How to Prepare for Board Exam Class 12 CBSE 2022 Smartly?

Board Examinations are very crucial, and everyone knows it. The Board Examination of Class 12 is more important because it decides your career. It helps you to get into the college of your choice. Exams are around the corner. It would help if you started revising for the examination. CBSE 12 board tests are considered very important for students. Therefore, students may be under a lot of pressure to do well on tests, which can cause anxiety and frustration in the long run. Here you will find a step-by-step guide to Ultimate CBSE Classroom Tips for Preparing for the  Board Exam Term 1 & 2.

Here are 8 tips you can use for your board examination preparation:

  1. Plan out things- Planning is the first and most crucial step of any program. Whether students want to prepare for board exams or competitive exams, it is necessary to make a timetable or schedule chart and plan accordingly.If students count the number of days, they will be able to see a few days left before the board exam. But, if they look at the number of hours, they will see enough time for the final review.
  1. Time management- As long as you manage your time wisely during the test, it is a fact that all your efforts will be in vain. Many students face this issue. They started with a test, thinking that they had all the time in the world, and ended up not being able to answer the high-scoring questions. So, remember that you only have 3 hours to complete your exam. Start with the high-scoring questions and end with question marks 1 and 2.
  2. Do your revision- Teachers and guidelines advise students not to re-read new chapters or entire chapters as it is one month before the exams begin. Students should read in their prepared notes and avoid reading every chapter. Reading the complete chapter, again and again, is a waste of time and a source of frustration. Please go through the questions at the back of your chapters to find the essential parts and review them. If you miss reading a chapter or preparing it, try not to argue over it.
  3. Focus on NCERT textbooks- With careful research, students need to stick to NCERT textbooks and work on other Key Concepts. Although more books can help students gain more knowledge, CBSE selects only the NCERT syllabus. Sometimes, different books lead students to misconceptions, which leads to removing marks. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the subjects students are reading in additional textbooks through NCERT Solutions for Class 12. Before going to other students, students should cover the entire syllabus in their NCERT textbooks.
  1. Solve Sample Papers- Students believe that if a question exists on a sample paper, the CBSE will not ask it in a test. CBSE question papers often have the same questions from paper samples with data changes. So do not forget to solve the paperwork. While sorting through the paper, start as if you are sitting in the auditorium and sorting it out accordingly. You may not be able to do it well at first, but you will be able to do better with practice. Practicing the 10-year questionnaire is the best thing you can do.
  2. Practice diagrams and illustrations- Your examiner should be your God when you write your test. Drawing sketches is the best way to go about that. It will catch the student’s eye right away and will surely impress him. So, extra marks fall on your paper. Keep in mind to make the illustrations in the examination. Try NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology for practicing diagrams.
  3. Relief your anxiety- As board exam days approach, fear grips students. It affects their performance. Experts and student counselors advise that there is no benefit in getting nervous. Don’t let the discomfort wander around the student. It is necessary to take care of a person’s health during the test; otherwise, students will not be able to cope with the stress of the test. To reduce this stress, get enough rest and healthy eating regularly. Lack of sleep and nutrients in the body leads to depression, thinking, and anxiety. Despite losing confidence due to stress, start morning exercise or yoga. They help students relieve their insecurities and re-energize them in a new spirit.
  1. Eat and sleep healthy – You can get good marks only when your mind is at peace. Therefore, all students must get enough sleep and wake up early according to their Board Exams. Do not try to stay awake until midnight to complete the syllabus. You can adjust your body clock incorrectly.


With the help of the above tips, students can score good grades on the CBSE Class 12 board tests. Learning from mistakes can help students overcome them during the test. Use these extended hours wisely and achieve a good grade school goal onboard tests.

While practice, determination, and optimism lead anyone throughout the full years to board tests, experts’ advice can enhance their hard work with brilliant work. Yes, achieving a 100% result is difficult, but not impossible.

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