Remove Duplicates items in Outlook PST

How to Remove Duplicates items in Outlook PST

Improving Outlook performance is better by removing duplicate emails from the Outlook data files. MS Outlook PST is not only a critical file but also one that drives Outlook fast. Outlook users must use an Outlook duplicate remover solution to routinely remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST.

When your PST file is too large, your data may suffer from various issues. It causes Outlook programs to perform slowly. You might have trouble accessing, sending, and receiving new email messages. You may also lose or corrupt your data file.

Duplicates in your Microsoft Outlook PST file are responsible for making it oversized. It means email messages are being copied and gathered there. You must remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST files to resolve this issue.

This write-up will guide you on how to remove duplicates from PST files. Before getting to the solution, let’s discuss why duplicates accumulate in Outlook data files.

Why do duplicates build up in Outlook PST?

The causes of duplicates in PST might be numerous. You can keep track of them if you keep an eye out for the following bases:

  • There may be a lack of synchronization between the folders in your PST file. Data duplication occurs when you enter incorrect parameters in the Outlook application’s Settings folder.
  • When numerous accounts are created erroneously in Outlook, incoming data is synchronized inaccurately, resulting in email duplication.
  • The identical email messages, calendar events, and address book contacts are duplicated indefinitely if your Settings folder is misconfigured.
  • Let’s say you have an anti-virus program on your system. It may interfere with creating duplicates in PST files. There you need to remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST.
  • Companies mainly transmit identical promotional emails multiple times. You will have to review the same message when you receive alertness for it. It utilizes your Outlook’s space.

Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook PST, which will help you clean up your entire Outlook mailbox. It doesn’t mean that erasing it all just eliminates unwanted messages. You can do this manually or using a professional Outlook duplicate remover software. Hence, we have described these approaches in the next section.

Manual Methods to remove Outlook PST Duplicates:

Here are several manual ways to remove duplicates in Outlook:

  • Make sure your Outlook profile is configured correctly. If your rules are reasonable, it synchronizes your folders and emails appropriately.
  • Improve the generality of your inbox updates. In addition to when you send or receive the email, the default time after your inbox is updated is between 30 minutes.

Note-You can manage your update time with the following procedure:

  • Run your Outlook application with your profile. Click Send or Receive from the menu.
  • You will have to choose to either define sendor receive groups.
  • Go to the “Schedule an automatic send/receive every” tab and set a value less than 30.
  • Create a rule and drive all promotional messages to a particular folder. It would help if you remembered to empty this folder all time.

In addition, Microsoft offers an Outlook Duplicate Remover plan to help you remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST.

Use the following steps to launch your system’s Microsoft Clean Up utility.

  • Run Outlook Profile and select the PST folder holding the duplicate emails.
  • Go to the Homemenu and select Clean Up.
  • Based on your requirement, select the following option:
  • Clean up Conversations- This option is to clean up all duplicate email chains, delete them, and move them to the trashed folder.
  • Clean up Folder option-It deletes email messages from a specified folder. You have to select the folder to clean up unwanted messages.
  • Clean up Folder and Subfolders option– It helps to remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST from a specified folder and its subfolders.

Note- Be sure to empty your Deleted Items folder after cleaning up folders using the Clean Up feature.

Scan your anti-virus program’s settings. Disable the setting for email security. After that, check for duplicate messages. Make sure your anti-virus program is working correctly.

Important! The above process does not ensure that everything is perfect. There is no certainty of data security as compared to taking the help of a professional solution.

A professional way to remove duplicates in PST files:

Many third-party solutions in the online market will help you remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST. Shoviv Outlook Duplicate Remover software comes in handy to complete the task smartly. It significantly eliminates the copied email messages in Outlook PST files. This efficient solution helps in preventing data corruption.

Shoviv’s tool has a simple user interface. It enables several options that can help you maintain Outlook data originality. Shoviv Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool supports PST from any Outlook version.

Wrapping up:

Maintaining and taking care of Outlook PST files can be tricky with manual methods. You can remove duplicate emails in Outlook PST with the specialized solution from Shoviv Software. It simplifies removing unwanted and duplicates from Outlook PST with excellence. One can try the free demo version to get a feel for its performance before licensing.

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