Travel with a newborn baby

How to travel with a newborn baby by plane?

Travel with a newborn baby: It is no secret to anyone that traveling by plane can be a bit complicated for some people, even more so if we are talking about a baby. All new parents always feel some fear and nervousness when traveling with a newborn baby by plane, because it is not known how the baby may react or what the flight conditions will be like. That is why in this article we will help you clear all your doubts before planning your flight with your baby to the United States.

There are many factors to consider when traveling with a newborn baby on a plane. These range from the time of birth, if you have any illness or special condition, the estimated flight time, the baby’s seat, documentation, among other things.

The ideal is to have the knowledge and information necessary to have a smooth trip, in which neither you nor your baby have problems or inconveniences. Next, we will explain some of these factors, valid for traveling with a newborn baby to the United States. It should be noted that this is in general terms, more specific points will depend on each American airline.

     Previous preparation

Traveling with a baby in your arms is not easy, you must be aware of everything and take the utmost care, both of the baby and of the people around you. It is advisable to make a list with everything you need a few days before your trip, so you do not forget anything.

Once at the airport, it is usually a bit uncomfortable or tedious to carry a stroller for the child, which is why we recommend that you have baby slings , they are very practical, comfortable to carry and protect your baby at all times. In addition, it will allow you to move everywhere faster.

Baby’s age

All children under 2 years of age travel free within the United States, of course, as long as an adult of legal age, be it the mother, the father or their guardian accompanies them. In this sense, the baby would go in the seat with that person, using the baby safety belt or in a special child seat next to his companion. However, it is best to travel with a newborn baby when it is only and exclusively necessary.

Diseases or special conditions

Make sure that before traveling you have all the permits and baby tests done by your pediatrician, he must give the authorization and present it at the airport. This is because in places like these where there is a lot of flow of people from all over the world, you never know what your baby may be exposed to, so it is better to avoid contagion of diseases and infections.

If your baby has any type of heart, lung, or respiratory disease or is premature, the air on the plane and the oxygen levels can cause problems, so you should be up to date with medical appointments. On the other hand, depending on the area of ​​the country where you are going to travel by local car service provider, it is also recommended that the child have a double dose of vaccines, for example, measles, rubella or mumps, if there is an outbreak at your destination.


To enter the United States, all foreign citizens must have a visa, without exception. So your baby, no matter how old he or she is, needs a visa to enter this country. For them, the parents must have it beforehand and then do the paperwork for the minor, this is the simple way. However, if the parents do not have a visa, they must obtain it for the first time and then do the process with the baby. This way can be a little more expensive and take more time.

On the other hand, most airlines require a medical certificate from both the mother and the baby when the baby is less than 14 days old. In addition, you must also bring the birth certificate or legal guardianship in case of being an adopted child. If the baby travels with only one of its parents, the other must issue a notarized document authorizing the traveler.

These are the basic documents; any other type of documentation will be specified by each airline.


This is very relative. Many airlines do not charge for tickets for children under 2 years of age if they travel in the arms or laps of their parents or legal guardians. However, some do apply a percentage to the adult ticket. Even so, the baby must have a boarding pass or a special pass of value 0, that is, free to get on the plane.

In case the baby is in a seat approved by the Aviation Child Safety Device, this will be charged as a ticket with a discount for children.

The rest of the specifications are left to each airline.

Some extra tips

For flights, the amount of liquid you can take on the plane is limited. However, when it comes to babies, this rule does not apply. You can prepare the baby’s food or breastfeed him on the flight. In case you bring the prepared food, you must inform the boarding process to avoid problems.

Due to the temperatures, it is best to dress your baby in several layers of clothing, although try to make it easy to change clothes since you will be in a small space. Finally, it is best to travel during the child’s sleep hours, so the flight will be easier for him and for the rest of the passengers.

These tips are endorsed by the APP (American Academy of Pediatrics). Remember to prepare in advance so you don’t forget anything and check the requirements with the airline with which you will make your trip.

If you want to travel with a newborn baby to the United States, apply all these tips to have a calm and safe trip. I hope you acknowledge the all about of travelling by air plane with babies and how to care during a tour journey to USA. See also for Chicago places

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