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With so many interesting events going on these days, people could find perfect solace in finding perfect iPhone App Marketing Services. You could find a lot of services and strategies on the cards lately, but every now people always like to return to quality iPhone App Marketing Services. This article is meant to teach you everything we know about launching and marketing an iPad or iPhone app.

Build Your Personal Online Presence

More importantly, building your personal online presence is also crucial since it aids you to establish a following, independent of your app, employment or even companies that you begin. For instance, let’s say that you build a strong healthy following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a total of 30,000 followers then while launching your app, you now have 30,000 followers that you can illustrate your new app to. This might or might not lead to a lot of downloads, but it is actually better than starting from zero.

What are the Places to Start Building a Following?

By setting up your own website and it doesn’t have to be lucrative, maybe a short paragraph about you and a relevant contact form. It aids your credibility when you took some time to set up even a simple beneficial site.

On Facebook, you could join groups like App Entrepreneurs and Marketers, popular Mobile Marketing Experts, App Business Entrepreneurs where you’ll meet other indie devs and firms and wholly share learned lessons. You have new groups popping up all the time, so take some time to look out what is out there.

Better consider setting your own Facebook page. This might seem good, but you can always reserve the page and keep it somehow private, for now. You can use it as a public place to share your ideas, particularly if you keep your personal Facebook account private.

Twitter is the next best place to go. It really is one of the top places to interact with people. Some people who won’t respond to emails would actually respond to tweets. Thereby shower your opinions of Twitter to the side for a moment and give it a sincere try.

One can also look at other online communities where you can begin talking to people and building a reputation. Offer real value to others and they would be more likely to follow you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • ProductHunt

Select Your Revenue Model

You have seven basic ways to make money namely given below

One time, up-front fee

It is the most straightforward, but not the most desirable. The main reason is that you are supporting an increasing number of users and you have to get even more users to actively fund your future development costs.

Up-front fee + in-App purchases

They are probably a difficult sell since you are asking people to pay twice. It only works in certain niches.

Free + in-app purchases

Most of the profitable games in the global world use this model. It is one of the first revenue models you should actually explore.

Free (“lite version”) + Paid Version

It could be a splendid model if you have a strong value proposition that could be illustrated in a free version of your app.

Free + Advertising

It is enumerated that advertising is primarily a four-letter word, but it could be a nice revenue model if you have no other options. You can consider offering an in-app purchase that generally removes the ads.


It is a model that is becoming increasingly familiar since it offers recurring income to cover future development costs.

Cross Promotion

Primarily you can then cross-promote your paid app within the free app.

Choose Your App Price

Suppose if you have a paid app, you’ll be able to experiment with your pricing, but one must be careful of the image you provide to your active potential users. It’s simpler to begin at a higher price and do price drops than to plan for a suddenly charge twice the price.

Thereby the price you can charge people depends on your target global audience and your concerned app. Some people will be happy to see a drop of $9.99 for an app. But some people won’t even pay $0.99 for other apps.

Start Marketing within Your App

User Experience (UX)

The user experience of your app is important to its immense success. Your app should be simple to use from the very first seconds.


One needs a stunning design and suppose if you’re not a designer, you must hire a good one. Your design requires being coherent. This primarily means that the several parts of your app must have the same feel, and also that any visual asset you’re developing comprising your app icon must be consistent with your relevant app design.

User Retention

Suppose if your iPad or iPhone app is splendid and so you should get some attention. One should be ready to get it reviewed, get some downloads and deliver it in people’s hands. It is seen that Push notifications are one best way to keep people utilizing your app. Anyway, you can’t rely on push notifications alone.

More precisely the concept of your app and the user experience has to be such that people keep coming back to your app. The first step must be to examine your analytics and lookout where in your app your users are actually dropping out, and what could be really causing it.

Feature of App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • Select the right app name and keywords
  • Develop a beautiful icon, coherent with your app design
  • Choose your best, most explicit screenshots, and add text captions to explain them
  • Give a great app description that makes people wish to give your app a try
  • Ameliorate your app ratings
  • Develop optimized iOS App Preview video that displays in both the search results and your app store listing

Get Your App Reviewed

It is mandatory that you require people to learn about your app. There is one splendid way for that to happen is a professional blog post or an article on a well-known familiar website.

Market Your App with Video

There are a few tips to produce an effective demo video:

Consider Your Global Audience

You can keep your app target audience in mind at all times when developing your script and video.

Write a script

It would save you time and permit you to make sure the message you convey is the right best one. Also, don’t hesitate to get feedback on your script and try to bring him some emotion and storytelling.

Make it short

It is seen that everyone might be tempted to show every feature of your app, but the actual truth is people won’t take the time to watch your 3minute video. Primarily it must be between 20 seconds and 1 minute.

Strongly focus on the benefits and added value of your app

Make a strong focus on what makes your app unique and worth downloading. Also, avoid boring and keep things dynamic.

Make it Effective

Your key goal is to illustrate what your app is all about and make people remember it and be able to download it. Also make sure you display your app name, icon and a call to action inviting viewers to actively download the app on the mobile app stores. Altogether displaying your website address assists, too.

Keep it simple

In case if you’re not a video expert, it’s good or safer to keep it simple so don’t use cheap-looking effects or complicated scenarios.

About Paid Ads

Nowadays Paid advertising is becoming an important part of online and app marketing. The vital thing is that platforms like Facebook are still affordable to most relevant app marketers.

Deep Linking

It is suggested that deep Linking wholly bridges the gap between mobile apps and the web. So when someone is on a mobile device, a Deep Link could actively send the user directly from a web search to the respective corresponding content in the app.

Final Thoughts

You can come across numerous things where one has to do pre-launch, but marketing doesn’t generally stop a few days after your app is released. You must professionally measure what works and keep doing it. One needs to ameliorate your app so your users are both happy and beneficially engaged. It is better to keep finding ways to get people talking about your app and largely sharing it.

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