Effective Marketing Team
Effective Marketing Team

How to Lead an Effective Marketing Team?

In order to be an effective team leader, you need to keep communication clear and focused on what needs to get done. Automation tools can help, but if you’re using them incorrectly, you might actually hinder your team’s productivity rather than help it! To make sure your team gets the most out of their marketing automation tool, follow these five tips for leading an effective marketing team using HR automation tools .

Understand The Unique Challenges of Managing A Marketing Team

Marketing teams face their own unique challenges that need addressing. Just as you don’t use a standard Project Management tool (like JIRA) to manage your team, you need HR Automation tools like Workable that are specific to hiring, engaging and developing marketing teams. You also want input from your team members in setting goals and metrics, being flexible enough so they can run with ideas but supportive enough so they don’t flounder when things go awry. Keeping all of these elements in mind will make for an effective marketing manager.

Understand the Role of a Project Manager

Project managers have a lot of responsibility, both as team leader and mentor. As team leader, they are responsible for all of their staff members—keeping morale high and giving guidance to employees looking for advice. As mentors, project managers are responsible for helping new hires learn their roles quickly and grow within their job function. Without good communication with your staff and company HR automation tools that make it easy to onboard new employees, you risk losing talent or sending someone home early with bad knowledge. New hires can also be a detriment if you don’t understand how they fit into your current workflow or if they feel like a burden without mentorship in place.

Recruit And Retain An Effective Marketing Team

Recruiting and retaining top talent is one of a project manager’s most important tasks, whether you’re leading a small team or working in a large company. In addition to conducting traditional interviews, job fairs, and other recruiting events, many companies are turning toward technology—and HR automation tools—to recruit and retain employees. Although they aren’t necessarily aimed at marketing teams specifically, platforms like Workable offer new ways for companies to streamline their hiring process. Workable provides a more streamlined version of career websites and allows employers to post jobs more effectively than ever before. Users can search jobs by title or location as well as send curated applications which cut down on resumes that don’t contain certain keywords but still want that same job.

Track Success Of Each Member of The Team

When you’re managing a marketing team, it can be tough to keep track of each member’s progress. Start by having each employee define their own specific goals for each project, then check in with them periodically to see how they’re doing and make sure they are on track. Even better, create a project management tracking tool for team members—make it public so everyone can see where everyone else is at. Tools like Basecamp allow you to set up check-in meetings and send email notifications when tasks are due. This way everyone on your team knows what everyone else is working on at all times and you don’t have any surprises when it comes time for quarterly reviews or performance evaluations.

Set Measurable Objectives For Each Member Of The Marketing Team

It’s a leader’s job to make sure every member of their team is taking responsibility for their work. As we see with most large companies and governments, failure in one area leads to failure in other departments as well. When you’re heading up a marketing team or have employees that report directly to you, it’s your job as a project manager and effective leader to assign tasks and make sure they get done. And it isn’t enough just handing off tasks—you have to be there when people need help completing them too.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Effective team leaders celebrate their team members’ successes. When you find out your team succeeded on a project, find ways to show them that you noticed. If someone accomplished something amazing—not just done his or her job, but blown it out of the water—that person’s accomplishment deserves recognition. Even if it wasn’t something you specifically asked for, make sure you catch that person’s success before they move on with your next project. Even if your company doesn’t typically award medals or trophies or gift cards (though they should), celebrating your marketing team member’s achievements will help boost morale and productivity across your entire group.

Motivate Your Hiring Squad

When you’re leading a team of marketers, it’s important to make sure everyone on your team is accountable for their tasks. That includes making sure each team member knows his or her goals and how their work contributes to those goals. Once that happens, it will be much easier for them to accomplish whatever tasks you assign them and for you to measure your overall marketing campaign’s success. This accountability starts at the top; if you’re not being accountable with your own work, then nobody else on your team will be either. As a leader, being effective means knowing where everything stands at all times and taking responsibility when something isn’t working—and that means having honest conversations with your team so they know what needs improvement.

Make Sure Everyone Is Accountable For Their Tasks

Automating routine tasks is a great way to free up time for more meaningful and impactful tasks. To increase your productivity as a project manager, you might want to look into tools that automate your HR management processes, like payroll or employee files. For example, using technology such as Zenefits can streamline multiple functions and allows your employees to focus on growing their skills with fewer administrative burdens. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications can also serve projects in areas where there’s more value in automating common tasks than relying on human judgment—for example, if you need customer support from multiple teams, automating communication could be a better solution than manually passing messages along.

Enable HR Automation To Increase Productivity [Tools & Services]

Automating time-consuming HR processes will free up time and resources for your managers. Many times, you’ll find that people are spending a lot of time on tasks that could easily be delegated (or automated). Take some time to survey what needs are going unmet in your department, then look for tools or services that could help you meet those needs more effectively. Automating even one routine task can help you scale your efforts and make management less stressful.


The most effective marketing teams are led by a project manager, and that is where your expertise lies. The work you’re doing as a PM will teach you what it takes to be an effective team leader, not just in marketing but in any role. The key is getting feedback from team members on a regular basis; survey your employees regularly to figure out how you can improve. One survey isn’t enough—you want constant communication between everyone on your team and their leader. With frequent updates, both sides can voice concerns or offer praise about each other and adjust accordingly. This will make you an effective leader for whatever field you choose next!

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