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How to Prepare for CBSE Class 8 Maths?

Mathematics is considered a nightmare for students preparing for the CBSE Class 8th exams. Although some students who like to play with numbers consider mathematics to be fun. Good marks are not a problem but getting better marks requires proper dedication.

Mathematics is not a language, it is based entirely on numbers. You will either get the answer right or wrong, which brings you the opportunity to get full marks in this subject. A good preparation strategy surely helps you in getting good marks in mathematics.

Mathematics is not a subject that can be learned overnight and you will get success. It is a subject that helps to develop critical thinking and positive thinking among students. To take care of your game and stay on top of the competition, scroll down below to check out the Class 8 Mathematics preparation tips. You should solve the Ncert solution for class 8 to get a clear understanding of subject.

Class 8 Maths syllabus and chapter wise weightage

Chapter  Mark weightage (in %)
Rational Numbers 08
Linear Equations in One Variable 10
Understanding Quadrilaterals 13
Practical Geometry 08
Data Handling 11
Square and Square Roots 12
Cubes and Cube Roots 06
Comparing Quantities 16
Algebraic Expression and Identities 12
Mensuration 15
Visualizing solid shape 07
Exponents and Powers 06
Direct and Inverse Proportions 08
Factorization 12
Playing with Numbers 10
Introduction to Graphs 12

5 Best Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 8th Maths

1. Get well acquainted with BODMAS

Make sure you know the BODMAS rule as you have the key to the correct answer. BODMAS is an acronym for Bracket of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. If the basics are there, then it will be easier for you to solve problems and save time in the examination.

2. Make notes of Important Concepts and Formulas

While preparing for the NCERT Mathematics for Class 8, you should prepare notes for important concepts, Maths formulas, shortcut and more. This will help you to solve the difficult problems with ease. 

3. Practice makes perfect

As we know, practice is the only key to success in getting good marks in any examination. Therefore, be sure to solve the chapter-wise questions from NCERT Book. You shold solve Ncert solutions for class 8 maths. As CBSE follows the NCERT pattern, your first priority should be to solve NCERT Books then further move on to other practice sets.

4. Practice Previous Years Papers

When you are done with NCERT, look at last year’s question paper. As the CBSE follows a similar pattern in the examination, so solving last year’s papers will help you determine the types of questions and the level of difficulty being asked in the exam. Familiarizing yourself with last year’s papers will help you prepare for creating a samrt strategy that you can use while preparing for the CBSE Class 8 exam.

5. Do Self Assessment of your preparation

Preparing and practicing the papers alone is not enough to get good marks in the CBSE exam. Self assement of your performance is also necessary. Regularly analuzing your performance will help you improve your weak concepts and crack the exam easily. All your doubts will also be cleared in regard to certain topics.

Sample paper for class 8 maths helps students understand the exam pattern, the chapter wise weightage and helps them to build their solid foundation in the Maths subject. These Sample Papers also help students gain confidence to deal with any type of new questions asked in the exam.

Students should practice their Question Papers daily to increase their chances of getting high marks. They can focus on their weak points with the help of these Sample Papers. They can also test themselves to see if they are ready for the test.

Our team of Maths experts have created different sets of Sample Papers, especially for students to practice before the examination. These papers cover all the important concepts of class 8, to help students find their strengths and weaknesses. By practicing with this Class 8 Mathematical Sample paper, the student will eliminate the fear of math tests as it will increase your confidence level as well as your marks.

Common Mistakes to avoid during the preparation of Class 8th Maths

As you prepare for the CBSE Class 8 Mathematics, be sure not to try the following common mistakes made by students.

  • Do not skip any topics, including Mathematics Class 8 low-weightage topics.
  • Each and every topic is important for getting good marks.
  • Do not attemp questions in which you are not sure. 
  • Students often read the question paper in a hurry while attempting the exam, do make sure you read carefully and avoid guess work during the examination.



Follow this approach and prepare well for the CBSE Class 8 Math Test. Remembering the tips above and avoiding common mistakes will definitely help you score well on the CBSE Class 8 Math Test. For other subjects you can solve  Ncert solutions provided by Physics Wallah.

The 8th Grade Math Sample Test helps students understand sample tests, chapter weights, and build a solid foundation for learning math. This sample document will also help students gain confidence in the new questions posed on the exam.

Students should practice answering questions every day to increase their chances of getting a high score. You can use this sample paper to focus on your weaknesses. They can also test themselves to see if they are ready for the exam.



Which chapters are the most important for the CBSE Class 8 Maths?

  1. Rational numbers
  2. Linear equations for one variable
  3. Understanding quadrilaterals
  4. Practical geometry
  5. Data processing
  6. Squares and square roots
  7. Cubes and cube roots
  8. Comparisons of quantities
  9. Algebraic expressions and identities
  10. Visualizing 3D Shapes
  11. Measure
  12. Exponents and Exponents

All of this takes practice, but some topics are more important than others and a good understanding of them will help you score better. Based on many years of teaching experience and observations on questionnaires over the past few years, teachers have listed the most important chapters in terms of exams.

How can I get full marks in maths class 8?

Prioritize topics and concepts: List all important concepts and formulas for quick reference and correction. Lists make it easy for students to repeat and practice concepts every day and at the last minute. 5. Focus on NCERT: The NCERT program should not be missed under any circumstances.

Is studying at night better?

Some students have more energy at the end of the day. Therefore, evening or night time is a more efficient time for reading and studying. Studying at this time helps to improve concentration and creativity as there is less distraction and there is definitely peace and quiet when everyone is in bed.

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