Know How Professionals Change Oil & Replace The Air Filter Of Your Car

In case you’ve newly bought your car and want to know the ideal process to carry out an oil change, then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Even though we’d always suggest hiring a professional mechanic to carry out the procedure, if you want, you can also go ahead with the DIY technique. 

It should come as no surprise that performing an oil change is a very crucial task and if you want to keep your vehicle roadworthy, then you have to perform it regularly (especially if you use your vehicle frequently). To assist you with the same, we at a professional wrecking yard in Sydney, have created this extensive guide that you can go through in its entirety. Ensure that you wear safety glasses & some gloves before starting the oil changing technique. 

Process To Follow When Performing An Oil Change For Your Vehicle

  • Firstly, you’ll need to warm up your vehicle, so that in case the oil remains solidified inside your car, it can get diluted and thereby can be drained easily. 
  • Start by parking your car on a solid level and thereby set your parking brake. However, you must remember that some cars need to be lifted towards the front side to gain access to the drain plug as well as the oil filter. In that case, you have to lift & support the front side of the vehicle using a jack stand. 
  • Open the bonnet of your car and then you have to locate the oil fill cap, which can be found on top of the vehicle engine. Once done, you can proceed to remove the oil cap to drain the present fluid. 
  • Keep a drain pan under the engine and start by removing the oil drain plug with the help of a box-end socket, wrench or ratchet (remember to wear gloves before proceeding to perform such this). Then, you need to allow the current fluid to be drained thoroughly before you reinstall the drain plugs. 
  • Proceed to slide the drain pan under the engine’s oil filter. Then using an oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter and clean the filter mounting surface using a clean cloth.
  • Then you need to coat the new oil filter with the new engine oil and then install the same with your hand onto the filter mount. Proceed to seal the gasket. 
  • Try to re-install the drain plug using a new washer and then tighten the drain plug, as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. 
  • Finally, you’ll need to fill the engine with the new oil, as recommended by the car manufacturer (can be found inside your car manual). Ensure that you don’t overfill your engine with oil. 

How To Replace An Air Filter?

  • Start by opening the bonnet of your vehicle and then locate your air filter box. Proceed to release the mounting screws that secure the filter box cover. 
  • Once done, lift the cover and then remove the old filter. Clean the filter box with a damp cloth and then install the new filter. 
  • Finally, restore the cover and you’ll be good to go. 

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