Export Outlook Contacts to PDF File

How to Export Outlook Contacts to PDF File

Contacts are crucial when you’re carrying out a task alongside your team & there’s a lot of conversation going on. What if you need to exchange your Outlook contacts among fellow coworkers? How will you respond? if you need to export Outlook Contacts to PDF as well as save them in the cloud for later need?

In many cases, converting the document to a more usable form is unfeasible. Consequently, we’ll cover how to transfer Outlook contacts into PDF using the Best vCard export tool.

Defining PDF

Portable Document Format, is a file format that practically supports all devices. It is simple to exchange with others. Application forms, scanned documents, & eBooks are all frequent uses for PDFs.

The Benefits of Export Outlook Contacts to PDF

  • Individuals store Outlook Contacts in PDF format considering a multitude of criteria. Although PDFs may be accessed on several devices running any OS, it is an autonomous file composition.
  • It is possible to add a password to the PDF for the security scoop. Individuals can indeed change the privacy control of PDFs, such as preventing publishing or modifying.
  • Since it contains several picture compression techniques, a remarkably essential aspect of PDF is that it occupies minimal space on your computer HDD.

Interchange Outlook Contacts into PDF Conversion

Considering there is no straight or indirect way to sustain Outlook Contacts into PDF. Respectively, you must adhere to the following principles:

Approach 1: Contacts Within Outlook may be Exported.

We’ll retrieve contacts deriving out of Outlook into a text document in this part, & the processes are outlined beneath.

  • To get started, launch Outlook and afterward select File.
  • Pick Export from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, starting with the Extract to Archive File box, pick the appropriate Contact preference & hit Continue.
  • To convert Outlook Contacts into PDF, type the name of the contact file & choose the desired path for the contact file.
  • Thereafter you’ve made all of your adjustments, press the Save button and begin the course of exporting Outlook Contacts into PDF.

One’s contacts will be transferred as text in a matter of minutes. Over the next phase, we’ll transform such text files into CSV.

Approach 2: Text File to CSV Conversion

Even though we can’t generate this text file into PDF instantly, we’ll have to transform it into CSV. To transform text contact data into CSV, pursue the instructions below.

  • Load your text file within MS Excel in order to convert Outlook Contacts into PDF.
  • Originating at the menu bar, select the File tab.
  • Then, to sustain the text file, tap Save As.
  • Call for the Comma Separated Value CSV file type for MS Windows.
  • Finally, save the document by clicking the Save option.

The text file has now been transformed to CSV format, which will be used to transform Outlook Contacts onto PDF.

Approach 3: Contacts From Outlook To PDF

It can’t be done manually to export Outlook Contacts to PDF, as stated previously. In such an instance, the expert-recommended using the vCard importer Tool, which is a clever utility.

It’s a program that converts CSV contacts within a variety of file formats, including vCard, MSG, TXT, PST, PDF, and HTML.

  • To commence, download & run the vCard export tool.
  • Then, to import a contact CSV data from one’s PC, hit the Add File(s) options.
  • Tap the PDF radio option deriving out of the Select Export Type Section and transferring Outlook contacts into PDF format.
  • The program offers two options for customizing the outcome at this point.
  • Create a Single PDF for File- This choice creates a distinct PDF file for each CSV, containing all CSV’s contacts.
  • Enable Mapping- You should map CSV fields into PDF using this method. To begin the mapping process involving PDF fields & CSV files, pick one CSV file based on the select file section & hit the chosen CSV column.
  • To begin with the Outlook Contacts into PDF transformation, press the Change button and specify the desired path for the produced PDF file.
  • Once you’ve completed all of these steps, hit the Export option to begin the method of transforming Outlook contacts into PDF.

In Conclusion

We’ll show you how to export Outlook Contacts to PDF. This article described the easiest way to convert Outlook Contacts into PDF. Therefore, attentively follow the instructions to accomplish the Outlook Contact into PDF conversion procedure.

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