WiFi Smart Sound Light Detector
WiFi Smart Sound Light Detector

How to Esacape from Fire?(4)

The fire has reached you and don’t run away

Photoelectric smoke alarm detector triggers a loud, piercing alarm when an abundance of smoke particles are in the air. If people on the fire spot find that they are on fire, they must not run away or beat them with their hands. When your clothes are on fire, you should quickly try to take off your clothes or roll on the spot to suppress the fire; it is more effective to jump into the water in time or let someone pour water on your body or spray fire extinguishing agent. Remember: Rolling on the spot is embarrassing, but burning yourself can be avoided.


Smoke Fire Alarm Detector
Smoke Fire Alarm Detector
Jumping off the building is a skill, although it hurts to survive

Jumping off the building to escape is also an escape method. But jumping off the building is only useful when the firefighters prepare the life-saving air cushion and instruct the jumping off the building or the floor is not high (generally below 4 floors). Jumping off the building is burned to death. . When jumping from a building, you should also learn skills. When jumping from a building, you should try to jump to the middle of the life-saving air cushion or choose a direction to jump in a pool, soft awning, grass, etc. If possible, try to hold some soft items such as quilts, sofa cushions, or open a big umbrella to jump. down to soften the impact. Photoelectric smoke alarm detector works 24-hour all day without stop.

If you jump off a building with your bare hands, you must grab the window sill or balcony to make your body sag and jump down naturally, so as to minimize the vertical distance. Before landing, you should hold your head tightly with both hands and bend your body into a ball to reduce injury. Remember to jumping off a building does not mean suicide. The key is to have a way. Do you realize the importance of installing smoke detector hanging from ceiling now?




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