1. 3 factors that must be considered before building this business, otherwise 99% of failure
  2. Do it yourself or let the factory do it?
  3. Screening of images or words on t-shirts
  4. Where are you going to sell?
  5. Promotion, both paid and free.
  6. All in all

I don’t want to say much Afraid to get bored So let’s get started.

3 main factors to consider 

  1. customer group 

In the highly competitive market of funny men’s t shirts If we want to penetrate the market We have to start by choosing the right customer group. How are we going to make the right choice? We need to be specific to the customer group.

Many people think We have to have products first and then come to find out what we are good at. It’s not. We should choose a group of customers first. and then find a product that is suitable for him and then sell it to him

Choosing a customer group for a clothing brand should start from Small and specific customer groups


Instead of selling clothes to men, We should choose to sell clothes to men who like rock music. Like this etc.

Don’t worry about getting fewer customers and less money. The reason why you should do this is that we need a customer base first. If we already have a customer base We can easily sell something else.

For example, my favourite brand. Levi’s company started by selling only jeans. Now the brand sells shirts, underwear and other things. If Levi’s started by selling all the things that are currently being sold, I think Levi’s wouldn’t be as famous as Levi’s now, of course.

  1. The design of the t-shirt.

T-shirts are sold everywhere, right? Many things seem to be wrong. So how will customers decide? Yes, decide on the design.

This design, I mean the words on the shirt too. These bastards are very important. Because people tend to buy clothes that tell their identity and personality.

A simple technique is to find the hot words that are popular right now. Let’s print it on the shirt. Don’t think too much Because most of the t-shirts sell well The design is not difficult, maybe it’s just an annoying word or a bad word. That’s all.

  1. The quality of the fabric 

Another thing that will differentiate your brand is The quality of the fabric You don’t have to choose very good fabrics. Because it will make the most expensive and difficult to sell. Please be comfortable fabric. It’s not like other t-shirts in the market.

Suitable for both summer and winter wear. Its advantage is that it is not uncomfortable, can be used for a long time, and will not shrink. Easy to take to screen images or words.

This one will be a little thick. It will be suitable for wearing in winter. And it will not breathe as well as cotton and cotton mixed with solo floats. and can be washed many times more won’t be broken easily

Do it yourself or hire a factory to do it? 

This is a question that I get a lot. from people who started a new mens t shirts uk business because I don’t know which way to go My answer is

  • If you don’t have a lot of capital Recommend the factory to do well first. if sold I have money to save money for the machine to make myself.
  • If you already have capital It is better to do it yourself because the profit will be much higher. But you have to learn to use the machine a little. It’s not that hard.

Screen printing

This is printing pictures or letters that have been used for a long time. Do not waste money buying expensive equipment and machines. The advantage is that we can do it in bulk. The price is not expensive too.

But the problem will arise when we print pictures or characters that are complicated or anything with more than 5 colours, it will not come out very well. but overall This one is suitable for people who are just starting and trying to sell t-shirts. How to deal with stress from global issues

Heat transfer printing

Simply put, we use heat to transfer the colour to the fabric. Its advantage is that it is easy to do. You don’t need much more than just the machine. But this disadvantage is quite a lot as well.

  • The colour quality is not good and is as durable as the screen with your hand.
  • The price of the device ranges from 10,000 – 100,000+.

For me, I think it’s going to be a bit of a waste. For those who are starting over


From my experience that I have been shopping for it, I see that Pratunam and Bobae are the best, but Bobae T-shirts are a bit low quality. If it’s good, it’s expensive (80+ baht). If you have time, try walking and looking at an empty t-shirt at Pratunam. See if you can find a style and style that you like or not.

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