How to draw a Plum Step by Step

draw a plum

How to Draw a Plum Step by Step

draw a plumb

The of draw a plum a way to draw and shade a practical wanting plum. It includes a complete of six steps with pencil drawing examples for every. Also, see how to draw birds.

This tutorial split into two elements the road drawing and therefore the shading.

The road drawing portion is incredibly simple with the shading being a touch a lot of advanced however still fairly beginner-friendly.

Be sure to create flash strokes for the road drawing portion as you may need them to seamlessly mix into the shading. a number of the examples have darker strokes merely to create them easier for you to check.


Step one – Draw an overview of the Plum

Plum define drawing

Make an easy define drawing of the most form of the plum. during this case, it ought to essentially be simply associate degree oval.

Step a pair of – Draw the main points

Plum delineation

Draw the smaller details like the stem and therefore the characteristic split that plums tend to possess. It’s necessary to notice that the realm the stem grows from is a style of indented which the split transitions into thereto.

Step three – define the Shadow

Plum shadow define drawing

Outline the form of the shadow the plum can sew together the surface it’s sitting on.

The shadow is opposite the most source of illumination that during this case is coming back from the highest left space of the drawing and conjointly slightly to the front of the plum. This implies the shadow is to the correct and slightly behind it.

Step four – confirm Light/Dark Ares & Stroke Directions

Plum shading stroke directions

Before beginning the particular shading it’s an honest plan to require a better inspect however lightweight and dark areas are distributed throughout the surface of the plum.

General lightweight and Dark Distribution

The lightweight space of the plum is close to its higher left.

The plum can bit by bit get darker toward very cheap right however a little lightweight space close to the terribly bottom created by the most source of illumination reflective from the surface it’s positioned on. Overall the realm lighted by the mirrored lightweight ought to still be shaded considerably darker than the realm lighted by the most source of illumination.

Split Area

The front curve of the split within the plum can get slightly darker towards its higher-finish as that’s wherever it starts recurved away type the most source of illumination. the rear curve is lightweight towards very cheap and can once more get slightly darker close to the highest.

Shadow space

The shadow the plum casts are darker towards its base and can get lighter because it moves farther away from the plum.

Stroke Directions

Making strokes approach that reinforces the form of an object will facilitate create it look a lot of 3 dimensional. Once shading the plum create the strokes slightly wiggly and apply them in a very approach wherever they style of wrap around it. You’ll be able to create straight strokes for the shadow.

Apply a lot of sets of strokes on a rather angle to the previous set to form a wiggly crosshatch

Step five – Darken the Shading

Apply even a lot of sets of strokes to darken the “in shadow” areas and to form a lot of even overall distribution of them. Attempt to keep all of the strokes in roughly constant direction because the original set or the second set makes the crosshatch.

Step six – end the Plum Drawing

 Plum drawing

Finish the shading by applying even a lot of layers of strokes wherever required to disembarrass the transitions between the sunshine and dark areas of the plum. Because the plum features a swish surface you may need to possess swish gradients.

At constant time attempt to not totally mix all of the strokes along to wherever they become invisible. As mentioned earlier the direction of the strokes helps emphasize the form of the article.

Finally, conjointly confine mind that because the plum features a dark surface it ought to have fairly dark overall shading when put next to a lighter object.


This is a reasonably careful tutorial on drawing and shading a plum. If you’re a beginner wanting to find out pencil shading it ought


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