How to Foster Meaningful Connections at Virtual and Hybrid Events

10 most effective ways to foster meaningful connections at Virtual/Hybrid events

Communication is a crucial activity for us. It helps us to stay connected with other people. And allows us to express ourselves. There are many reasons why effective communication is essential in our life. But when it comes to professional life, one cannot deny the significance of effective communication. Since professional growth is impacted by ones’ contacts.

Events are some of the best places to build new contacts and expand your network. However, since the pandemic struck, events shifted to online space. Thus creating a challenge for both event organisers and the attendees to maintain the communication in virtual events.

Networking in virtual and Hybrid events

Virtual and Hybrid events are considered the best place to grow contacts. And the reason behind this broader reach of these events. That is why in some cases, people attend online events only for networking. And event organisers understand it very well.

The growing demand for effective networking has prompted virtual or hybrid event platform developers to provide various innovative features and tools for networking. In fact, this demand has increased the competition among virtual/Hybrid event platform providers. And everyone strives to provide as many features and tools for networking as they can. Therefore, standing out from the crowd.

Talking about methods to build new connections at virtual/hybrid events, here are some suggestions.

10 most effective ways to foster meaningful connections at Virtual/Hybrid events

AI Matchmaking

Isn’t it that we always wish that people can understand us? How about I tell you that your wish has come true? Sounds interesting, right? Well, this is what an AI Matchmaking tool does.

An AI Matchmaking tool is based on Artificial Intelligence. And when an attendee shares their interest. They get a list of people that share the same interests. Thus saving a lot of time. That otherwise would be used for finding the people with a common interest.

Networking lounge

Many of us always love to have a conversation in a relaxed or dedicated environment. For instance, in the office, employees love to talk near water coolers or coffee machines. This is true for events also.

You can provide a similar environment in your virtual/Hybrid event. And for this, you can provide attendees with a Networking lounge/Networking table in the event.

A networking lounge is a place where people in the event can interact with other people. An attendee in a virtual/Hybrid event can contact other attendees, exhibitors, guests or speakers. Here, one can see the list of people available for interaction. So you directly approach them and can have a chat with them.

B2B Meeting Scheduler

Many people prefer to do things in advance. And this is also the case in the corporate world. People create schedules and appointments in advance to avoid clashes. And by providing a similar facility to the attendees at your virtual/hybrid event, you can enhance their networking experience.

A B2B Meeting scheduler is one of the most effective networking tools. It allows the attendees to schedule the meeting with other attendees or exhibitors in the event. And exhibitors can also do the same. Not only this, one can schedule meetings before the event.

2-way virtual interaction

Event organisers always look for ways to increase the networking opportunities in their events. And one such method is allowing the attendees to interact with speakers/guests in the Auditorium during an online session.

A 2-way virtual interaction allows the attendees to interact with speakers during online sessions. It is similar to attendees raising their hands to ask questions with the panel in physical sessions.

Social Wall

You can take networking to the next level with social media. Not only will it engage the attendees but also promote networking in virtual/hybrid events.

In virtual/Hybrid events, you can use social media in a unique way. And such a way is a social wall. A social wall displays what is being posted on social media about the event. It shows the photos, videos and text posted by attendees on social media. Thus encouraging people to connect or post something about the event on social media.

Interactive Exhibitor Booth

Exhibitors booths in virtual/Hybrid events connect the exhibitors with the visitors. And you can increase networking opportunities by providing features and making the booths interactive.

For instance, enable the feature that allows the attendees to chat directly with exhibitors using the booth. Or can exchange business cards virtually with the exhibitors.

Also, you can provide visual features like support for photos, videos and gifs in the booth. And allowing attendees to download brochures directly from the booth.

Live Chats

Today, if we have to communicate with someone, chatting is the most prefered method. And you can leverage chatting to massively increase the networking at your event.

You can provide the attendees in your virtual/Hybrid event with the option to chat in real-time. It will motivate attendees to reach out to other attendees, exhibitors and guests/speakers in the event. Also, you can provide various chatting options. For instance, one can have a 1:1 chat or can chat in groups. And can select between text, audio or video chat.

Team-Building Competitions

Another effective way to increase the networking in your event is by organising a team-building competition. You can ask the attendees in your virtual/Hybrid event to team up with other attendees to participate in the competition. And the team with the best performance will win the competition. It will encourage people to contact other attendees at the event. Thus increasing the chances of networking.

In Hybrid events, you can ask the attendees to have both live and virtual members in a team to participate in the competition.

Virtual Games and Leaderboard

Having games in the virtual/Hybrid event can be beneficial in multiple ways. First, it will allow you to engage the audience in the event. And also, you can use games to promote networking in the event.

You can have a leaderboard in your Virtual/Hybrid event. But how will it help you? A leaderboard displays the names of the attendees along with their points. This will encourage the attendees to participate in the games. And compete with other attendees. Thus, allowing attendees to know each other.

Support for Third-Party Apps

By providing support for third-party apps like WhatsApp and Zoom, you can make networking faster. Since people are familiar with these platforms, they will be comfortable using these platforms for networking. Thus, increasing more chances of networking in your event.

You can provide these features and tools to promote networking in your virtual/Hybrid events.


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