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How To Use A Tripod Stand The Right Way

A lot of photographers are unaware of the right way to set up a tripod stand. They think of it as a support tool that can be used from any angle and direction. However, taking good pictures with a tripod stand requires some effort. You need to do a lot more than extending the legs of the stand and hitting the click button.

If you’re a Pakistani pursuing a career in photography, you can easily get a camera tripod in Pakistan at a price range that is within your budget. They come in various configurations and prices, so you can choose the right one for yourself conveniently.

If you already have a tripod stand, this blog is for you. A lot of photographers make the mistake of haphazardly setting up tilts and adjustments to get a finished product. However, this will not deliver the quality of the picture that a methodical tripod setup would. Take out some time to position the tripod stand and adjust the camera in its holder for a stable hold.

Tips To Set Up A Tripod Stand Correctly:

For a sharp and aligned image, you must keep some factors in mind while setting up your equipment. Here are a few techniques that will help you position your tripod stand for comfortable capturing.

1.   Identify Your Composition:

Before you even start setting up, you need to have a clear idea of your composition. Finding your composition will help you identify the most appropriate location for tripod placement. Observe your subject and walk around it to absorb the view from each angle.

This technique can help you get an insight from the viewfinder. You will be able to see the exact composition as it would appear on the final image. For indoor shoots or makeup tutorials, you can try using a ring light along with the stand. Ring light price in Pakistan is also not too high, making it an affordable piece of equipment to go with your stand.

2.   Keep One Leg Toward The Subject:

A lot of people make the mistake of keeping the tripod stand’s leg space towards their subject, but it brings one of its legs between your own. This increases the chances of tripping because one leg of the tripod stand will be standing between your own legs. When you keep one leg towards the subject, any hindrance in the image capture is reduced. The practice also stabilizes the camera when it is pointing down, reducing the chances of falls.

3.   Position Center Post Perpendicular And Vertical To The Ground:

You should distribute the weight of the stand on each leg equally. This can be made possible by keeping the post center vertical and perpendicular to the ground. Get help from a bubble level and attach it to the center to identify it and position your device accordingly. The level of bubbles relies on each tripod model.

4.   Do Not Extend Center Post:

The center post is not recommended because it does not provide the level of stability that the three legs do. Make it the last resort in every situation, even if it’s frustrating. It will take some work to set up the camera without it, but the results will be phenomenal. You will capture the sharpest images if you avoid the use of the center post of your tripod.

5.   Use L-Bracket Plate For Short Lenses:

The L bracket plate is a special tool that is used to mount the camera on the tripod stand. You can position your camera in the middle of the three legs easily. It is better than the standard plate because it allows you to fix your camera in portrait orientation without much hassle.

The two major advantages an L-bracket offers are that it allows some extra height when the film is shot in portrait orientation. Additionally, it maintains the gravitational center at a point that is best supported by the tripod stand.

6.   Utilize Tripod Collar For Long Lenses:

Big lenses disrupt the center of gravity of the camera, so it is recommended to use a tripod stand to distribute the weight equally between your lens and camera. Make use of a tripod collar too, otherwise, you’ll notice your camera slowly shifting downward even after you’ve locked the head in place.

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