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How to Prepare for Writing Section if you are Planning to Give CELPIP

Not every student prefers IELTS or TOEFL for an English language proficiency test. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is also an excellent option for getting into Canada for various purposes. For example, if you plan to do a master’s program in Canada or apply for immigration, you’ll need a language proficiency test. In Canada specifically, CELPIP is the most common name for it.

In comparison to IELTS and TOEFL, students find CELPIP much simpler. For example, language and format-wise, CELPIP is more user friendly and might be just what you need. However, let’s face it, many students fail to score good bands in IELTS and TOEFL.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)

CELPIP is an English language proficiency test used as an assessment tool. The test is designed to measure the reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of the candidates wishing to get immigration into Canada for any purpose. Paragon Testing Enterprises administer the test. Paragon Testing Enterprises is a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia.

CELPIP General is an important name in Canada as a language proficiency test. The test is a 100% Canadian, computer-deliverable test that uses an American English approach. The test is conducted in a single sitting with fast online results. It limits you from taking the test remotely. Students and other individuals have to be present on-site to attempt the examination. But in return, the test is more accessible than its alternatives (as mentioned).

CELPIP Writing Section Preparation Guide

In theory, the reading section of CELPIP is pretty simple. It is reading passages and answering questions within 55-60 minutes (including time to go over instructions) time allotted. The section has two separate tasks and is assigned 53-60 minutes for the entirety of the section.

Number of Questions Section Components
1 Writing an Email
1 Responding to Survey Questions

To perform exceptionally in the test, you must understand it. With some specific tips, you can be prepared in advance. So that when the time comes, you are ready to perform.

Use the features wisely

When you appear for a CELPIP test, you are given a keyboard with a word count feature. The two tasks you have to perform in these sections come with the word count and take almost similar time. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use everything at your disposal to manage your time. Because even if CELPIP is not rigid, students run out of time to write on many occasions.

Pay focus on word-count

For students that can manage 40-50 words per minute, a 5 minute time is enough to complete the writing. Along with this, the word limit comes to 150-200. It becomes pretty tough for an individual to compress all information in the content of this limit. You have to be precise and arrange your thoughts precisely. Going over the word limit is not an option.

Work on analytical skills

The writing section of CELPIP is not something to be neglected. The reason is that the section requires analytical skills more than you think. Why do you think you are given more than enough time for this section, given the average writing speed of students? Pay extra focus on the content and your writing. Going through it, again and again, is not always wise. You have to plan and harness your analytical skills.

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Practice writing on a regular basis

The writing section of CELPIP is not that tough to master. All you have to do is work precisely. Try writing on some random academic topic every day. For example, read an article or listen to a podcast. Then try putting it all in your own words. Keep it relevant and as similar to the original content as possible.


Writing can surely take some practice to come to you. But as a student, you have been writing throughout your life. All you need is to work on the essential elements of the CELPIP Writing sections, and you are already a pro. Go over relevant topics to the CELPIP and practice writing. It’ll eventually come to you.

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