Key Checklist for Your Mobile App Branding

Key Checklist for Your Mobile App Branding

As of July 2022 it was 3.57 million applications on Google Play, compared to 2.56 million apps on Google Play and 1.85 million on the App Store in Q1 2020.

So startups are confronted by a significant amount of competition. With this many thousands of apps on the market it is essential to figure out ways to stand out. 

A strong branding strategy can help distinguish your app from competitors in your industry. 

You need to hire a top mobile app development company to make an extensive app that can catch the attention of the users.

A well-marketed brand can increase awareness, create confidence, and create the perfect experience for users.

Here’s a checklist of branding your app to ensure you make the most of your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

What is a brand, exactly?

The concept of “brand” is hard to determine “brand” because the concept is so abstract.

David Ogilvy, dubbed the Father of Advertising Brand has been defined by David Ogilvy as “the intangible combination of the attributes of a product.” Also, Marty Neumeier, a well-known expert in all things branding, has saidthat “A brand is the individual’s instinctive opinion about an item, service, or company.”

Branding allows customers to be connected with and feel a connection to. It also is a reflection of what people think about an item and how they feel when they touch it.

For more details the definition of a brand, it typically has the name tagline, logo, design and brand voice, among other elements that are designed to provide an overall experience for customers whenever customers are in contact with them. 

Branding can help with marketing and must be considered at every step of the process of marketing.

When we consider how branding works for a firm such as Starbucks For instance we know what to expect. 

We’re familiar with Starbucks’ colors and fonts and it’s reflected in all the products they sell, and everywhere they offer it. 

Once you’ve downloaded the application, you’re generally aware of what you can expect visually before you start using it for the first time.

This is the reason why businesses use branding to create an experience that is consistent and positive that consumers will be drawn to.

App branding checklist

Integrating brand identity into the marketing can set the stage for your user experience from the moment someone discovers your app on the App Store or Google Play. 

To develop a brand of your own app, you’ll have to take into consideration a number of factors.

Here’s a checklist that will ensure that you’ve covered all the key areas:

App logo and icon

A logo and icon for your app are images of brand that interact with users and represent your app across multiple platforms. 

Logos and icons represent visual representations that could be identical to the other or different however they must be constant

You should ensure they’re simple enough to be easily seen however, they should be identifiable. App icons typically are characters or letters, (think: Pinterest, Groupon and Skype apps) and are able to be used in conjunction with the brand’s colors and font.

Your app logo should be indirectly reveal your brand.

For example, If your app is food related then you can show food related icon or ideation around it.

The user will easily understand about the concept and aim of your app.

Written content

The content on your App Store, or Google Play Store pages, and inside your app must be consistent in branding and design. 

The words you choose to use and the tone you use to write them are as crucial to your brand’s image just as your logo and icon are.

It’s crucial to remain consistent with your brand’s image through your text, both in the app as well as in other communication (i.e. email announcements, social posts, etc.)

The tagline you select for your app must summarize the primary benefits your app offers to the user you want to target because you’ll utilize the tagline on other channels for marketing, such as your landing pages, your website emails, social media.

Your app or product content should be easy understand by the target audience.

You can focus on the talking tone for the product content.

It means conversational content!

The users feels that you are talking to them.

It will help you to engage with your audience.


Graphics are essential to branding your app as the majority of apps run on small devices -that is, a cell phone. 

The content you write on could be restricted by the character count which is why graphics are important to your brand. 

Everything from your app’s logo and icon, to personalized illustrations, brand-named photos and interactive elements must be in line with your brand, providing the same experience within and out of the application. 

Every marketing channel should depict your app in the same manner.

The graphics of your app should be attractive!

Yes! And it is the crucial element to catch the user’s eye.

The great graphics means the more satisfied customers.

If your customers feels that the graphics of the app is poor then it less chances of they will spend time on the app.

Page of landing

Your landing page that you post before launch must also be consistent with your app’s branding. 

This page requires a lot of work to be done, particularly for products that are mobile-only. 

If done correctly it defines the purpose of your app. It also clearly defines the problems that your audience is facing and, most important what your app can do to help them solve their problems.

The landing page should be troubleshooter for your users.

It means the page should have the correct information for the users.

Also, It must has a easy navigation path to other related pages to increase the average sessions.

Onboarding of the user

The methods and the interactions that you employ to welcome potential users into your application are as well an element of your branding and your messaging is carried by your branding by way of graphics and text. 

These elements help build brand loyalty and provide the user experience to be positive at the point of entry.

Social media

Social media can help increase recognition and brand recognition as well as being an effective marketing tool for promotional and direct sales. 

It has a huge impact on how your brand’s image is perceived and must be considered as a crucial element of branding.

You will require a professional social media manager who can handle your social media presence.

If you offer any discount or anything special regarding your brand, you can promote the same over the socia nedia pages.


So here above we have discussed most crucial factors that you have to consider for app branding.

App branding is among the first tools you can use to create an experience that is positive for your intended audience, starting from the first moment that a user experiences to your company. 

If consistent branding is utilized in your app, and across all your marketing channels you’ll discover it to be an effective way to help build the loyalty of your customers to your brand.

Hope you have enjoyed the aritcle!

Thanks for reading.

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