How to Reset SA Password SQL Server? – Get Solution

If you need to reset SA (System Administrator) password in the MS SQL Server database because you have lost or forgotten your old password or changed your Active Directory domain, you can do so as long as you can log in to the server with the local administrator using the password. This article describes the steps to reset SA password SQL server.

Microsoft SQL Server is by far the most popular database system. It has many features that other database management systems such as Oracle and MySQL may not have. As a server-based application, Microsoft SQL Server allows you to create multiple user accounts. Each user account has a username and password to log into SQL Server. There is also a System Administration (SA) account that is used as the default administrator account in SQL Server.

There are situations where people forget or lose the SQL Server password for their SA account. In this case, many of you are considering reinstalling SQL Server and reconnecting to the database as a final solution. But there are ways to help you reset SA password in SQL Server.

Method 1: Reset SA Password SQL Server Using CMD

You can manually recover your password. To do this, your Windows account must be a member of the local Administrators group. Otherwise, the CMD method cannot be used. Let’s see how to recover the password of an SQL account. command line procedure.

  • Start cmd administrator and run the following command: –

Osql -S SQL_instance_name -E

  • After completing the above command, run this cmdlet at the command prompt
  • EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘New_password‘, ‘Login name’ to go

Method 2: Reset SQL Database File Password Using SQL Server Management Studio

To use this method, you must have SQL Server administrative rights. Later, the database account can be unlocked using this method.

  • Start SQL Server Management Studio and connect to it
  • Open Object Explorer and expand Security options first.
    Next, expand Login
  • Press the account whose password you wish to changeright-click. Choose Properties from the menu
  • In the Login Properties window, change the password and confirm. Then click OK.

Limitation: This manual solution is not suitable for non-technical users. If they do not receive technical support, they will have a hard time doing this job. This is a long and slow solution. Hence, users are advised to adopt a technical approach and get the job done with ease.

Automatic Solution to Reset SA Password SQL Server 2019, 2017,  2016

As mentioned above, there is no point in wasting time with a manual solution. Users are encouraged to use the best and smartest technology solutions to complete their tasks. Download SQL Password Recovery Tool. It can easily reorganize multiple SQL database files without size or data loss issues. It is compatible with all versions of SQL and with all versions of the Windows operating system. Users can download tools with various functions. This application always protects the confidentiality of user information. Both professional & non-professional users can use this utility without any issues.

Free Trail Version

You can easily download the free demo version of the tool. Using the demo version, you will understand how this tool works and how it works. It also allows you to preview the login ID and password status of user accounts. This is the best way to know how this app works. There is no need to purchase to meet your needs. When you are satisfied with the trial version of this tool, activate the license key of the tool

Steps to Reset SA Password SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016 

The user has to follow a few simple steps to perform this task:

  • First, the user needs to Download and Run the software

Download SQL server

  • Click on the available brows option to select the file (master.mdf) and upload the desired MDF file


  • Locate and select the MDF file. Click Open to upload the file

Locate file

  • Choose the password of the user you want to reset and click Reset Password

Select Reset Password

  • The utility will prompt you to back up the Master.mdf  files before proceeding.

click ok

Let’s Conclude

The above post briefly mentions a solution on how to reset SA password SQL Server. The user can perform this task in the best way using the above solution. Here, users will be provided with professional and non-professional solutions. You can select the methods that suits you best. We have covered all the aspects of this query, so that the user does not face any problem during the process. Hopefully, after reading this informative article, users will not leave any questions on this topic.

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