How to Find Sustainable Crystals to Use in Your Daily Life?

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You want more crystals and gemstones in your life, and the goal is to fill your life with sustainable crystals and gemstones. To do this right, consider the following suggestions.

Dig For Treasures

One sustainable way to get crystals and gemstones is to dig them yourself. There are places throughout the country that allow you to dig your own minerals. All you have to do is find places that allow you to mine. Most of the time, you have to pay a small entry fee to enter. You get to keep what you find, and someone usually gives you tips.


You aren’t guaranteed anything, so keep that in mind. If you don’t find something while you’re there, you’re out of luck. You can come back and try again. Still, this is a sustainable way to find your stones and crystals. It’s also kind of fun and exciting; you’re hunting for treasures that you get to keep.

Sustainable Sellers

The next thing you can do to add sustainable crystals and stones to your life is to look for sellers that respect your worldview. Some companies don’t care where or how the stones and crystals they’re selling were obtained. The only thing they care about is how cheap they can get their pieces to make a healthy profit.


You can find sellers that only sell sustainable pieces. All you have to do is research the company before buying agate slices wholesale or your next set of crystal points. Sometimes, you find this information on the company’s mission statement. If you don’t find this information there, you could contact them. They should be transparent with their customers.

Buy Used Minerals

If you want to be as sustainable as you can, you can buy used stones or crystals. When you buy used clothes, tools, and other things, you’re being sustainable. You aren’t contributing to the issue.


The only problem is that you’re going to have to wait a bit to find what you want. You’ll need to go to antique shops, estate sales, or maybe look online at stores that sell used items. This is another treasure hunt. If you enjoy the hunt, you’ll love this. If you prefer to just have what you want, then you might need to think of something else.

Local Crystal Shops

If you don’t want to be the one hunting these stones or crystals, you can check out local gem stores. These aren’t as common as they should be. Sometimes, you have to drive over 20 miles to get to one, but they do exist. The good thing about local vendors is you can talk to them. You can ask about the sustainability of their products. Many companies post about how they source their minerals on social media accounts. You may not have to do much work.


If everything seems good, then you can work with them. You’ll be supporting your local community by purchasing from a small business, which is good, too. The issue is that smaller gem stores usually have limited stock, so that means you might not find what you’re looking for. If you are far from your local vendor, consider calling them before making the trip.

Flea Markets

Those who love to support local, small businesses can also support the vendors at flea markets. Yup, flea markets pop up all the time across the United States at different times of the year. You just have to find out where and when your nearest flea market will be.


You’ll probably find a vendor or two selling stones and crystals there. These folks usually search for these stones on their own, so they’re usually sustainable. Still, you can ask to make sure you are purchasing sustainable pieces. The great thing about visiting flea markets is that you get to have fun in more ways than one. Sure, you get to hunt down great gemstones and crystals, but you also get to enjoy things like great food and live music. You’ll find unique clothes, too.


Hopefully, some of these suggestions help you find sustainable crystals and stones. Try them all out to see which one works best for you.                                                    


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