How to rent a car in the USA

If you are about to traveling to the United States soon, then it makes sense to think about traveling around the country in advance. It’s hard for me to imagine even short trips without a car. Of course, they have developed communication, both bus, and rail, but still, it seems to me, one should enjoy freedom while traveling. It is unlikely that the bus driver will stop after every joyful exclamation from the tourist. And in the lands once discovered by Christopher Columbus, there is something to see.

Tourist bus

It is in the order of things for Americans to rent a Car Service in Maimi when they arrive in another city, and therefore it is not difficult to rent a vehicle of almost any brand. Network rental offices are well developed, and even if you have to go home, for example, from Miami, and you flew to Los Angeles, then there will be no problems with returning the car. You just have to say at the rental point that you want to leave the car at the airport. Moreover, the manager of the rental office can pick it up there, but sometimes it requires additional payment.

Traveling in America is a pleasure! The roadbed pleases with a good condition, information support in the form of markings and signs is extremely clear, even if the knowledge of English is average. When it comes to roadside service, there is no shortage of that. Almost all roads have gas stations, motels, cafes for every taste, and the level of service is pleasant.

Roads in the USA

How to arrange a rental

You should immediately remember that if the trip is from state to state, then the conditions for car rental in the United States may differ. But every major city has a decent rental car park for all tastes. On average, the price of a middle-class sedan will cost about $ 60 per day. Of course, this is an automatic transmission – in the USA, mechanics are even handed over to the rights of a separate category.

Car Rental

Car rental in the USA involves the procedure for signing a contract. It’s quick and easy. Moreover, if you book a car in advance. This, by the way, is reasonable, because the rotation of cars is very high during the season.

Documents for the contract

To complete the contract, you will need to submit the following documents:

a foreign passport with an entry visa;

driver’s license. In principle, it does not matter whether it is an international or a Russian sample, but when booking it is worth clarifying whether this particular item of a Russian sample accepts a document;

credit card with a class not lower than VISA CLASSIC.

By the way, in the USA they will quite calmly accept a domestic debit card, but the balance should be between $ 650 and $ 700. But I advise you to refresh the information at the time of the trip by requesting it at the most selected rental point.

But it is worth remembering that the deposit will be returned to the Russian debit card after a while.

Required Documents

What are the conditions set by the rental point

If you assume that someone other than you will drive the car, then this person must be registered in the contract, and this condition should not be violated. On average, the surcharge is from $ 8 to $ 12 per day for each additional driver.

When hiring a car, be sure to check what the mileage restrictions are, but I often come across territorial restrictions – it is not always stipulated that the car will leave the state. Although, if necessary, you will be helped with this.

Last time I was late with the delivery of the car by 40 minutes, but I was already paying for an additional day, so it is worth remembering that the checkout time, as in most hotels, is noon, which will definitely be stated in the contract.

Rental Point

The rental point is not responsible for fines – they are written on the driver. If caught on camera, the manager of the rental service will provide the police with the details of the person to whom the car was transferred at that time.

The age category is determined from the age of 21, but there are offices where it is allowed to rent a Key West Car and young people from 18 years old. But, in any case, those who have not reached the age of 25 pay a fee of $ 5 to $ 30 per day. Such a peculiar age quitrent!

Where To Refuel The Car

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that it is better to pick up a car from a rental point that is not fully refueled. Otherwise, a gallon of fuel will be about half the price. It is much cheaper to get to the nearest gas station and refuel the car yourself.

It is worth remembering that, unlike Russian liters, American gallons are poured there. And 1 gallon is 4 liters.

Gasoline Brands At The Filling Station:

But, again, carefully read the contract and what it says about the fuel.

Fuel prices range from about $ 2.7 to $ 4 per gallon. Both credit cards and cash are suitable for payment.

It is better to pay with an American card, otherwise, when trying to pay with a Russian one, the machine asked me about the index of the place where the card was issued to me. This plunged me into some stupor – I had to pay in cash.


There are different categories. For example, if you issue a CDW or LDW type. Then if the vehicle is stolen or damaged, this will no longer be your concern. The cost is about $ 10 per day. In my opinion, this is the most reasonable option when traveling. But you can also apply for SLI – this is the insurance of the type of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance. And it also costs about $ 10 per day.

Medical insurance is responsible not only for the driver but also for the passengers. But if the traveler’s medical insurance has been issued. If there is an accident in the list of insured events, then nothing additionally needs to be drawn up. So it makes sense to issue such a policy in advance, while still at home.

Technical assistance, regardless of the tourist’s geographic location, costs from 6 to 25 dollars and is called Roadsafe. The thing is comfortable and personally tested.


A car trip across the United States, as practice shows, is not burdensome and educational. Self-developed route and hundreds of roads ahead – what could be better ?!

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