Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad ,Pakistan
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Laser Treatment for Facial Hair in Islamabad:Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad

It’s natural to have hair in numerous places on the body. Some of these are unwanted, thus people want them taken away. This also holds true for facial hair, with the exception of eyebrows and, for men, mustaches, and beards. People use a variety of techniques to get rid of them. These methods include shaving, threading, and removing wax from them. All of them are temporal techniques. After a while, the hair ultimately begins to grow back. To permanently get rid of these undesirable hairs, the user may use a laser. Check out the blog post below for additional details about Laser Treatment for Facial Hair in Islamabad, Pakistan.

What Benefits Does the Process Have?

The benefits of the therapy for the patients are numerous. These include

Skin texture and suppleness are both enhanced.
The unwanted hair is removed.
One session merely takes a few minutes to finish.
The surrounding skin is not damaged, and the technique is incredibly accurate.
The procedure is quite effective and safe for the person.
It is possible to use it on all types of skin.

Who is eligible for therapy?

Whoever wants to get rid of the unwanted hair on their face
someone who doesn’t have any skin conditions or illnesses
a patient who enters therapy with attainable aims
a person whose skin tone is light and who has black hair
A person whose skin is not sunburned may have an impact on the course of therapy.

How does the Procedure work?

As long as the procedure is carried out by a trained and certified laser specialist, laser hair removal is a straightforward procedure.

This is how it goes:

A laser light is applied to the region with undesired hair by a trained professional. The laser’s light pulses assault the hair follicle and the base of the hair, killing them both and stopping them from regrowing.

There are three stages to hair growth, and the hair must be in the growth phase for the laser to properly kill the root.

Because of this, many treatments are necessary. You’ll need to schedule numerous appointments that are around four weeks apart in order to get every hair in that growth phase.

Side Effects:

There is a chance of adverse effects when performed by a dermatologist who is inexperienced and if the recipient does not adhere to the post-procedure instructions. These include the potential for blistering, scarring, and variations in skin tone. Additionally, the recipient may experience skin irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Do the Results Last a Lifetime?

The person must attend multiple sessions and adhere to the dermatologist’s recommendations in order to permanently remove unwanted facial hair. The operation can be repeated to preserve the effects if the person’s hair grows back.


Full body laser hair removal will ultimately cost you about AED 30,000. The average cost of full body Laser Hair Removal. If the hair is thick, this estimate may go as high as PKR 50,000. We will lower the overall cost if you receive more than three laser treatments from us. At the initial appointment, our laser experts will give you an anticipated cost.

You require at least 6–8 laser hair removal sessions to permanently get rid of undesirable body hair. Patients are strongly encouraged to avoid the sun during this time, and there should be a pause of at least two weeks. Given that lasers only effectively treat fair skin.

Cost-affecting variables:

Since every laser device is unique, so too are the technicians who use them. Full-body laser hair removal in Dubai is not always inexpensive. It heavily depends on where you decide to receive therapy. Choose a laser center that has qualified laser specialists and a high reputation in addition to the one that is closest to your house. You shouldn’t base your decision on price.

After considering variables such, as the total cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad is confirmed during the initial consultation.

used a laser device
Hair thickness, skin tone, and laser specialist qualifications
Sessions you attend Clinic location

What to Do in Advance of Laser Hair Removal

You should speak with your doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal before having the procedure done. Six weeks before the procedure, you should avoid waxing, electrolysis, and other hair removal methods. When you get your hair waxed or plucked, the roots are temporarily gone, but the laser targets those roots.

Your skin will feel and appear sunburned for a day or two following the procedure. Cool compresses and moisturizers can be beneficial. The treated hair will start to fall out during the next month. For the following month, remember to wear sunscreen to prevent transient skin color changes.

The use of laser hair removal can give you a smoother, more attractive body.

Why the best method for hair removal is laser?

The greatest option for permanently removing hair is laser hair removal. Are you prepared to discover why?

A few advantages of laser hair removal include the following:

1. It Moves Fast

The quickest method to get rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal if you’re looking for a rapid fix.

Although most of your treatment sessions will just last a few minutes, you will need to attend several. You’ll use the laser for a shorter period of time if the treatment area is smaller.

2. It Hurts Less Than Other Hair Removal Techniques

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is considerably less painful. Many compare it to the sensation of a rubber band being snapped on the skin.

Depending on your pain threshold, you might find it a little uncomfortable, but because the sessions go by so quickly, most people find it tolerable.

3. It’s Accurate

Laser hair removal is the best option for people who want to target and get rid of a few certain hairs because laser technology is so exact.

This makes it a fantastic choice even if you only need to get rid of a little patch of hair from the hairline, upper lip, nose, bikini line, or brows.

4. Any area of the body can have its hair removed

Any area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, with the exception of the eyelashes.

It’s best for areas like the back and bikini line, which may be challenging to reach with razors and excruciating to wax.

5.Avoids ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can result from shaving, waxing, and other hair removal procedures. Laser hair removal is a great alternative if you frequently get ingrown hairs.

You won’t ever have to worry about those bothersome hairs growing back in or curving back into the body and getting ingrown by eliminating the hair at the root.

6. You don’t have to put up with regrowth because of it

Some techniques, like waxing and plucking, call for you to put up with some regrowth in between sessions. You can always have smooth, hair-free skin thanks to laser hair removal.

7. It’s a Permanent Fix

Most people who use laser hair removal get long-lasting, permanent results.

You will at the very least experience a long-term reduction in hair growth that gets easier with time.

Because it is a long-term solution, it is inexpensive. Over the course of your lifetime, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not having to buy replacement razor blades or monthly waxes.

Despite being effective on people of all skin tones, laser hair removal works best on those with light skin and dark hair.

Skin hyperpigmentation in the treated area may be transient in people with darker skin tones.

How much does therapy cost?

The average cost of Laser hair removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and throughout Pakistan is between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000 per session.

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