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How to Fix Outlook Not Loading Profile Issue?

Microsoft Outlook is a very convenient tool that you can use almost any time for managing emails and communicating with others. However, it won’t feel nice when you open the program and find it freezing when your profile opens. Many users report that Outlook not loading profile and that they are unable to get past the profile screen and do their work. It can feel quite frustrating because you can’t even get into the application and determine the glitch that is preventing it from working normally. But don’t feel that you will have to stare at the loading profile screen for the entire day. There are various solutions to get past this issue.


Solutions for Outlook Not Loading Profile

You can follow a series of measures when Outlook doesn’t open the loading profile. Follow the detailed instructions mentioned below.


Open the application in safe mode and turn off add-ins.

One of the widespread causes of this issue is faulty add-ins. You can open Outlook in safe mode. Now disable the add-ins to get past this issue. 


  • Launch the ‘Run‘ window by hitting the Windows button and R keys.
  • Now, input ‘Outlook /safe‘ in the window and opt for the ‘OK‘ button.
  • In the dialog box of ‘Choose Profile,’ accept the default settings and choose ‘OK.’
  • Input your credentials and hit ‘OK.’
  • Next, try disabling add-ins one at a time.
  • Select ‘File‘ in Outlook, followed by ‘Options.’
  • Pick ‘Add-ins‘ and under ‘Manage’ pick ‘COM Add-ins.’
  • Now, hit ‘Go.’
  • Disable those add-ins you think are creating problems and click ‘OK.’
  • Open Outlook again.


Run MS Outlook as an admin

It is a quick fix that can help you get past the loading profile in Outlook. Moreover, the measure is quite easy to implement. 


  • Hit the ‘Start‘ button and search for ‘Outlook.exe.’
  • Now, right-tap it and pick ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • That’s it; you can now access this application.


Force Outlook to go into offline mode

The Outlook may not complete loading your profile if it’s attempting to access something on the web but failing at it. So, you can force it to go into offline mode by disconnecting the application from the internet. Just cut off your internet when you open it and see if it still gets stuck on the loading profile. Most probably, the application won’t freeze on your profile, and you can then change the settings that might be behind the glitch.


If you are using Wi-Fi, open the ‘Action Center‘ at the bottom. Then tap ‘Network.’ Tap’ Wi-Fi‘ to deactivate it. You can also enable airplane mode.


Deactivate hardware acceleration

Deactivating hardware acceleration in Windows can also help you troubleshoot this error. Here are the steps to disable it.


  • Input ‘regedit‘ in the search area. The Registry Editor window will appear.
  • Once it opens, browse the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common.
  • Now, form a key by hitting ‘Edit,’ then ‘New,’ and lastly ‘Key.’
  • You can name the new key ‘Graphics.’
  • Select it and right-tap the right panel.
  • Now, opt for ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value.’
  • You can name this value as ‘DisableHardwareAcceleration‘ and double-tap it.
  • A window will show up.
  • In the ‘Value Data’ section, write ‘1.’
  • After performing these steps, open MS Outlook and check for the problem.


Turn off the compatibility preferences.

It is another fix wherein you can disable the compatibility preferences of MS Outlook. Follow these pointers and check if Outlook runs past your loading profile.


  • Start by right-tapping on the Outlook shortcut.
  • Now, from the options, select ‘Properties.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Compatibility‘ tab, where you will see an option saying to run Outlook in Outlook in compatibility mode.
  • Unselect it and tap ‘Apply‘ to confirm your action.


Kill every Office-related process in the Task Manager.

Many users try restarting Outlook when they find Outlook not loading profile. But it is of no use if any Office-related service is running. Thus, the only resolution is to eliminate Office-related processes. It’s quite simple to do so. Just open the Task Manager by hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys on your keyboard. 


Locate the Office-related process, choose them, and hit ‘End Task.’ It will also incorporate other Office applications and processes. After doing so, open Outlook. It will load your profile quickly. 


Troubleshoot corrupt files

There’s still another effective method for you to use if you haven’t found a good one yet. Probably your Outlook is not loading your profile because its files are corrupt. So, you can repair it by following these points.


  • Right-tap Outlook shortcut and pick ‘Properties.’
  • Next, tap ‘Open File Location.’
  • The installation directory will open. In it, open ‘SCANPST.EXE.’
  • The Inbox Repair Tool will open, and it will prompt you for a file to repair.
  • Tap ‘Browse‘ and go to this path: ‘C: \Users \*username*\ AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Modify your username with your own one. 
  • Opt for the profile to repair and hit ‘Start.’
  • SCANPST will now scan and repair corrupt files.
  • After it does so, click ‘OK‘ and open Outlook.

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Final Thoughts

Now you won’t feel frustrated whenever you find Outlook not loading profile. These fixes will troubleshoot the glitch in the settings so you can work with the application. If you want to acquire more clarity on any fix, connect with email technical support professionals.

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