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Jimmy Johns Menu Add A Beefy Black And Bleu Sandwich

Jimmy Johns Black And Blue is indeed renowned for its freakishly quick and fresh sandwiches, but its new Beefy Black and Bleu sandwich may have customers hankering for the “Triple B” as much as they do for the three letters “F.” Yes, this sandwich has all of that, as well as a whole bag of chips.

Jimmy Johns Black And Blue has never been afraid to experiment with different tastes on their menu. As seen by recent new menu additions, the taste placed first and foremost. These sandwiches make a lasting effect from the minute the sandwich opened until the moment the final crumb consumed.

The Chief Marketing Officer Of Jimmy Johns, Darin Dugan,

We at Jimmy John’s Black And Blue devoted to bringing you innovative and intriguing sandwich creations. In addition to the surprising and robust taste combination of our new Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich, the sandwich is the newest example of the high-quality, flavorful sandwich variety that Jimmy John’s customers have come to anticipate and love from the Jimmy Johns brand.”

Jimmy Johns Introduces The Beefy Black And Bleu,

A sandwich that takes the famous beef and blue cheese crumble combo out of the steakhouse and into the world of sandwiches. While this meal order does not need the use a fork and knife, the taste combination not often seen in fast service restaurants.

The thinly sliced beef on this new menu item covered with blue cheese sauce and crumbles, and the sandwich served with side of fries. Besides that, there is a horseradish aioli, peppercorns, and a variety of additional garnishes (like lettuce and tomato). The sandwich is made on Jimmy Johns Promo Code bread, which has become synonymous with the chain.

What Is It About The Beefy Black And Bleu That Makes It So Delicious?

Although most people will eat this new menu item because it contains blue cheese, this ingredient is just one component of the overall satisfaction. Yes, the large chunks of blue cheese crumbles that scattered throughout the sandwich are flavorful gems. However, the pleasure derived more than simply the intense flavor.

The key to this sandwich is the balance of flavors. Cut through the richness of  blue cheese, horseradish aioli and peppercorns combined. It is the yin and yang balance that enhances the pleasure of a bite even more.

Although The Sandwich Is Heavy Due To The Beef,

This new menu item is all about striking the proper balance in every mouthful. Jimmy John understands that meat slathered in blue cheese might be a little monotonous in certain respects. This combination of tastes is what adds to the intrigue of this selection.

However, There Is One Word Of Warning.

This is one of those sandwiches where you may want to omit the pickle altogether. While the briny taste of a Jimmy John’s Black And Blue sandwich is normally a good match, the acid notes in this sandwich fight with all of the other components. Instead, grab a bag of traditional potato chips and dig in.

Consider sprinkling some of the original potato chips on top of the sandwich for an even more intense taste sensation. It offers another depth of texture because of the added crunch. If you steak, potatoes, and blue cheese, this recipe a certain hit for you.

Jimmy Johns Is Now Serving The Beefy Black And Bleu,

Which will be available through the end of November. Check with nearby eateries to see if they have any openings.

Only for a limited time, Jimmy John’s Black And Blue introduces a bold new beefy black and blue sandwich.

Introducing the Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich, a new limited-time offering from Jimmy John’s – The Sandwich of sandwiches. The Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich will be available at participating Jimmy John’s Black And Blue locations worldwide.

We at Jimmy John’s Black And Blue are devoted to bringing you innovative and intriguing sandwich creations. Customers have learned to anticipate and appreciate the high-quality, flavor-forward sandwich variety from the Jimmy John’s Black And Blue brand, according to Darin Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer.

On Top Of Hand-Sliced Roast Beef,

The new sandwich topped with a creamy bleu cheese dressing and crumbles, crushed black pepper, and horseradish aioli, among other ingredients. After just one mouthful of this hot and delicious combo, visitors will be begging for more.

The new Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich, which is available now until the end of November, is ideal for any dinner occasion and can be enjoyed by consumers of all appetites and tastes. Stop by your nearest Jimmy John’s Black And Blue and have a taste of one right now!

Located at more than 2,600 locations throughout the United States, Jimmy John’s Black And Blue feeds your life by providing quick and fresh sandwiches on your schedule. These sandwiches may purchased in-person, online, or via Freaky Fast Rewards® programs.


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