Inherent Ways Through Which You Can Maximise The Life Of Your Vehicle

If you can maintain your vehicle properly, then it will last for a long time. That’s why carrying out routine maintenance checks such as oil replacements along with other inspection services can help you prevent any kind of mechanical failure over time, promoting the car’s overall lifespan. 

However, you must also know that your regular driving habits will also tend to have a direct effect on the overall lifespan of your car. But, you might be wondering – what are these driving habits? Well, fret not as we’re going to help you know all of them in this extensive guide. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy your reading. 

Significant Driving Habits That Alter The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle

  • Use Your Vehicle When It’s Necessary

According to a professional service provider for pink slip inspection, the more cold starts your car experiences over time, the greater will be the stress on the engine itself. In case you want to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, then we suggest only using your car when it’s an absolute necessity. 

Try to avoid all kinds of short trips and consolidate all of them into one. For example, if you’re planning to get dog food for your pet, you can also proceed to shop for your groceries along with it, so that you don’t have to take out your car often from your garage. In that way, you’ll be much more efficient in using your vehicle and thus prolong its lifespan. 

  • Try To Accelerate Slowly

When you try to accelerate as fast as possible from a dead start, you’ll be putting strain on your transmission and thereby ruin your engine in the long term. Unless you want that to happen, try to drive slowly. If you’re in a hurry, you have to accelerate gently & smoothly, and not in an abrupt manner. 

In case you’re on a manual transmission, change your gears slowly. On the other hand, if you’re on automatic transmission, you don’t have to worry about gear changing at all. 

  • Try To Go Easy On Your Brakes

Vehicles having manual transmission have to lower their gear to allow the engine to slow down. However, when it comes to the automatic transmission since there are no gears, you have to be more careful when trying to decelerate slowly at the final moment. 

When you directly go straight from acceleration to braking, it indeed puts a lot of wear on the brake pads of your vehicle, leading to premature wear & tear. So, it’s better to drive at a reasonable pace, so that you don’t have to use your brakes harder. For example, if you see a red traffic light from some distance away, proceed to slow down your vehicle right away, so that the usage of the brakes remains minimal. 

  • Shifting Gears Smoothly On Vehicle Having Manual Transmission

When you’re driving a car that has a manual transmission, changing the clutch is one of the most challenging tasks. Hard gear shifts will put a massive strain on the transmission, which if damaged, can be quite costly to repair. 

Therefore, you should practice shifting your gears smoothly, especially when in the lower gears. 

  • Try Using The Best Fuel For Your Vehicle

When you use quality fuel for your car, you can expect to enjoy not only the best performance out of it but also high reliability. Moreover, better quality fuel doesn’t clog your car internal components compared to a lower quality one. 

Lower quality fuel contains high impurities that can damage the internal workings of your car. 

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