International Education and the US: Impact on the Country’s Economy
International Education and the US: Impact on the Country’s Economy

International Education and the USA: Impact on the Country’s Economy

While every other industry took time to regain momentum post the 2020 pandemic, the education system shifted to online smoothly. Yes, adapting to the new system has been difficult, but students were technologically sound enough to adapt to the same quickly and seek essays and thesis help services.

If you are aware of the various news and information, you might have seen many students are willing to move abroad for higher education. It is not wrong to look for the best places for the courses, but these decisions seriously impact the economy. So, here’s a look into the impact of international education on the economy of the USA.

International Education in the USA: Trends and Impact on the Country’s Economy

As per a report issued by the State Department and the Institute of International Education, the USA had almost 1.1 million students from various countries in 2018-19. The 2020 pandemic has made the government decide on the students’ stay in the country. The ease of online education has allowed students to get all the regular lessons without being physically present in class. Therefore, the government decided to ask students to go back home and attend online classes.

The country recorded a significant economic contribution in the year 2018. The international students contributed $45 billion to the US economy that year. The statistics can clearly highlight the massive contribution to the economy. The USA is considered one of the major countries in the world, and many move to the country for better options and to grow more in their careers.

Now, let’s understand why students prefer the US over any other country for higher education.

Reasons for International Students to Flock in the USA

The USA has not emerged as the leading country for international students all of a sudden. The country has been on the top for decades. Students have never stopped coming to the US ever. You can also get quality assignment help websites in the US. The websites also understand the need for that service in the country. One of the significant reasons to go to the US is that 14 of the 20 top universities are present in the US.

Students also look for great opportunities after they complete the courses. So, in addition to the top universities, the country also offers access to world-class economic hubs. It is understandable why students prefer the US over any other country. The international students also help the country’s economy. It is a big advantage for the country to attract the best minds from different parts of the world.

But, of late, the admission numbers have started going down. Let’s understand why, along with the trend for the past few years.

Admission Trends of International Students in the US: Why is it Going Down?

As mentioned earlier, international students contribute a significant amount to the overall economy in the US. So, it is expected that the country will keep this intact and take all the measures to keep things consistent. But the trends are changing over the years, and the admissions are depreciating every year. Here’s a look into the statistics: Also read – Top 5 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For 2021

Year Enrolments Percentage
2013-14 270,128
2014-15 293,766 8.8%
2015-16 300,743 2.4%
2016-17 290,836 -3.3%
2017-18 271,738 -6.6%
2018-19 269,383 -0.9%


The statistics can help you understand the declining admission trend in the US despite the massive contribution to the country’s economy. The assignment writing websites are primarily based out of the US and answer your “edit my paper” queries from there, making the trend even more alarming.

It is weird to expect a country to neglect this huge contribution. So, why is this happening? Let’s take a look:

Reason for Decline % of institutions

(Fall in 2016)

% of institutions

(Fall in 2017)

% of institutions

(Fall in 2018)

Visa Application Process 34% 68% 83%
Social and Political Environment 15% 57% 60%
Other counties institution 19% 54% 59%
Cost of tuition 51% 55% 57%
Physical safety 12% 33% 44%
Feeling unwelcome 49% 50%
Securing a job 41% 44%


The reasons mentioned above are essential, and the country has suffered a lot due to the same. The Visa application process and the social and political environment contribute the most to the declining trend. It is crucial to address these issues and get back to the old form. Hence, the government needs to solve these issues and lure more students into studying in their universities.

One in every 20 students in the US during the 2018/19 academic year was an international student. Between tuition, fees, and living expenses, international students contributed US$45 billion to the US economy in 2018/19. International students also were responsible for creating more than 458,000 jobs in the 2018/19 academic year. As the US looks to climb back into the good graces of international students following the tumultuous Trump era, it should continue to celebrate the immense value of foreign talent to the country.

The economic contributions of international students in the US are concentrated in densely populated areas of the country, where a large share of US institutions are based. The following interactive map displays the enrollment rates, jobs supported, and overall financial contribution of international students to every state in the US last year:

In 2019/20, international students contributed $6.6 billion to California’s economy while supporting 69,154 jobs. In New York, they contributed about $5.3 billion and supported 55,383 jobs, while in Massachusetts, they contributed around $3.2 billion and 36,076 jobs.


Education should not be looked at like a way to earn money. But if a country is getting benefitted with the same, they must think of increasing the chances of getting more students. The US offers world class education support and better job opportunities than any other country. It is important to understand these points while planning your higher education. It is clear why students prefer the US over any other country. Yet, the numbers have been declining over the past few years. Addressing the issues is of utmost importance for the country. The students are the future of any country. So, providing the proper education is necessary, and the countries must work on the same.

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