How to start a Laundromat business in Dubai?

How to start a Laundromat business in Dubai?

Laundromats help people who lack time or who don’t have a washing machine at home. It is also sometimes used for selling detergents and similar things to help their clients get their laundry done. You can make your laundromat as a self-operating store, where people insert coins into machines to run the machine. Or else, you can make your laundromat a full-service center where customers have to pay you for doing laundry for them. You can even make extra profits by including additional services like dry cleaning and more.

Starting a laundromat business in Dubai is far more beneficial than almost any other business. Also, it is deemed as a very useful service that you can do for the community. Fortunately, there are only a few laundromats in Dubai, but there is a high demand. So, you can easily take advantage of this opportunity and thrive in this field of business. 

In Dubai, starting a laundry business is considerably more advantageous than starting virtually any other business. It is also seen as a highly beneficial service that you may provide to the society. Fortunately, Dubai has only a few laundromats, but there is a great demand for them. As a result, you may simply take advantage of this chance and succeed in this sector. 

What are the benefits of starting a laundromat in Dubai?

There are numerous benefits when you set up your laundromat business in Dubai. It is these flexible and simple proposals that grab the attention of foreign entrepreneurs into this metropolis city. The main advantage of starting your business here, is that you will get 100% ownership of your business. In addition, you will have tax benefits and exemption from import and export duties. You will have freedom to recruit any expatriates and have unlimited inexpensive energy. Also, you don’t have to pay for transfer of funds and can enjoy low operational cost and freight charge. 

When you open a laundry in Dubai, you will reap several benefits. These adaptable and straightforward solutions are attracting international investors to this bustling metropolis. The major benefit of launching a business here is that you will have complete control of your company. You will also receive tax benefits and be exempt from import and export charges. You will be able to hire any expatriates you want and will have access to limitless, low-cost energy. You won’t have to pay for financial transfers, and you’ll save money on operating costs and shipping.

Basic requirements to open a laundromat business in Dubai

  • No smoking signs should be displayed
  • Sleeping or cooking isn’t allowed within the laundromat
  • Emergency contact numbers must be displayed
  • Cloth used for ironing must kept clean
  • Food products shouldn’t be stored in the laundromat
  • Cleanliness must be maintained 
  • Only use chairs and other objects made from non-absorbent materials.
  • Consistent inspection and care should be given for machines.
  • Delivery van is mandatory
  • Unwanted or unused things shouldn’t be stored

 What are the important aspects to consider before starting a laundromat in Dubai?

For the successful operation of your laundromat business in Dubai, you should contemplate some factors that is listed below:

  • Stay reluctant while handling the cleaning of formal clothes
  • Check all the machines on a daily basis
  • Chemicals used for doing laundry should be stored apart from the workplace.
  • A first aid box with complete medication should make available
  • Enough number of separate tables must be provided
  • Maintain baskets to specify washed and unwashed clothes
  • A van is mandatory for operating a laundromat business

In addition, you should carefully pick the appropriate clients. For that purpose, you must have a detailed business plan before launching your business. Also make sure to target businesses like day care centers, spas, hospitals who require you to have laundry done every day. 

Steps involved in the registration of  laundromat business in Dubai

Steps involved in the registration of laundromat business in Dubai

Just like starting any other business, you have to make a detailed business plan for the smooth operation of your laundromat. It should include details like total expense, number of employees, marketing strategies and much more. Then you have to find a name for your laundromat that abides by the naming conventions imposed by the government of Dubai. Next, you have to find an appropriate location to set up your business. For this, you can either choose Dubai free zone or mainland. However, for getting a license for any startup you should appoint a local sponsor for business in Dubai. The location you chose must have a minimum area of 30 square meters with either ironing or washing service. 

After obtaining the initial approval, you should submit documents and copies of passport and visa of the investing partners along with two color photos. Also, you should seek approvals from the Dubai municipality and Health and safety division. Following that, you have to draft and sign the memorandum of association. Finally, you have to apply for the visa in order to run your business in Dubai. After completing all these requirements, you will be sanctioned with a license for starting your own laundromat business in Dubai. 

After getting the initial permission, you need provide papers and copies of passport and visa of the investment partners together with two colour photographs. Also, you need get permissions from the Dubai municipality and Health and safety division. After that, you must write and sign a memorandum of association. Finally, in order to operate your business in Dubai, you must apply for a visa. Following the completion of all of these criteria, you will be granted a licence to open your own laundromat in Dubai.


Laundromat is indeed a profitable business to start in Dubai. Also, this can operate as a small scale business with a handful of machines. In addition to this, you can offer a full-service laundry. A great negotiation skill and mechanical knowledge is enough for running a laundromat business successfully in Dubai. You don’t need any certificates or diplomas to start a laundromat. Which ultimately makes this the best business to do in Dubai. However, there are a few crucial elements that need to be handled properly for starting your laundromat business. The legal requirements can sometimes turn into a nightmare for most of the entrepreneurs due to their lack of knowledge. So, if you are not sure about the procedures, reach out for a business formation consultant to help you out.

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