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Launch your business with best Airbnb alternatives

With the rising demand for rental vacation properties, numerous Airbnb alternatives have emerged. These Airbnb possibilities can assist you in locating the ideal holiday accommodation for your upcoming trip.

Key Highlights

  • The opportunities for Airbnb alternatives are infinite because they follow the original company’s established, trusted, and incredibly successful business model.
  • Plum Guide’s home critics put each of their holiday rental properties through a thorough vetting process.
  • With more than 14 million RV rentals to choose from, Outdoorsy is considered the Airbnb of the motorhome world.


The fundamental nature of travel is undergoing upheaval, with firms like Airbnb grabbing headlines in recent years. The days of hotels and hostels being our only options for lodging are long gone. As the number of Airbnb alternatives increases, so do our travel options.

With the emergence of home rental booking sites and holiday rentals, renting a room or a property directly from another individual can save you a significant amount of money while also helping the host pay their costs.

More often than not, you’ll find a casual rental place with a homely atmosphere and a full range of conveniences. Occasionally, you’ll have a whole vacation rental software to yourself. If you’re going abroad and renting a room from a local family, you’ll receive a taste of cultural immersion as well as the opportunity to stay in a real community.

All of this is to say that by using some of these Airbnb alternatives, you can not only find rooms, flats, and vacation rentals, but you can also stay in timeshares and resorts for a fraction of the cost.

Since there are several other sites like Airbnb, it’s difficult to decide which ones to use and when. 

Airbnb Alternatives

Alternate websites and apps are not new and almost every other famous business has alternatives and Airbnb is no exception. Airbnb alternatives are sophisticated clone apps that are available for business owners and investors.

The possibilities of sites like Airbnb are endless as they follow the tried, trusted, and extremely successful business model.

7 Best Sites like Airbnb

  • Vrbo – for short-term rentals:

Vrbo is like the more polished older sibling of Airbnb. Since the hosts and property owners tend to be professionals who list for a living, you’ll discover more posh listings for vacation homes on Vrbo. This is the obvious choice if you’re seeking a higher grade of rental.

Vacation Rentals by Owner (Vrbo) is one of the best Airbnb alternatives. Although it’s extremely similar to Airbnb, it vastly differs in the kind of properties it offers. Vrbo boasts of roughly 2 million house rentals around the world, and the size of the residences is what sets it apart. The properties on Vrbo, on the whole, are larger and even have backyards. 

Vrbo, like the majority of Airbnb alternatives, includes a built-in review system. Owners will not be able to delete negative reviews and evaluations, just so that the users can rest assured that if there is any problem with a particular property, it will be revealed in the reviews.

  • Flipkey – for small group rentals:

Flipkey has a large number of vacation homes and Airbnb options available all around the world. It is the brainchild of TripAdvisor, as a result, it connects smoothly with their database of actual user reviews. With such sites like Airbnb, you may filter your results by the type of amenity you’re looking for because they have a thorough set of data on every property in their database.

The majority of their properties are vacation rentals and vacation homes that can accommodate four, five, or six people. If you are traveling alone you won’t get a homely feeling, and you won’t be entitled to receive any insight from a local, but if you’re travelling in a large group, that’s not usually a big deal.

  • Plum Guide – for luxury rentals:

When it comes to excellent luxury vacation homes, Plum Guide takes the lead. Every one of their vacation rental properties is placed through a rigorous vetting procedure by their ‘Home Critics’, and the majority of applications are turned down as they fail to meet their standards.

Simply because it fulfills the Plum Guide quality, you can rest assured that you’ll be staying somewhere outstanding and magnificent. When you look through the listings, you’ll see that they’re all stunning. You won’t have to worry about any unpleasant shocks or bogus reviews thanks to Plum Guide’s thorough vetting process.

In addition, their concierge team of experts is available seven days a week to assist you. Plum Guide is renowned not only for its hotels but also its customer service.

If you’re looking for a staycation with a touch of luxury, Plum Guide is the right solution.

  • – for hotels and homestays:

For a long time now, has been the go-to site for booking hotels online, and now you can use the same user-friendly and easy-to-book interface to book flats and vacation rentals. However, because you won’t have any interaction with the host, you’ll end up with an apartment that has a hotel-style booking and check-in process. When working with sites like Airbnb, this is a unique perk.

When looking for a place to stay on their site, their filtering system is one of the best on the market, allowing you to narrow down your search results to exactly what you’re looking for. Furthermore, because they have such a large inventory of houses, competition is severe, resulting in superior properties at lower prices.

  • Outdoorsy – for campervans and RVs:

Rent an RV or campervan from Outdoorsy, one of the best sites like Airbnb, and hit the road to experience the great outdoors. Consider RV travel, if drifting along the coastline or driving cross-country sounds like the perfect getaway for you.

With over 14 million RV rentals to select from, Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of the motorhome world. Explore vintage airstreams, modern campers, and luxury Winnebagos that are perfect for any journey.

  • Turnkey – for a rental stay with absolute freedom:

TurnKey’s main selling feature, which makes it one of the potentially contending sites like Airbnb, is that it eliminates the dreaded key exchanges. As the name suggests, travelers will be given a door code instead of a key for Turnkey’s own rental homes, allowing them to come and go anytime they please. This gives the busy traveler a little more flexibility and avoids the risk of losing the key.

Users will have to download an app to get the door code for their rental home. This app is a gold mine of information, providing restaurant recommendations as well as information on local entertainment. It’s a perk that most similar companies don’t provide. TurnKey is now only listing houses in the United States, but it has ambitions to expand in the near future, so stay tuned.

  • Homestay – for budget-friendly rentals:

The key distinction between Homestay and most other websites, such as Airbnb, is that you always live with a host. Naturally, depending on the type of traveler you are, this has advantages and disadvantages. You can feel uncomfortable sharing a home with someone you don’t know. On the flip side, it could be the most memorable and enlightening event of your trip.

How RentCubo Contributes

The abovementioned top seven sites like Airbnb are proficient and provide excellent services, and there are numerous such Airbnb alternatives. However, the same cannot be said for B2B model Airbnb substitutes because there are very few enterprises that engage in such specific business verticals.

RentCubo is one such unique and rare rental software development company that has been actively developing and deploying a plethora of proficient white label rental solutions including Airbnb clone scripts. Therefore, if you are looking to launch your own Airbnb-like business, then RentCubo is the perfect solution.

Wrapping Up:

If you are someone who owes it to yourself to try out different types of lodging, then, when it comes to traveling and deciding where to stay, it is critical to expand your horizons. With regards to that, we urge you to give Airbnb alternatives a chance and you might just find something more suitable for you and have a new and enlightening experience.

Airbnb is one of several websites and apps available for vacation rental booking purposes. Depending on what you’re looking for, they’re all beneficial in their own unique manner. One of the most crucial things to know is which one to use and when. Then you can begin looking for a place to stay.

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