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We have compiled all the details for Call of Duty Mobile. While PUBG Mobile’s dominance in the battle royale genre continued, things started to change with the release of CoD Mobile. The history of Call of Duty is much more rooted than PUBG. With the release of Call of Duty Mobile on October 1, 2019, the mobile gaming world was suddenly shaken. CoD Mobile, which received millions of downloads from the first day of its release, broke the record. New mechanics, gameplay, and innovations that joined the Battle Royale genre brought Call of Duty Mobile to the top in a short time. These efforts of the Activision team, which tries to keep the game alive with the innovations introduced, yield positive results.

Call of Duty Mobile

In addition to Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, many entertainment modes come from time to time in Call of Duty Mobile, you can play alone, in pairs, or teams of 4 people. You can set the viewing angles in the game as either TPP (third perspective) or FPP (first-person perspective) depending on the situation.

Call of Duty Mobile new Rebirth map

We can say that the loot system is a little different from other Battle Royale games. You can find equipment such as weapons and armor from the structures in the game, as well as health and weapon equipment in the red and green boxes in the game. But we should point out that there is an airplane drop event in this game as well.

You can control your sniper rifles much more easily in Call of Duty Mobile, which offers a much easier use compared to PUBG Mobile.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile?

To play Call of Duty Mobile, you must download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK published by “Activision” by entering the application store on your devices with Android or iOS operating system. After downloading the game and logging in, the screen that comes up asks you to log in with your “Facebook” account or as a “Guest” without giving you much choice. After logging in, you can start playing the game.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile

To play Call of Duty Mobile on your Android devices without any problems, you need to have an average of 2 GB of RAM or more. In addition, at least Android 5.1 Lollipop is recommended as the operating system version. We recommend playing the game on a phone with 3 GB of RAM to play the game at an average of 30 FPS.

For iOS, you need to have a device that came out after the iPhone 6 and 6 models to play without any problems. It doesn’t seem possible to play this game on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and iPad Touch. You can see up to 60 FPS on high models. After iOS 9 it will work.

How to play Call of Duty Mobile on the computer?

It can also be played on the computer with the CoD Mobile emulator. Emulators such as BlueStacks are one of the first choices of players who want to move the competition from their mobile phones to their computers. The biggest reason is that you get a great advantage against your opponents and the opportunity to make faster in-game money.

Call of Duty Mobile Bluestacks
You can play Call of Duty Mobile on a computer with Bluestacks.

BlueStacks is a completely free emulator. It is among the most preferred  CoD Mobile emulator programs. In addition, the program has its own presets. In other words, you can start the game directly after the installation process. If you don’t like the settings, you can make changes according to your wishes. By adjusting the settings in BlueStacks,  you can play mobile games without any hassle, even on the worst computer.  You can find all the details in our guide to playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC with BlueStacks.

Call of Duty Mobile Errors and Solutions

Errors in Call of Duty Mobile started on the first day of its release. In CoD Mobile, errors are generally described with codes. However, other than that,  there may also be general errors that do not have an error code, such as the phone overheating, the game not opening at all, or freezing. When the game was first released, such errors were more frequent. Common errors are very common nowadays, except for errors with codes. The protagonist of these problems is usually the phones.  You can easily find the answer to the problem you are experiencing in the game from the Call of Duty Mobile errors and error solutions guide.

Call of Duty Mobile Cheats and Cheating Penalties

As in many games, we can occasionally come across cheaters in Call of Duty Mobile. However, the  Activision team has very strong penalties for cheaters. CoD Mobile will impose some sanctions on players who use cheats and act unsportsmanlike and are not in harmony with other players. You can take a look at our Call of Duty Mobile Cheats and Cheating Penalties article to take a look at the sanctions to be applied. You can click on the link to play Call of Duty Mobile from the computer.

Call of Duty Mobile announced the Nuketown Russia map, and it’s being added to the game with the game’s 13th season. In Call of Duty Mobile, the players are excited for the new season, because with each new season, special innovations await us. In addition, some of the innovations of the 13th season were shared with the sharing made by the Activision team.

Nuketown Russia map is coming to Call of Duty Mobile!

The Activision team, which managed to attract millions of players from the moment it was released, and more importantly, managed to keep this player base connected with the innovations and updates it brought to the game, continues its updates at full speed. In this context, the Activision team continues to inform the players, shortly before the release of the 13th season, which will have major changes regarding the game.

call of duty mobile nuketown russia map is added to the game

Finally, the Activision team shared the new map that will come with the new season of the game with the players. Nuketown Russia map with a snowy theme will be added to the game with Call of Duty: Mobile season 13. With this development, the number of new maps to be added to the game in the 13th season has become two. For more information on Call of Duty: Mobile season 13 innovations, be sure to check out our Call of Duty Mobile season 13 innovations.

Call of Duty Mobile Nuketown Russia Map

With Call of Duty: Mobile season 13, the Nuketown Russia map, which will be familiar to players who play Black Ops 4, will be added to the game. The Nuketown Russia map, which is very similar to the Nuketown map in the first Black Ops game of the Call of Duty series, has a completely snow-covered image.

call of duty mobile nuketown russia map season 13

Along with the Nuketown Russia map, which differs from the classic Nuketown map in terms of the design of the buildings and buses, an exciting map with a Christmas theme awaits the players. With the Nuketown Russia map, which is expected to host many conflicts due to its small size, players will be full of action.

Tactics that can be used on the Nuketown Russia Map

The Activision team not only announced the Nuketown Russia map but also shared some information about the map that players can use. Among this shared information, tactics, and suggestions that players can use in this new map were also included. The Nuketown map is one of the maps that you need to be alert at all times because it is a small map. In addition, although the map is small, it has the potential to host long-range conflicts as well as short-range conflicts. That’s why focusing too much on a short-range shootout can cause you to die from a bullet fired from a distance.

call of duty mobile nuketown russia map tactics

Enemies in buildings can cause a lot of trouble while you are outside. For this reason, you can use the wagons efficiently to protect yourself from the competitors inside the building while you are outside, and you can minimize the danger posed by your opponents in the buildings. Since the map is small, you can choose short-range or medium-range weapons. However, if you want to perform more successfully on the map, you can choose versatile weapons and make the most of the advantages created by this situation.

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