How Web Design London Can Increase Traffic to Your Website

If a website goes live in cyberspace and there’s no one there to see it does it make an impact? It’s a slightly more contemporary rephrasing of the old ‘tree in a forest’ question, but unlike that conundrum, this question has a very definitive answer: no.

Having a live website is never enough to guarantee that anyone will visit it and that it will effectively increase the popularity of your business or achieve whichever goals you have established the site to achieve in the first place. There are many factors that distinguish a successful website from an unsuccessful one, but some of the most valuable tactics for attracting traffic to a website rest in elements of Best Web Design Company In London

While not the most direct tactics to increase traffic to your website, a popular and exceptionally functional website will always pay attention to some basic principles of web design. One way to ensure that customers enjoy their time on your website, and are inclined to return to it and share the website with their contacts, is to provide quality content that describes the services and products of your company on the home page of your website. This information should be displayed clearly under an ‘about us’ heading and must be simply phrased. Throughout the website, a good rule to follow is not to include too much text on each page. Similarly, a great policy to adopt in web design is to keep everything easy on the eye when it comes to use of color, images and multiple fonts. A web design that encourages visitors will avoid loud and conflicting color schemes and jarring background patterns. No more than two or three colors are needed to make a unique and stylish impact and it’s always a good idea to avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read, as well as small fonts and blinking text.

When it comes to actually increasing new traffic to a web site, the regular introduction of novel web design features can play a crucial role in attracting attention. Websites that enjoy maximum popularity typically display web design elements that promote the company or product through fun and interactive features. To attract traffic to your website, consider a web design that includes games, videos, quizzes, polls and blogs which not only attract visitors, but encourage the sharing and cross posting of your URL and individual features. This will effectively achieve friendly and cost-free advertising which will no doubt boost traffic.

Choosing a web design that incorporates a competitions page and online entry form feature is another terrific way of increasing web traffic because it means you can use your website to offer and publicise as many give-aways as possible. Everyone loves something for free, and once visitors to your site receive a free sample of your wonderful product or service, they will be more likely to let others know about it and return as paying customers. Web Design London

As the above tactic suggests, web design can also increase the profitable time visitors spend on your website – and not only through freebies and competitions. All elements of the web design of each page should direct site visitors toward the activity you want them to perform while on your site. For example, you may want them to purchase more products from your online store, call you for information on new service or make an appointment to visit your show room. As well as increasing web traffic, web design can play an important role in achieving any business objectives such as these with strategies as simple as bolding relevant text, and providing a smooth flow of links leading to the goal activity.

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