How to Save Attachments from EML Files? – Direct Solution

Do you want to save attachments from EML files? If so, your search is complete. In this article, we will show you the easiest way to extract all attachments from an EML file.

There are various reasons for extracting EML attachments, such as keeping a copy of all attachments or a PDF file. Whatever the reason, you can export attachments from multiple EML files to a single folder with this method. Before we start this topic, let’s take a quick look at EML files.

EML is a file extension used to store emails for various email clients. As a result, millions of emails are sent by users every day and are stored as EML files. It has become very popular due to the widespread use of emails with shared attachments. However, these accessories can sometimes be a hindrance to people’s work. Because saving attachments by email will increase the file size.

To make things easier for users, here is the best way to save or extract attachments from bulky EML files without installing an email client. But first, let’s take a look at requests from real users who have also faced the same situation and need a solution.

Real User Request

Hi, I have received over a hundred EML files containing our customer requests as attachments. I can’t find a way to use this attachment. Is there any smart and easy way which can help me to access all attachments easily?

Save Attachments from EML Files Using Automated Software

If you want to extract attachments from EML files, you need this professional solution from SysTools EML Attachment Extractor Software. It will help you extract emails and attachments in a folder. It has a user-friendly interface, which will make the extraction task easy and safe. The utility allows users to delete attachments from emails without any restrictions, and you can select multiple EML files within a set period of time. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use this app without any hassle. Let’s take a look at the complete working process of this software for a hassle free solution.

In addition, users can also view the attachments directly from the dashboard of the utility through the attachment preview mode. You can search for specific attachments directly using the tool’s built-in search function. Users only need to search for attachments by name and then select the attachment and export it to the desired location in the system. We need to follow the steps below to extract EML file attachments with this tool. It provides advanced functions developed using powerful algorithms. The all-in-one utility ensures that all attachment properties are preserved in extracted attachments. Users don’t have to worry about data manipulation or data inconsistencies. The various metadata properties incorporated in the attachment are well preserved.

How to Save Attachments from EML Files – Complete Working Steps 

  • Download and Install EML File Attachment Extractor Tool

Download and Install EML File Attachment Extractor

  • Upload EML file via Add File or Add Folder option

Upload EML file

  • Select the desired Maintain folder hierarchy option then click on Next Button

Select the desired Maintain folder hierarchy

  • Select the desired filter date filter, file type, file size, etc.

Select the desired filter date filter

  • Click Extract button to start extracting the EML attachment files

Prime Features of EML File Attachment Extractor Software

This program has many different features but the following are the advanced features:-

  • Easily remove attachments in bulk from EML files
  • The application  is compatible with Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, Thunderbird, and other email clients
  • Provides date filtering to remove attachments from the EML file date range
  • Show a live preview of an email item before deleting an attachment
  • Keep data integrity and format intact when transferring files
  • A free trial version of the tool is also available to test the functionality of the product.
  • Option to rename EML file after deleting attachment
  • Supports removal of attachments of all types and sizes
  • Keep the format and originality of the message intact.
  • No file size limit – remove attachments from any number of EML files


In this blog section, we provide the easiest way to Save attachments from EML files with the help of third-party application tools. The application  is also available for free. Both technical and non-technical users can easily perform this task without any hassle. This application allows the user to move only the first 5 files, it will extract 1 item from each EML file. For testing, the app recommends that users take advantage of a free trial version. If the user is satisfied with this application, please select the licensed version. Although this utility has an easy conversion process, if you have questions about it, please contact our support team.

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