How to steam clean your vinyl plank floor with the steam mop

How to steam clean your vinyl plank floor with the steam mop?

Do you also know steam mops have been used for a long time to clean a variety of floors?

From marble to linoleum and even hardwood floors, a steam mop can be used to give a thorough, deep clean that can’t be achieved with a standard mop.

They’re especially useful for vinyl plank floors because they don’t require the use of a cleaning agent, which means they can be used regularly.

If you have vinyl plank flooring installed in your home, you have to clean it so that it could look as good as new.

But cleaning the floor should be a bit different from a normal one. Hence if you have vinyl plank flooring in your home, here are a few tips on how to steam clean your vinyl plank floor with the steam mop.

Ways on How to use a steam mop on vinyl flooring

There are the following ways to use a steam mop on vinyl flooring such as:

Set your steam on low temperature

Using a steam mop is a good option, but you have to be careful. Steam can easily damage your vinyl flooring, so you need to make sure you can use a steam mop with adjustable options like temperature control and lighter steam settings.

Start by setting the temperature control at a low range to slowly dry the area without causing any damage. Then switch to the lighter steam option when it’s time to do some scrubbing!

Set your steam on low temperature

Use a microfiber cloth

To maintain the shine of your vinyl floor, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the mop head before each cleaning.

We recommend this for all types of floors since it can help eliminate imperfections that are particularly hard to clean up, like streaks or spills.

Use a vacuum before mop

Before you mop your vinyl plank floor, vacuum or blow off any loose dirt or debris first.

Dirt and dust on the surface of the floor will only embed themselves further into the planks after mopping with a cleaning solution.

A broom is preferable to a vacuum cleaner for sweeping away dust and dirt particles.

A steam mop can then be used to cleanly wash the vinyl plank floor without damaging it with the head provided.

You have to have a vacuum cleaner for getting rid of dirt, pebbles, and tiny bits before using an actual steam cleaner.

Then after doing so, move the mop back and forth on the floor or carpet so it doesn’t get too heavy based on the area being cleaned.

Use a vacuum before mop

Don’t use water during steam mop

Vinyl plank flooring is susceptible to water damage. Since the product is water-resistant, this particular type of flooring has a waterproof surface that prevents water from getting into the layers of your flooring, making it extremely durable.

However, if not maintained properly, any scratches or gaps can cause misfortune.

Too much water over some time can seep into the sensitive regions and compromise the integrity of your floor’s adhesive, which causes damage to accumulate in your vinyl floors.

Some tips for maintenance include regular solid cleaning such as vacuuming and then mopping with just enough moisture to clean but not rough up or break down the integrity of the vinyl

Remember that

Get started on a wall opposite a doorway so you don’t have to step on the wet floor when you leave the room.

Use a bucket, but keep it behind you while you’re mopping. If using a microfiber pad, check it for mold or if it needs changing after every few swipes.

After finishing mopping, wipe the floor again with a fresh, clean cloth just to make sure no dust has settled if you plan on walking away or if anyone else is coming in at that moment.

FAQs Related how to clean vinyl plank floor with the steam mop?

Can I use a steam mop on the vinyl plank floor?

Steam Mops may damage your Vinyl Floors. Steam from a mop can seep beneath the surface of laminate wood floors, harming the adhesive that holds the pieces together.

Over time this wear and tear can severely weaken your floor’s design integrity. In some cases, steam from a mop also produces heat that may warp lumber floors over time, which we all know we do not want!

Can a steam mop be used on luxury vinyl flooring?

In terms of floor cleaning, there are a few things to remember with LVT. First of all, steamers should not be used because the heat from this kind of cleaner can harm your luxury vinyl floor.

Second, any cleaning products that have been water-based with a gel structure can damage your floors.

Thirdly, you shouldn’t use too much energy in general by mopping with a dirty mop for example because this will also cause damage to your LVT floors.

What is the best way to clean vinyl plank flooring?

To clean your vinyl plank floors, one of the best cleaners is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water.

Mop your vinyl flooring in the direction of the planks so as not to miss a single part of them or promote accent staining.

The vinegar will tackle germs and grime from each plank with ease! Vinegar is one of the best vinyl plank flooring cleaners there is – it’s easy to make (just mix an equal amount of vinegar and water) and doesn’t leave behind streaks or suds that can ruin your beautiful hardwood floors. Just dampen the mop, clean the floor in the direction of the planks, and you’re done!

Can you steam mop laminate floors?

Cleaning Laminate Floors: Clean laminate floors with a damp cloth. Do not use steam cleaners or wet mopping, because these may damage the floor.

Spills can be blotted up with a dry cleaner made for laminate floor care to keep the surfaces looking newer longer than regular cleanings.

Use cleaning products made specifically for laminate flooring to scrub down the unfinished grain after every few uses for optimal shine and protection.

Why is my floor sticky after I steam mop?

Sticky floors are no one’s friend. When it comes to cleaning, less is more. If you use too much of the wrong kind of cleanser, the residue left behind causes the floor to turn into a sticky mess. Read on for some helpful pointers about preventing your floor from getting sticky.

Can you vacuum vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can clean a vinyl plank flooring with a vacuum. However, for a smooth finish use either a soft-bristle or microfiber broom to sweep up any dust or dirt from the floor first.

A vacuum with a soft brawl will prevent you from damaging your floors as it is gentler on them as opposed to cleaning them with a hard-bristled broom which might cause scratches.

Be sure to clean under furniture, in corners, and along baseboards with whichever tool was recommenced to suit your needs!


Steam mops are the best tools that you can use for cleaning vinyl plank floors. They can clean the floor with no effort and you don’t need to use detergents and chemicals.

If you don’t know how to use it, so we informed you a lot of information. We hope you enjoyed our article on how to clean the vinyl plank floor with the steam mop.

With this knowledge, we hope you can get your flooring looking great again.

If you want to know more about cleaning tips for a home visit our website.

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