How To Monetize YouTube Channel

How To Monetize YouTube Channel : Top 10 Ways

There is no doubting the popularity of video content nowadays. More than 12 billion minutes of internet video were seen by users in 2020 alone, and they still want more.

It’s a terrific time to concentrate on video content for both corporations and creators of digital content. You can achieve this using YouTube’s monetization options.

This post will clarify your question, ‘how to monetize YouTube channel, go over its guidelines, and show you how to make money off of your YouTube videos.

How To Monetize YouTube Channel

The conditions for starting to monetize on YouTube have already been discussed. Explore all the numerous ways you may make money from your YouTube videos now as we move on to the more interesting portion.

You might be curious about how much money YouTubers really make. Not every YouTube creator is able to generate as much money from their videos as some of the top paid YouTube creators, who regularly make millions of dollars. The average YouTube channel makes $18 for every 1,000 views, in fact.

Online and platform income for creators has shifted as a result of YouTube.

The top ten ways to make money on YouTube are as follows:

1. YouTube ads

Ads that show up prior to or during your videos are the most “conventional” approach to monetize on YouTube.

If you have signed up for the YPP, you can enable ad revenue for one or more videos on your channel. Remember that in order for YouTube to display advertisements on your videos, they must comply with their rules for advertiser-friendly content.

You have control over where advertisements appear on your videos thanks to the variety of YouTube ad formats available.

2. Paying Sponsorships

Paid sponsorships are when companies or brands pay or sponsor an individual content creator to utilise, promote, or pay for their product in a video. Although brands sponsor creators, both the sponsors and the viewers gain from the arrangement.

Although sponsorships are difficult to secure, they can be quite fruitful. You can approach important brands in your niche to collaborate on a video if you have an influential channel with a sizable following.

Present past work, YouTube data, and engagement rates to brands in order to secure a sponsorship. Describe to them how your content will benefit their company.

3. Associates

Affiliate programmes are another option to make money off of your YouTube videos.

So how does this function? You use an affiliate link to direct your audience to a brand’s product or landing page when you sign up for an affiliate marketing programme. You get a cut of the sale if the user is successful in making a purchase.

An affiliate scheme still brings in extra money, albeit not as much as paid sponsorships. You can sign up to be an affiliate for goods you currently use and even give your followers a coupon.

4. Membership in a Channel

A monthly fee is required to become a member of a YouTube channel in exchange for exclusive benefits. Creators may provide exclusive deals on merchandise, one-on-one live chats, or exclusive videos to channel subscribers.

The creator sets the membership costs, and channels need at least 1,000 subscribers to make this option available.

5. Patronage

If you have a dedicated following, a third-party site like Patreon enables digital creators, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to offer special benefits to supporters of your channel and content.

Similar to a YouTube channel subscription, Patreon is well-liked by companies and YouTube creators. However, with tiered membership, you can select different benefits to give customers depending of the number of subscribers. Offer special extras like behind-the-scenes footage or advantages like early access and one-on-one time.

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6. Products

A merchandising shelf that shows on each video page is available to YouTube channels with more than 10,000 followers. By offering branded products to your YouTube viewers, you can create additional source of income if you’ve established a strong brand community.

If a YouTube creator wants to sell products to their subscribers but doesn’t have a website, this is really helpful. With more than 45 supported merch platforms or merchants globally, there is a chance for your brand to expand.

7. Super features, such as Super Stickers, Super Chat, and Super Thanks

You may have noticed that some chat messages stand out and are emphasised over others if you’ve ever watched a livestream on YouTube.

This is so that Super Chat may be enabled on premieres and live videos on YouTube. With this monetization tool, your audience can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to have their remark included in a livestream chat.

In a similar spirit, Super Stickers function in a manner similar to Super Chat.

Users have the option to purchase and share amusing stickers rather than chat messages. For their favourite creators’ attention, these stickers are then pinned to the top of the chat stream.

Finally, the Super Thanks function enables users to thank their preferred creators. Users can get an animated GIF and a prominent comment in the livestream chat by making a little donation.

In contrast to Super Chats and Super Stickers, users can purchase Super Thanks for any submitted video, not just livestreams and Premieres.

These are fantastic features for brands or digital content producers who make informative and useful videos. These Super features not only add to your money but also provide your biggest admirers a way to express their appreciation for your work.

8. YouTube Shorts Fund

A $100 million fund established by YouTube in May 2021 is available only to Shorts makers. Over the course of 2021–2022, this money will be awarded monthly to YouTube Shorts makers.

Accordingly, depending on the interaction and views on their Shorts videos, YouTubers can earn anywhere from $100 and $10,000 each month. Additionally, as eligibility is reevaluated each month, you can be eligible the following month if you weren’t the previous.

The YouTube Shorts Fund can be received without being a member of the YPP, which is a big advantage for creators who don’t fit the program’s eligibility standards. However, in order to be eligible for a YouTube Shorts Bonus, videomakers must still fulfil specific criteria.

9. YouTube Premium

YouTube offers a subscription-based service called YouTube Premium. Members can download videos, activate background playback, and more. They can also watch videos without ads.

In what way does this impact monetization then? If YouTube Premium users watch a creator’s ad-supported video, will they still be paid? Thank goodness, sure.

YouTube claims that, like ad revenue payments, producers receive subscription revenue payments at the beginning of each month. Naturally, the sum is contingent upon how frequently Premium members watch your movies.

10. YouTube Brand Connect

Brands and YouTube producers are linked through YouTube BrandConnect for content marketing campaigns. In terms of product suggestions, audiences have faith in artists. Additionally, YouTube channels and companies can collaborate by using BrandConnect.

Only the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom offer this service at the moment.

Final Words

As you came to know how to monetize YouTube channel you can make money from your videos.

It’s not just beneficial for brand exposure to create and share videos. By generating income through YouTube, it’s a fantastic way to sustain oneself.

Ready to expand your YouTube channel? Branding your YouTube account is the first step to taking advantage of YouTube’s monetization opportunities. Promote your channel after that to get YouTube video views. Keep in mind that you have more opportunities to earn money on the site the more viewers and subscribers you have. Cha-ching!

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