How to Display Memorabilia From Your College Career

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College is over in a blink. Four years fly by as you prepare for your future. As you move forward, you want to carry your memories from your higher education with you. Don’t just pack everything away in a box. Store your favorite mementos in a unique and special way. It will carry you back to your best memories and let you share this time in your life with others.

Choose a Shadow Box that Complements Your Home

Shadow boxes are a popular way to display any special belongings that will fit inside them. Choose the size that is best for what you want to hang up or set on a shelf. You can choose a frame that looks like dark-colored wood, something light, or something rustic. Putting your college sweatshirt or hat behind glass with other keepsakes will save everything from damage.

Put Your Yearbooks Someplace Safe

Keep your yearbooks away from anywhere that gets damp, is too hot, or is exposed to direct sunlight. Choose your yearbook storage place with care. If you want them somewhere that is easily accessible, try a bookshelf that is in a shady place in your home. You might have a bottom shelf on an end table or coffee table. Your sofa or loveseat may have a storage compartment. You can pull out your yearbooks anytime you want to see them.

Invest in Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Don’t leave your favorite photos stuffed in an envelope. Print out your top picks from your smartphone instead of taking the risk of your media. Once you have a collection of photos, place them in colorful photo albums. You can also get even more imaginative by combining your photos with scrapbook materials, sketches, poems, and motivational sayings.

Make a Picture Blanket

A picture blanket is a beautiful way to immortalize memories from college. You can have an assortment of photos sent digitally to a company that creates blankets. If you know someone who is crafty, you can have bits of college clothing sewn into your blanket for the trim or have them made into a quilt. Your blanket can be a wall hanging or rest on the back of your sofa for a great conversation piece. You can take it a step farther and accessorize with picture pillows that are scattered throughout your home.

Choose a Special Frame for Your Diploma

College diploma frames should be one of a kind. Take the time to create a custom order that represents you, your interests, and all of your hard work. Your diploma is proof that you completed all your work. It’s your ticket out the door. Hang it up in a frame that proves how important your certificate of completion is.

Wear Your College Jacket

If you are like so many other students, you bought a college jacket made from a combination of leather and fabric. Instead of stuffing it in the closet, wear it. Why not show where your alma mater is. When you’re not wearing it, apply a special spray that is waterproof to the leather. You can spray it every couple of months or so. If you need to wash it, bring it to the dry cleaner to ask about the best way to preserve it. If you are not going to wear it, hang it on a hook in a hallway where others can admire it as they walk through your home.

Transform a Wall into a Giant Collage

You may have a large collection of keepsakes from college, from movie tickets to posters advertising the big game. Your phone may be filled with a flood of photos that you want to blow up instead of sticking between the pages of a scrapbook. Choose a wall in your home that can be your collage. It might be in your finished basement or your spare room. You might have a game room or feel like making a statement in your bedroom. Utilize your space to make your memories accessible for you and others at any time you feel like revisiting the past.

Create Photo Ornaments

Many people design ornaments that include their favorite photos for the holidays. You can order them any time of year with any photo you choose. This is your chance to make those old college days come to life. Scatter them throughout your home. They’ll bring a smile to your face whenever you see them. 

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