Instagram turns off the likes! That was one of the biggest headlines around the popular video and photo service last year. How this change will affect marketing with Instagram remains to be seen. Since 2021, however, some mechanisms of the Facebook online service have already been changed, which affect everyone who wants to advertise their company or products with Instagram. We have put together an overview with the Instagram Marketing Tips 2022 for your Instagram Bios – Follower Building and Tracking Tricks for SMEs.

First, we would like to skip one topic that is actually one of the most important in order to reach more people via Instagram: content. The importance of good and regular content, i.e. appealing images and stories with the right descriptions and hashtags, has already been duly emphasized in other places. Instead, the following is about proven as well as outdated tips and tricks to grow faster – beyond good content. We would like to give beginners, start-ups, SMEs and the self-employed in particular some helpful information. We are excluding Instagram ads for the time being – you can find an overview here.  

Instagram Marketing Tips 2022 – Follower Building and Tracking Tricks for SMBs

First of all, we should keep in mind that Instagram is a social network and sharing platform. Instagram lives from interaction and there is no point in uploading pictures and then waiting for something to happen. Companies too have to plunge into the social turmoil with their profiles, exchange ideas, leave likes and comments and thus show that real interaction is important to them. It doesn’t matter whether that is really the case or not. While there are a few shortcuts to growing numbers on Instagram, only active engagement can lead a profile to long-term success. At least we think so.

Buy followers, likes and comments for Instagram

Why not just buy followers, likes and comments to spruce up your Instagram profile? In fact, some of the most successful accounts that exist today have also bought likes or comments and sometimes even followers in certain phases. Because especially at the beginning it is difficult to attract attention with normal content, and it has been proven that people tend to follow profiles that have already built up a certain following. In the long run, buying followers, likes and comments is not only self-deception but also strategically awkward and somewhat dangerous. Nowadays, professionals quickly recognize where people are really following and interacting. And since Instagram has become stricter lately when it comes to helping out, suspicious profiles can be blocked – at least temporarily. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, should rather rely on natural growth here. 

Mutual support through engagement groups

Early engagement is particularly helpful in reaching many users with posts on Instagram. The logic is that Instagram shows posts that quickly get lots of likes and comments from other people. In this context, more and more so-called engagement groups have been formed in the last few years, in which mostly already larger profile owners come together in groups, e.g. on WhatsApp or Telegram. They like and comment on each other on Instagram, whereby it is carefully checked, partly with automated help, that everyone makes the right amount of interactions to get certain actions back.

In some groups, you only get access if you have built up a certain follower base (e.g. two, four or ten thousand followers). Is it worth it? With automated solutions, you run the risk of being blocked again if Instagram suddenly changes its rules. Pushing each other in certain networks is not a bad idea in itself. Those who actively follow others with their profile will ideally build up a circle of mutual support anyway. These best likes among your own followers, who react regularly and quickly, are extremely valuable.

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We recommend sticking with this organic form of support and avoiding Engagement Group automation. will ideally build a circle of mutual support anyway. These best likes among your own followers, who react regularly and quickly, are extremely valuable. We recommend sticking with this organic form of support and avoiding Engagement Group automation. will ideally build a circle of mutual support anyway. These best likes among your own followers, who react regularly and quickly, are extremely valuable. We recommend sticking with this organic form of support and avoiding Engagement Group automation. 

Automatic following, liking and commenting

Similar to the purchase of the following, likes and comments, the exchange on Instagram can also be initiated automatically with partly paid tools – whereby one’s own profile is often used as a medium of exchange. Because you use an app, a plug-in or an extension to automatically follow other profiles or to leave likes and comments on them. In particular, mass following and unfollowing was a widespread trend until 2021, especially among large influencers.

Follow the accident scam on Instagram

  • Influencers followed thousands of normal users, who often followed back happily.
  • After a few days or weeks, the influencers unfollowed thousands of times.
  • Many normal people did not notice this and remained loyal to the influencers (very much to this day).
  • In this way, numerous influencer profiles grew rapidly in a short time.

Of course, that’s not nice! And also contradicts the principle of reciprocity, which we consider the best growth engine on Instagram. Much more important, however: In the meantime, Insta has changed its rules so that you will be blocked more quickly if you follow and unfollow excessively. Automatic comments are also rather annoying because they often don’t match the pictures – and really: It’s embarrassing when a photo is commented with “You look hot” even though it doesn’t show a person, right? Automated liking in a moderate setting with selected hashtags, however, is still favoured by some practical experts. You can leave at least a few hundred likes per day with selected hashtags and thus get back numerous profile visits and likes. But: caution is advised here too,

Follow or Unfollow? Tracking tricks for Instagram

Who is following me And how long? Who unfollows even though I’ve been faithful? This can be seen quite precisely with apps like FollowCop. They show who is following me when and for how long – and whether we are following each other. These are valuable insights to better understand and influence follower flows on your own profile. From time to time it is also a help in cleaning up the profiles that you follow. In general, it’s not bad if you follow some profiles that also follow me. But your own followers should not consist exclusively of the profiles you have followed yourself. Most of all, the said tracking tools are a great way to catch the fake followers mentioned above who only follow you briefly in order to get a follow themselves. You can confidently terminate your allegiance.

Instagram forecast and marketing recommendation for small budgets

As already mentioned, Instagram is now taking stricter measures against (automated) fraud. And we generally think it’s good that the fake madness has been limited a bit. The meanwhile plague of one-week followers has noticeably decreased in the last few months. Numerous profile managers with whom we are in contact have, just like us, noticed that the natural reach on Instagram has been reduced since summer 2021 at the latest. The suspicion is obvious that Instagram is acting in this direction to simply sell more advertising. That is understandable somewhere, but it also hurts that it is less and less enough to upload really nice content. Nowadays you have to spend more money on advertising in order to reach others in the first place.

With this in mind, we would like to advise companies with small budgets not to want to attract large crowds too much. Unless many of the following are really essential for your own business. In most cases, for example with many self-employed people who use Instagram as a flanking advertising platform, initially and naturally, do not expect tons of followers. In any case, they are not always necessary, as a small but authentic and active group usually looks much more realistic. And to be honest, it’s more fun than just counting emojis that I bought that briefly inflate my profile.

Conclusion: Instagram Marketing Tips 2022 – Follower Building and Tracking Tricks for SMEs

  1. Instagram is and will remain a social medium and thrives on real interaction
  2. Buying followers, likes and comments are ephemeral and dangerous (more)
  3. Engagement groups that emerge naturally can encourage real growth
  4. The (uncool) Follow-Unfollow-scam was severely restricted by Instagram
  5. Follow tracking helps to understand the flow of followers on my profile
  6. Natural Instagram reach has decreased (again) since 2021
  7. SMEs, the self-employed and bargain hunters should focus on quality instead of quantity

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