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Information on New Michelin Tyres as Michelin Alpin Series Tyres

To begin with, purchasing a perfect tyre pair is daunting for every user, does it not true? But tyre selection is quintessential for any car’s better performance and efficiency. However, faultlessly paired tyres aid in the safety of your family by decreasing the accident risks. Hence, we must act wisely and be picky while shopping the car tyres.

We understand it is confusing and irritating for any user when considering the tyre brands, sizing, and variants. But no need to worry! Because we got you covered. Hence, we present the best tyre suggestions from the legendary tyre maker Michelin Tyres Birmingham.

Why Choose Michelin Tyres?

Michelin is the top french tyre manufacturer and exporter that has spread its wings across the globe over the years. The company still continues its legacy as the best-selling tyre label since its formation in 1889. However, Michelin always manufactures the best-quality tyre products with almost 70 production units in different countries.

Every year Michelin releases hundreds of variants. Also, the company makes every tyre suitable for almost every vehicle, including both expensive brands and mid-range cars. After all, the brand makes tyres and related products for cars and SUVs. Also, the company manufactures different automobile products for trucks, scooters, and motor vehicles.

The company truly invested in sustainability and innovation. Hence, unlike many other manufacturers, Michelin works with the world’s best scientists and developers to generate the best technologies in tyre making. Michelin conducts extensive testing on the quality of raw materials they use. The company also test drives for every consumer model before its release. Michelin promises the prolonged treadwear warranties than any other contenders.

Many consumers prefer Michelin because these tyres are available in many countries. Alongside, the brand has associations with different trading networks from almost 170 countries. So, the company gets the most valuable consumers as it exports every Model to the world’s best marketers like the UK, USA, Russia, India, etc.

Why Should I Buy Michelin Alpin Series Tyres?

Michelin Pilot Alpin series tyres are mainly for chilling winter use. These tyres got a lot of appreciation from the users as they are tough and long-running. The design of these tyres is the green signal as it includes grooves and sipes that promote better grip over snow, unlike any other tyres. Considerably, Alpin tyres are the best and better than  winter use tyres in accordance with many expert test results. These are the top-selling and highly recommended models from the Michelin Pilot Alpin series:

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

  • This model is still the first choice for many users in and across the UK, especially for winter use. The latest upgrade model to Pilot Alpin 5 is already available on the market.
  • However, this tyre promotes more grip over the snow regions as it comes with high treading.
  • Also, Alpin 5 gives superior handling over snow, ice, and wet surfaces.
  • This tyre comes with longer tread warranties than ever and provides exceptional short braking distance on dry roads.
  • The tyre design includes special grooves and sipes that aid in excellent traction on snow.
  • After all, Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 tyres enhance decent aquaplaning resistance and are available in 87 sizes.

Michelin Alpin 6

  • This latest Model from the Alpin family is another winter tyre variant that can compete effortlessly in dry conditions.
  • However, Alpin 6 tyre design aids in exceeding handling over snow.
  • Also, this tyre promotes evenly better handling over wet and dry surfaces.
  • This tyre fosters high traction and promotes outstanding short braking distance on dry roads.
  • Besides, the innovative treading of this Model provides exceptional aquaplaning resistance over the road.
  • The re-formulated, ultra-modern, and lightweight rubber compound aids in improved traction on snow and wet.
  • Also, the Michelin Alpin 6 comes with noise cancellation. Hence, this variant promotes fewer drive-by noise levels.
  • This Model is available in a total of 69 sizes.

In the meantime, if you are looking for the best winter tyres Birmingham, The Michelin Pilot Alpin series is the match made in the garage for your car!

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