Is the Invisalign orthodontic treatment effective?

You’ve probably pondered having braces to straighten your teeth if you’ve grown up with crooked teeth, an overbite, or even overcrowding. Alternatively, Invisalign if you have children, your dentist may have advised that they require braces. 

For many patients, the classic braces – you know, the ones with wire, tiny rubber bands, and metal brackets – were the only option. Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, have become a popular alternative to regular braces during the last decade. If you are looking for some affordable options, then Invisalign Chino Hills is a good-to-go option. 

Effectiveness of Invisalign orthodontic treatment

1- You have complete freedom to eat and drink whatever you choose.

There’s a huge list of foods that your dentist may not allow with standard metal braces. There are a few obvious choices––no gum, chewy candies, caramel, corn on the cob, or popcorn. But there are a few others that may surprise you. Steak, as well as hard nuts like almonds, are forbidden. Instead of biting into fresh, crisp apples in the fall, get in the habit of chopping them into bite-sized pieces. Carrots and other hard fruits and vegetables are in the same boat.

2- Comfort

The smooth plastic trays of Invisalign make it far more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Invisalign has no sharp or protruding edges or parts, and the trays are customized to fit your teeth and mouth!

3- Saves Time

 Invisalign allows you to spend less time at the orthodontist or dentist’s office because they only need to be adjusted every 6 weeks on average. Other techniques for teeth straightening can take a lot longer and require a lot more appointments.

4- Removable and safe

Is your teen or child involved in sports or a band? Without the scrapes that other orthodontic treatments can create, Invisalign enables a more comfortable experience.

5- Invisalign Is A Pleasant Experience

Many of our patients had metal braces as children or teenagers. They are now having Invisalign treatment as adults because their teeth have gradually shifted out of alignment. Patients who have both types of orthodontic treatment, knowing by how much more pleasant Invisalign is than traditional metal braces may blow you away. 

In contrast to obvious metal brackets, the make up of aligners is the smooth plastic that fits securely against the teeth. You won’t have any wires poking your cheeks or soft tissue. Even you won’t have to tighten them every four weeks. Instead, you’ll change your aligners every two weeks at home.

6- You’ll Have to Visit the Dentist Less Often

With traditional metal braces, you spend a lot of time at the orthodontist’s office. You’ll have a scheduled visit every four weeks to adjusted and tighten your brace––and then there are the unanticipated emergency visits.

All of the time spent at the orthodontist’s office adds up quickly, and it’s especially irritating if you have to leave work or school frequently for all of these appointments.

7- Perfectly straight teeth

The results speak for themselves, with Invisalign resulting in stunningly straight teeth and a radiant smile. Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Invisalign!

Now that you’re aware of some of the advantages of Invisalign, make an appointment with your dentist at the Pine Dental Center in Chino Hills CA to get fitted and start your path to a flawless smile!


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