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How to Hire a Tax Accountant – The Importance of Finding a Qualified Professional

The world of tax accounting in the UK is huge and it can be very confusing. If you run a business in London, then you are most likely aware that the tax burden can be high and, if not managed properly, it can spiral out of control. That being said, there are many excellent tax accountants and certified public accountants (CPAs) who have gained both accreditations and qualifications from one of the many tax accountancy firms in London. Their services range from simple bookkeeping to complex financial reporting. No matter what your business class is, you will find qualified help at one of the many tax accountancy firms in London that are able to handle all your tax needs.


Comprehensive Online Search

When looking for a qualified tax accountant in London, you should do a comprehensive online search. This will provide you with a list of all the accounting firms that are available in London. Visit each one to get an idea of their levels of service, and the level of interaction that you can expect when dealing with the firm. You should also pay close attention to their website as this will provide you with important information such as terms of their services, and the kind of training they provide.


Set up Initial Meetings

After identifying several potentials tax accountants in London that meet your specific needs, you should set up initial meetings. This is important because it allows you to go into the meeting with your prospective accountant armed with questions for them to answer. This will allow you to compare their skills and experience, as well as their costs, and determine which firm suits you best. There are several different kinds of accounting fees, and you should know what is being charged in order to know if the firm is right for you or not.


Place of the Meeting

It may seem like common sense, but the first meeting of the two parties – the professional tax accountant and the potential client – should be done in a neutral place. It should be a place where there will be no emotions, and where both parties can speak freely. This is not the case with many accounting firms, and the temptation for either side to become more emotionally involved in the process can be difficult to resist. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why many people end up dissatisfied with the services of some tax accountants.


Ask the About their Experience

When you meet with a potential accountant, ask them how long they have been working with large tax firms. In today’s day and age it is always good to go with established professionals who are fully aware of their clientele. You can always identify how long they have worked with big multinational corporations and ask them if they deal with high profile clients. This should give you an indication of how reliable they are, and whether or not they have a good reputation when it comes to dealing with difficult clients. A good accountant will be happy to provide you with references, so make sure that you check these out.


Registered to Practice

The final piece of information that you need to ask your potential accountant is whether or not they are registered to practice. It is important to make sure that any tax accountant that you hire is properly trained, and that they have undergone all of the necessary examinations and registrations. If they are not properly trained then they may not be able to give you the professional service that you require, which could actually cost you money.


Numerous Professional Bodies

Another important question that you need to answer when you are trying to find a good accountant is whether or not they belong to any professional bodies. There are numerous professional bodies that set standards, and standards are maintained by many professionals including accountants. If the accountant that you are considering does not belong to one of these bodies, then you may want to consider hiring someone else. The services of a competent and reputable tax accountant should never come at the cost of your business.


Require Licensing or Registration

How to hire tax accountants is not the same everywhere. Some states do not require licensing or registration and do not require ongoing continuing education in tax matters. Other states require CPAs to be licensed and at least Hold a CPA designation, although CPAs do not need this certification to open a CPA practice. Certified Public Accountants (CPA) is recommended to those considering becoming self-employed, having their own business or conducting their own accounting firms. To find the right accountant for your business, there are a few resources available. The most convenient method is to utilize a website that connects prospective tax accountants with other professionals. By registering with the website, you can receive free and confidential information that will help you in your search for the best accountant to meet all of your needs. You can also get step-by-step guides and tips on how to hire a tax accountant that will fit your business’s needs.



One of the main reasons as to why it is so vital that you understand how to hire a tax accountant is because of the many problems that can arise due to a lack of knowledge. Many small businesses do not realize the importance of the role that an accountant plays in their company, and this is often the cause of disaster. You should always be sure that your accountant has the necessary qualifications and knowledge in order to provide you with the best accountancy services possible. If you were to go into a company without knowing what to expect, you may run the risk of running into financial difficulties, and this is not something that any business owner wants to experience. Hiring a qualified and experienced accountant will also ensure that you receive the highest level of professional service, and this is something that everyone should aim for.

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