Hire React Developers
Hire React Developers

How to hire a React Developer Through an IT Company? – StridePost

From a team of full-time professional engineers on-demand, we work with ReactJs developers as needed.

Step 1: Choose ReactJs Developer

We follow a strong recruitment process focused on hiring talented React developers. We make every effort to select candidates, but it’s up to you to decide who will join the team.

React Development Company developers don’t just manage project workflows. They share a common culture and share a corporate vision.

Step 2: Receive Communication and Get Results

We then provide a Customer Success Manager who monitors the progress of the project from start to finish. From this moment on, we communicate effectively and share the same goals with our dedicated React Development Services team.

Plus, our management team can seamlessly manage the benefits of your chosen team so you can focus on what matters and expect great results.

Step 3: Grow together by iteration

The React developer extension team follows a proven iterative process for each tech stack and technology. During each iteration, the project goes through different stages of requirements, design, implementation, and testing.

Our developers can confidently obtain scalable prototypes developed using the latest and leading technologies.

Engagement model to hire developers through an IT company

Pledge Template for React Developer Recruitment

Optimize resource utilization by providing a flexible contract engagement model based on business needs and project scope to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of engagement models that work best for your customers.

Dedicated Response Team

Hire a team of full-time developers for custom software application development from scratch until it’s ready to deploy. This engagement model allows you to transfer responsibilities and focus on other business activities. We work closely with our internal team when necessary.

Reinforcement of the Respondent

We hire developers to meet our ad-hoc software/application React development services requirements. This engagement model bypasses the flimsy recruiting process and gives you the flexibility to grow or shrink your staff as needed.

The Process to Hire React Developer

  1. Selection of candidates

This is the step that fills the pool of potential candidates. Here, the candidate confirms that:

  • Enough experience for the position
  • General interest/passion for technology
  1. Test operation.

We can spend an hour or two proving this by making sure the candidate wants to work for our company and delivering purposeful work in a setting we don’t know about. This way you can ensure that the candidate can find a solution even if they have never used the framework/library before.

  1. Technical trial

During testing, ask JavaScript-related questions and ask hard-to-answer questions. Use free-form questions. The goal is not just to test a candidate’s knowledge. We also want to understand the candidate’s thoughts.

  1. Provide specific feedback

After verifying the candidate’s knowledge, we provide specific feedback on the test assignments and skills tests. It also offers resources that can be used to improve weaknesses.

  1. Interview

To confirm:

  1. Technical skills
  2. Soft skills (communication, English proficiency, teamwork)
  3. Culture fit (and/or team fit test)
  4. Hired/Not Hired

We call to let you know that someone is not hiring us (give notice), or that a candidate is being hired, and to discuss the terms further.

Benefits of Hiring React Developer


Saving money is an important aspect of any organization. Hiring internal employees requires a lot of money and resources. There is no guarantee of quality or on-time delivery when trying to hire a freelancer. Outsourcing is also expensive, but offshore rings are different. You get the best value for money when you ship your products overseas to other companies.


Quality is the top right priority of every organization. Offshore React native developers provide the products you need. You can deliver the perfect job on time without wasting time and resources.

Self-screen your staff to see all the work in progress and the steps you need to take to get the result you need. You can be sure and trust the quality of React Js development company in India products.


Hiring React Native developers are similar to hiring organizational staff. You can examine the person assigned to you and self-assess your abilities and capabilities.

Developers are responsible for their resources, so users don’t have to worry either. Everything is professionally handled by our developers. All you have to do is hire the right people and the right companies.


International employees must follow several protocols and submit products on time. These employees are committed enough to meet deadlines.

High tech security

Offshore employees ensure that the application offers rigorous security. They are kept confidential and all data is secure. No need to worry about the product and its safety.


Communication is important for any project, and international developers stick to it. Ensure timely communication and complete anything that needs to be shared. These developers are flexible over time and can communicate when needed.

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