Improve Your Health and Fitness with Rowing: 2022’s Top-Rated NordicTrack Rowing Machines

Rowing equipment is an excellent home gym accessory for those who want to get in shape without leaving the house. The rowing machine is excellent for losing weight, building muscle, and increasing stamina. That being stated, not every rower has the same capabilities. The NordicTrack rowing machine is one of the few brands. To become universally recognized as representing an entire category of products. The top-tier NordicTrack rower provides a total-body exercise that is low-impact. (and hence gentle on the joints) while yet pushing you to the edge of your fitness limits.

Rowing machines from NordicTrack are lauded for having low noise, high efficiency, and, most importantly, compact. There is a wide selection of NordicTrack rowers available. And although they may all be excellent exercise machinery, not all of them may be ideal for you. Look at the top NordicTrack rowers of the year and see which suits your needs, space, and wallet best.

Top Recommendations for NordicTrack Rowing Machines

After considering many factors, including construction materials, footprints, and additional digital features, we settled on three NordicTrack rowing machines.

  • Rower Model RW900 by NordicTrack
  • Rowing machine model number: NordicTrack RW600
  • Rower Model RW700 by NordicTrack

The NordicTrack RW900 Rower


  • It is 82″ in length, 22″ in width, and 54″ in height.
  • The total boxed weight is 163 lbs.
  • Iron handrails
  • An adjustable nylon ankle strap is attached to the oversized, swiveling pedals.
  • Extra-wide steel rail supports an ergonomically designed molded seat.
  • Digitally adjustable over 26 levels of resistance
  • Users up to 115 kilograms (250 pounds) in weight are welcome.

Our favorite rowing machine is the RW900. It’s not the priciest rowing machine from NordicTrack, but it does include some of the most valuable extras.

First, we’ll address your living situation and take care of your roommates and neighbors. Those rowers, which sound like a jet taking off, are familiar. Suppose you reside in an apartment building or with a spouse who frequently works from home (as seems to be the case in 2020). You may find that noise to be a problem. The RW900, thankfully, is built to be very quiet, making it suitable for use in public areas.

The RW900 utilizes Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, distinguished from the air rowers used in most commercial gyms. By a sliding rail system and an inertia-enhanced flywheel. Just a bunch of empty rhetoric, right? How does this system function, and how do you manage to have such a silent workout?

Rowing machines with magnetic resistance allow the user to adjust the level of challenge. By adjusting the gap between both the flywheel and the magnets. Increasingly popular among fitness companies. Checkout to analyze more in detail about the NordicTrack RW900 rowing machine. Rowers with magnetic resistance are quieter than their classic counterparts and offer a far smoother rowing experience.

In a nutshell, you may expect a calm, steady, and peaceful workout.

Even better, the RW900’s transport wheels are conveniently located near the front of the machine. You are making transportation and storage much more accessible. Unless you are just out of rehabilitation or have a doctor’s order not to lift too much, you should have no trouble lifting the machine & wheeling it about despite it being a bit heavier compared to the other two models on our list.

The bells and whistles, at last, are here. When you can’t see or hear what’s displayed on the screen ahead of you, even the most admirable rowing machine in the world won’t feel quite right. Fortunately, the RW900 isn’t like that at all.

The screen size of 22 inches is relatively large and displays everything in crisp high definition. What’s more, the RW900’s built-in audio system is top-notch. Your exercises will be shown in high definition. And you’ll be able to comprehend the instructions even if you have music playing in the background.

The ability to rotate and tilt the display is another great addition. You might not think much of it until one of your iFit routines instructs you to get up. Get a resistance band, and perform a few curls. It’ll be tougher to keep up if the band is in the middle of the room & you can’t move the screen. While this may seem like a bit of enhancement, we assure you that you will use it frequently.

It’s OK if you do not wish to pay for an iFit membership. A total of 50 routines are already programmed onto the RW900’s touchscreen display.

Our Favorites

  • Ultra-quiet architecture
  • Careful consideration of every last aspect
  • Audiovisual interface with touch screen

Why We Dislike It

  • The potentially steep learning curve for those not accustomed to using touchscreens
  • Compared to other rowing machines from NordicTrack, the rowers are on the bigger side.

Rowing machine model number: NordicTrack RW600


  • Size is 87.02″ long by 22.0″ wide by 47.24″ tall.
  • The shipping weight is 117 lbs.
  • Steel railing is the material.
  • An adjustable nylon ankle strap is attached to the oversized, swiveling pedals.
  • Extra-wide steel rail supports an ergonomically designed molded seat.
  • Digitally adjustable over 26 levels of resistance
  • Users up to 115 kilograms (250 pounds) in weight are welcome.

The RW600 is the more compact sibling to the RW900. It has many qualities with its bigger sibling but is more convenient to store away due to its reduced size.

To which you’re probably thinking, “Hey, it’s an air rower!” It’s going to be quite noisy. Let’s slow down there. The RW600 follows in the footsteps of the RW500 by being built using Silent Magnetic Resistance technology. The result is a product that is far less noisy than competing air rowers.

Despite widespread criticism, air rowers remain preferable to the alternative of sliding rail systems for rowing. People make up for their absence of reticence by their will to fight.

You don’t have to do anything special to make air rowers fit your body. The air rower requires you to select the correct resistance manually, yet it adapts to your rowing speed. Imagine a regular treadmill, not a gravitational treadmill. An old-fashioned treadmill has a button you must press feverishly if you wish to slow down or risk being flung across the room. Air rowers are not like that at all. The rowing machine adjusts its speed based on your own.

Larger-than-usual pivoting pedals are a trademark of the RW600, which are retained despite the bike’s compact dimensions. When used in conjunction with the quick-release technology and adjustable foot straps. You can rest confident that you’ll be secure and safe during your exercises.

The RW600 rower’s compact design makes it easy to store it away when not in use. Simple vertical fold and roll away. It is far more manageable, with a weight reduction of almost 50 pounds compared to the RW900.

The RW600’s high-definition 10-inch touchscreen is impressive. 

You are especially considering the little footprint required by the machine. From here, you can access all of the excellent pre-programmed programs as well as the iFit app.

Contrary to other fitness apps, iFit encourages you to stay motivated. The trainer is so responsive that it will automatically increase or decrease the difficulty of the sessions based on your input. Suppose you have the resistance preset at 20 and are about to begin a hill climb. Your trainer will reduce resistance, so you don’t tire too quickly.

Please be aware that your participation is entirely optional. We encourage you to go for it if you wish to take on hills with a resistance of 20 or greater.

Our Favorites

  • The perfect solution for homes with limited storage space and several occupants
  • Significantly less noisy than competing air rowers
  • Rowing machine built-in, no-cost exercises

Why We Dislike It

  • Although it has 26 resistance settings, it may not present enough challenges for elite athletes and rowers.
  • There is a learning curve for those who have never operated an air rower before.

Rower Model RW700 by NordicTrack


  • The 87″L x 22″W x 47″H dimensions are:
  • The shipping weight is 117 lbs.
  • Iron handrails
  • An adjustable nylon ankle strap is attached to the oversized, swiveling pedals.
  • Extra-wide steel rail supports an ergonomically designed molded seat.
  • Digitally adjustable over 26 levels of resistance
  • Users up to 115 kilograms (250 pounds) in weight are welcome.

Let’s speak about the perfect NordicTrack rowing machine now. Just the right size; neither too large nor too little. We like that it has just the right amount of bells and whistles without being overloaded. Priced just right; not too expensive and neither too cheap. NordicTrack’s RW700 rowing machine is at the heart of the company’s offerings.

The RW700’s 14-inch display is more significant than the RW600’s. But it shares the RW900’s high-definition touchscreen and rotating functionality.

The RW700 shares the same magnetic & air resistance characteristics as other NordicTrack rowers. It ensures consistent performance. In terms of volume, the RW700 will fall between the RW600 and the RW900. The RW600 will generate more noise than the other two machines, although it isn’t quite loud.

Like the RW600, the RW700 can be folded up and stored effortlessly because of its lightweight design.

The more oversized pedals may rotate and have a fast-release mechanism like the standard pedals. While rowing, you may relax, knowing that your feet won’t slide about.

In light of what we have seen,

  • The RW700 is the superior model since it combines the most outstanding qualities of the previous two versions. Such as a larger touchscreen and a more compact design.
  • Coordination between two distinct types of opposition
  • A flippable high-definition monitor lets you keep an eye on your routine even when you switch to activities like lunges.

Why We Dislike It

  • Some people, depending on their physical condition, may have trouble folding and wheeling away the
  • A heart rate monitor is one feature we would have wanted to see, especially in the middle tier.

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