Smoke Alarm with Replaceable Lithium Battery
Smoke Alarm with Replaceable Lithium Battery

How to Escape from Fire?(3)

Slow down escape and slide rope for self-rescue

Smoke detector hanging from ceiling reduces the loss of life and property. High-rise and multi-storey public buildings are generally equipped with high-altitude descenders or lifelines, and personnel can safely leave dangerous floors through these facilities. If there are no such special facilities, and the safe passage has been blocked, and rescuers cannot arrive in time, you can quickly use the ropes around you or make simple lifelines such as sheets, curtains, clothes, etc., and wet it with water from the window sill or The balcony slides slowly along the rope to the floor or ground below; escape safely. Remember: Be bold and careful, and the lifeline is by your side.


smoke monitor detector
smoke monitor detector
Refuge place and wait for help

If you feel hot when you touch the door with your hand, once you open the door at this time, flames and thick smoke are bound to hit you. The escape route was cut off and no one was rescued for a short time. At this time, you can take measures to create shelters and stick to waiting for help. 70% home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke detector hanging from ceiling.

First, you close the doors and windows facing the fire. Then you open the doors and windows against the fire. Again you plug the door seam with a damp towel or a damp cloth or cover the window with a cotton quilt soaked in water. Still you keep drenching the room with water to prevent the infiltration of fireworks, and stick to the room until rescuers arrive. Remember why should a strong shield fear a sharp spear? Photoelectric smoke alarm detector detects the visible or invisible smoke particles from combustion


Swing gently and ask for help

Those who are temporarily trapped by fireworks and cannot escape should try to stay in places such as balconies and windows that are easy to be found and can avoid fireworks. During the day, you can shake bright clothes out of the window, or throw light dazzling objects. At night, you can use a flashlight to keep flashing in the window or tap things. Then you send out an effective distress signal in time to attract the attention of rescuers. Remember to fully expose yourself, you can strive to save yourself effectively.


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