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Impact of Domain Name on SEO Performance

Back in time, the domain name you’d pick for a website had a greater impact on the overall SEO ranking. However, things have changed a lot over the period.

Domain names that would exactly match the services offered were genuinely a bid deal. Suppose a buyer makes a Google search looking for mobile phones, websites having domain names like or would appear on top of the SEO rankings. Exact match keywords found within domain names were almost enough to boost the website’s traffic. It would automatically authenticate a website and uplift the ranking. The SEO algorithms were more about the surface at that time.

Keeping that in view, most companies would stuff their domain names and even subdomains with maximum exact match keywords in the hopes of getting a better ranking. There were sites adding web pages such as to get their website boosted by Google.

Things have changed a lot over the period.

Google soon realized that there’s more to an authoritative website than just targeted domain names stuffed with exact match keywords. Since then, many updates have been made to the SEO algorithms. A list of new factors is now accounted for to determine a site’s rank, such as relevant and reliable information, good referring sites, etc.

The amount of significance Google has diverted towards the content would be seen on the result pages. Previously, it highlighted or bold the search keywords in title tags, which mostly included the domain names. While the search queries could be found highlight in the schema markup or some piece of content now.

To say it in simpler words, domain names are no more the most integral factor in determining a website’s ranking.

Are Domain Names Still Important & Have an Impact?

Undoubtedly, picking the right domain name is an integral part of executing stellar marketing strategies. An ideal domain name should complement your company’s branding and shall not be really complicated.

However, the domain name alone does not matter only, but the companies shall also be specific about the TLD (top-level-domain) portion whether you put a, dot. computers,, or any other variation, poses an immense impact to your website. Though the options are unlimited, it’s always ideal for picking as your TLD because most buyers presume that’s how your website address ends. It can let your customers search for your website without hassle and automatically improve your traffic.

Another crucial factor is to keep your domain name professional and easily readable. The more simple, relevant, and professional you’ll keep it, the more customers would likely be triggered for clicking. Suppose you sell wedding clothes and have a domain name; your clients could be more likely to be attracted to visiting the page. However, a domain name such as would automatically put your customers in doubt and resist them from clicking.

Domain Names & PPC – How Do They Impact Your Website’s Performance?

Though domain names alone impact your website’s SEO performance, they can be doubled when in combination with PPC. For example, suppose you do not have enough space to infuse most keywords in your ad; putting them into your domain name could really help. In addition, people clicking through PPC ads are most often searching for particular products and not companies, and so a domain name with exact match keywords could really boost your ad’s performance.

A local SEO result can be boosted by adding your business location to the domain name or subdomains. Suppose a buyer is visiting Miami and searches for a club nearby, specifying North Miami or South Miami in your domain name would definitely improve the traffic on your website. Also, adding a location-specific TLD such as dot.UK or can have a lot of positive impacts on your SEO performance.

How To Create Effective Domain Names That Can Boost SEO Performance?

Considering the role domain names play in the SEO performance of your websites, you must want to create an effective one, right?

We’ve put together a list of incredible tips to help you create the most effective domain name for your website!

Create a Memorable Domain Name 

As mentioned above, creating domain names that are easy to read, remember, and type could really make an impact on your site’s performance. A memorable domain name is crucial for word-of-mouth advertising because it pushes your visitors to search for the domain directly. It is also significant because of the processing fluency phenomenon.

Processing fluency is the concept that humans are more likely to memorize and have positive associations with things that can be easily said and understood. It can also be called an implicit cognitive bias.

So, it’s always ideal to use simpler domain names without including numbers, special characters, and so on. The more readable and understandable is your domain name for humans, the better it can perform with the search engines.

Use keywords When Possible 

Using keywords in your domain names is certainly the best practice. However, it’s never ideal for infusing so many keywords into your domain name and making it keyword-targeted. Though we’ve already mentioned, it’s significant to state that using such domain names was a driving factor for SEO rankings. Their likeliness to be affiliated with low-quality content may let the visitors and search engines view them negatively.

Avoid Using Hyphens 

With long-form domain names, most businesses are likely to use hyphens between the words to improve readability. However, you shall keep in mind that adding too many hyphens in your domain name can negatively impact the readability and minimize the chances for memorization. Thus, a domain name shall use no more than one hyphen to attain a higher SEO ranking.

Do Not Worry About the Domain Age 

The idea that the age of a domain is a crucial ranking factor is nothing but a myth. How long have your domain been registered really doesn’t matter to Google’s algorithms when determining your site’s ranking. Thus, if you’ve been worrying about the length of your domain’s registration, stop right away. All that matters to the Google algorithms is how relevant is your content, how simple is the domain name, and how much it relates to the services you offer.

Do I Need to Change My Domain Name?

Nope, not everyone has to change their domain names. However, there are certain reasons and situations why and when changing a domain name becomes crucial.

If your company has an already established website with adequate branding and traffic, there’s no need to alter the domain name no matter what. Either work on your content or branding, etc., to maximize traffic, but do not change the domain name.

In case your company is relatively new, and you fear that a domain name with an exact match keyword might limit you from further expanding in the future, altering the domain name could be an ideal option.

However, a brand’s primary focus shall be on improving and updating the SEO strategy in the business’s best interest. Even if you lack SEO knowledge, you can always hire some incredible SEO marketing services to update your strategy.

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