Ultraviolet wall mounted sterilizer
Ultraviolet wall mounted sterilizer

How to Use the Disinfectant Correctly?

UV wall mount sterilizer works against disinfection during COVID-19. In response to the new coronavirus infection under the new situation, prevention and control are the first. If you want to disinfect your home, you can use alcohol (75% concentration) or 84 disinfectant. So, how to use the disinfectant correctly?


Wall mountable ultraviolet air sterilizer
Wall mount air sterilizer

Studies have shown that the optimal bactericidal concentration of ethanol is 70-75%. If the concentration is too high, the protein on the surface of the bacteria will be rapidly solidified. A solid bacterial film will form, preventing the further penetration of ethanol into the bacteria. It greatly affects the sterilization effect. Of course, if its concentration is insufficient, it cannot achieve the purpose of disinfection.

Medical ethanol has the dual functions of degreasing and cleaning, and is widely used in China. We often use it for disinfection of skin, object surfaces, and medical equipment. Before use, dilute ethanol to the desired concentration with sterile distilled water according to the dilution law. Ethanol is an earlier type of disinfectant. It is an organic solvent with bacteriolytic effect. It coagulates and denatures microbial proteins, interfering with the metabolism of microorganisms. It inhibits the rapid reproduction of bacteria and lead to the death of microorganisms.


Ultraviolet wall mounted sterilizer
Ultraviolet wall mounted sterilizer
Proper use of alcohol

Sanitary disinfection of hands: adding 0.1% chlorhexidine to 70% ethanol solution can enhance the disinfection effect. We spray it on hands or made into cotton balls and wet wipes for disinfection of hands.

Skin disinfection: 70% ethanol cotton balls can be used to disinfect the skin at the injection site. When we use venipuncture, first disinfect with iodine and then deiodine with 70% ethanol.

Skin disinfection before surgery: wash with soap and running water three times, and then soak in 70% ethanol solution for 5-10 minutes, which can effectively kill bacteria on the skin. Due to the long-term use of ethanol disinfectant without replacement, the number of bacteria in the disinfectant exceeds the standard. So now ethanol disinfectant substitutes iodophor and other skin disinfectants.

Surface disinfection: We soak the surfaces of medical equipment and supplies such as thermometers, sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes in 70% ethanol for 10 minutes or wiped to disinfect. Utensils, stationery, toys soak in 70% ethanol (for more than 3 minutes) or wiped and disinfected. Wall mountable ultraviolet air sterilizer also achieves the same goal of disinfection.


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