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Learn the way to do curtain cleaning! Curtains are among the most sensitive cloth-made items in your home. They require special care to maintain them free from dirt, dust, stain, creases, wrinkles, and more. Made from one-of-a-kind materials, one cleansing system may paintings for one but not for the alternative. Thus, the very first thing you have to do is test the label for care commands.


The high-quality curtain cleaning is thru washing. Keep in mind that a few curtains require hand-washing most effectively, while others can be system-washed and hand-washed.

Before you begin, usually take a look in case your curtain still has a tag with laundry symbols. This will manual you a way to quality wash your type of cloth.


The effectiveness of curtain cleaning and maintaining their pleasant starts evolved with proper preparation. That is by doing away with dirt and any free dust that am amassed throughout utilization. There are two clean approaches to accomplish that, namely:

A. Shaking Off

  1. Take the curtain down, one at a time, by cautiously sliding the curtain toward one cease of the rod.
  2. Next, detach any rings or hooks, and untie any cords.
  3. Once carried out, take into account not to cave in your curtain. Rather, fold it into 1/2 so that you can smartly and without problems carry it outdoors.
  4. When you’re already outdoor, shake off the curtain with care by way of retaining one side. This is high-quality achieved by using two individuals so that all hold one end. If now not, just make certain the curtain doesn’t contact the ground to prevent any dust from clinging to it or the curtain from touching any items which can stain or place a hole in it.
  5. Then, fold the curtain well into a length that you can without problems convey later on to the showering area.
  6. Repeat the process with all the remaining curtains you need to clean.

B. Vacuuming or Brushing

If your curtains have been striking for a long term without everyday curtain cleaning in Melbourne, the usage of a vacuum cleaner is the satisfactory manner to take away dust or any unfastened dust. This is also perfect for whilst you want to smooth your curtains without taking them down.

For this, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner with a smooth brush attachment. If you don’t have one, you could use a tender brush or lint brush. The following are the steps you must take:

  1. Remove any cords or items that can be stuck up via the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Set to the lowest placing to ensure the vacuum’s nozzle doesn’t suck the fabric in. You can also consider securing an antique piece of nylon stocking over the cleaner’s nozzle with the assist of a rubber band. Otherwise, you may area a stiff plastic display screen between your curtain and the vacuum’s nozzle.
  3. Start sweeping the comb from top to bottom and from left to right or right to left, whichever is handy for you. Make sure no longer to head lower back to the identical place to prevent moving any dirt to the already wiped clean parts.
  4. Once carried out, you could take down your curtain (observe steps 1 and a pair of, then 5 and six inside the shaking off technique)


A. Using a Machine to Clean Curtains

If your curtain cleaning label says you may machine wash it, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill your washer with both bloodless and lukewarm water, depending on commands.
  2. Add the proper amount of slight liquid or powder detergent.
  3. Place simply enough curtains in the washer, typically panels at a time. Set the wash cycle to a delicate or slow spin, the timer from two to a few minutes, depending on care instructions or curtain thickness, and dry to the lowest number.
  4. Proceed to Step #three.

B. How to Clean Curtains Manually or By Hand

Different kinds of hand-wash-best curtains require distinct washing techniques. Ensure you observe the suggestions beneath without dismissing the curtain’s label.


You can dry your device-washed curtains the usage of the tumble dryer or manually. However, you should simplest air or manually dry your hand-washed curtains.

A. Using a Dryer to Clean Curtains

  1. Place the curtains in the dryer after they have been cleaned and/or spun.
  2. Set to the lowest temperature and required time.
  3. Remove the curtains from the dryer and shake them off to straighten them.
  4. Proceed to Step #4.

B. How to Clean Curtains Via Air or Manually

  1. After removing the curtain from the washing machine, connect its hooks or earrings.
  2. Hang it in a shady area seeing that sunlight can cause fading, damages, and shortening their lifespan. Also, make sure the edge doesn’t contact the floor.
  3. Slowly tug on the curtain’s hem to stretch it out a bit, avoiding wrinkles and creases from forming until it’s completely dry.
  4. Proceed to Step #4.


A. Ironing

Generally, you could iron curtains fabricated from polyester or polyester-cotton combination. Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s temperature putting advice.

B. Pressing

You can use the pressing technique for sensitive materials susceptible to wrinkles and creases, consisting of sheer. To do so, vicinity the curtain on a flat floor or an iron board with the reverse facet going through upwards. Then, gently press a groovy iron on every area.

C. Steaming

If you have got a garment steamer, you can use it to eliminate creases and wrinkles once you’ve rehung your curtains. You can simplest use this method for machine-cleanable curtains requiring ironing and pressing.

For this approach, turn the steamer on; the putting will rely upon how thick or thin your curtain is. Hold it at the least eight inches away from the curtain, and then run it from pinnacle to bottom.


Since you’ve dried out your curtains with their hooks or jewelry, all you need to do is rehang them again of their designated curtain rods. However, make sure the rods are also smooth, in addition to your home windows and window sills and frames.

If you received it, rehang them because you’ve already located new curtains, continue to step #6. Then, as soon as achieved, remove the hooks and jewelry and punctiliously fold your curtains. It’s great to region each curtain in a clean storage bag or plastic with vents before placing them in your closet or drawer.


The next factor you want to do is look into the curtains if there are any stains left. If there are, do the following:

A. Silk, Wool, or Acetate

Weta smooth sponge with water and another sponge with white vinegar. Blot the stain with the water-moist sponge, followed by using the vinegar-moist sponge. Repeat until the stain is long gone.

B. Other Fabric

Follow the same technique as above however use 70% rubbing alcohol rather than white vinegar.

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