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Learn Basic Adobe Photoshop in Just 30 Minutes

It is very easy to learn photo software, editing photos with Adobe Photoshop is very easy, but for this, you have to give time to learn Photoshop and in this post, we will tell you about the basic tools of Photoshop which are used the most. 

In this post, we will tell you about the latest version of Photoshop, if you have an old version of Photoshop, then you can update it or download the new Photoshop from its official website. To download, you have to create your ID on the Adobe website and then you can download Photoshop for free.

There are many options to learn in Photoshop, you can take the best and advanced Adobe Photoshop classes near me from the graphic design institute and make your career as a photographer or editor.

See the steps are given below, which we will learn one by one today, like which tools work, how can we use them? What is the tool used for and apart from this, we will also talk about some advanced tutorials of Photoshop.

Open a New File Ctrl + N in Photoshop

Open Photoshop, you will see some Photoshop tools in front of you. To edit the photo here, you have to either open the photo or you have to start a new file. To start a new file, we will click on File Menu > File > New or press “Ctrl + N” from the keyboard.

Some sizes are already set in these options Photo, Print, Art & Illustration, Web, Mobile, and Film & Video. If you do not know which size you want to take, then you can choose any size from these sets according to you or you can make your size in some of the options given below.

Enter the file name first

Then fill in the size of the page, which is the size you want, such as the size of a full HD photo, so in the same way, you can set any size for yourself here.

New File in Photoshop

Click on Create. Now a new file will open in front of you.

Many types of selection tools have been given in Photoshop, which you can select an option in any photo, the selection tool is used the most in Photoshop. Because with the help of selection tool we can select any area. And you can apply the effect only to that particular area.

  1. Marquee Tool
  2. Lasso Tool
  3. Magic Wand Tool

1. Marquee Tool

In Marquee Tool you will find 2 types of tools from which you will select the area. You can select the rectangular area with the Rectangular tool. You can select the circular area with the Elliptical tool.

2. Use the Lasso Tool

In Lasso Tool also you will get 2 tools, their work is also for selecting the area. Simple Lasso Tool Free Hand works like we make Drawing and the second tool Polygonal Lasso Tool Point To Point will work.

3. Magic Wand Tool

In Lasso Tool also you will get 2 tools, their work is also to select the area. But these tools will work according to the color. If you select this tool and click on any place in the photo. Then they will select the area of ​​the same color. And in this, both the tools do the same thing.

Photoshop Brush Tool

The brush tool is used for freehand sketching, if you want to make anything in Photoshop. Then you can make it very easily using the brush, in which you are given different types of presets.

For example, if you want to make grass in the photo, then you will get preset of grass in the Brush Tool, by selecting it, you can apply grass anywhere in the photo.

Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool S

The Clone Stamp Tool is used to clone any object in Photoshop. Even if you want to remove an object from the photo. You can use this tool to remove any object from the photo very easily.

Photoshop Eyedropper Tool

This tool is used to detect any color in any photo.

Photoshop Gradient Tool

The Gradient Tool is used to fill two or more colors at any time, we have already been given some designs and if you want to make new designs in it, then you can also create your own designs.

Photoshop Crop Tool

The crop tool is used to crop the photo. With the help of this tool we can crop the photo in any ratio or size.

Photoshop TEXT Tool

This tool is used to write text on any photo, we have been given different types of shots. Settings have been given for tax Alignment and to make the text more stylish, various types of it have been given. The setting is given, with the help of this tool, we can write horizontal and vertical tax on the photo.

Photoshop Pen Tool

The pen tool can also be used as a selection tool, if you want to select an object, then with the help of paint. We can select it and with that selection, we can also fill color in that object.

Photoshop Layer Use

Layers have a great job in Photoshop, without which Photoshop will act like a paint that comes with our window. It is because of the layer that Photoshop works so well.

  • These are the basic tools of all Photoshop, which is very important to learn, after learning all these tools.
  • You will be able to run almost all Photoshop and they are used the most for photo editing.
  • Apart from this, if you want to make your professional career in Photoshop.
  • If yes, then you can learn an advanced Photoshop course from Graphic Designing Institute.

I hope you liked the post, Apart from this, if you have any queries, questions or suggestions, then you can ask by commenting below. Ans do share this post with your friends and relatives on social media, so that others can also know this information. You can also Learn Graphic Design Course and Earn Lakhs of Rupees

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