Magento Breadcrumbs: Types, Benefits For eCommerce Store

Did you know? Ecommerce transactions have already hit $4.891 billion by the end of 2021. Experts predict that by the end of 2024, we’ll be generating around $6.388 billion each year. 

In this competitive ecommerce environment, online stores need to engage and win customers with an engaging web experience. The use of modern design techniques and tools such as Magento’s breadcrumbs feature allows you to make your site user-friendly while also boosting its SEO ranking.

So, what is a Magento breadcrumb, and how does it help your business? Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions, so keep reading. 

Let’s start with:

What are Magento Breadcrumbs and How Can They Help You? 

The Magento breadcrumb is a navigation element that shows the user’s location in the store. For instance, it will show them what category or subcategory they are currently viewing. They are helpful because they help users understand where they are in the site structure, which improves usability and conversions.

If your consumers can’t quickly find what they’re looking for, they’ll abandon your shop. With that, Magento breadcrumbs can help you a lot. You can enhance your store’s usability and conversion rates by using breadcrumbs because they improve the site structure, ecommerce navigation, and product findability.

Not only that, you can even boost your site’s SEO ranking because Magento breadcrumbs also help Google better understand what your web pages are about.

In short, with the help of this tool, you are offering personalization and convenience to your consumers, which leads to increased conversions and loyalty.

According to the report, personalization investments pay off handsomely. Revenue rose by 77% of those who offered personalized services.


What are Magento’s Different Types of Breadcrumbs?

The three most popular varieties of Breadcrumbs are History-Based, Hierarchy-Based, and Attribute-Based. Let’s explore all these in brief:

History-Based Breadcrumbs:


Breadcrumbs based on the user’s journey through your site, such as the back button in your browser, are called path-based breadcrumbs. They represent the user’s current page via a unique route; however, this route is generally not shown in its entirety. This breadcrumb choice may help visitors get back to search results. It can’t get you to the top of search engines.

Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs:


The term “hierarchy-based breadcrumbs” is also used to describe location-based breadcrumbs. It’s the most popular kind of breadcrumbs, which informs visitors where they are in the site’s structure and how to return to the previous or homepage. It displays the category/subcategory structure of your Magento store.

Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs:


The purpose of attribute-based breadcrumbs is to show you the characteristics a person selected on a website. These breadcrumbs are used on eCommerce category pages provided by most eCommerce platforms, in which users can easily filter search results based on specific criteria. The main distinction between attribute-based and hierarchy-based breadcrumbs is that they show the hierarchy and indicate all requirements.

Benefits Of Magento Breadcrumbs

There are many benefits that breadcrumbs bring to your online store; some of them are as follows:

How Magento Breadcrumbs Will Help Visitors?

  • Location breadcrumbs help visitors navigate easily, which leads to more product sales and reduces the bound rate;
  • Attribute breadcrumbs help visitors to unchoose the filters they have applied while looking for a necessary product;
  • The breadcrumbs assist users in website navigation. The function is irreplaceable for large multi-level websites with multiple categories and product pages;
  • A resource of contextual information, which helps users find what they are looking for easier and faster;
  • The breadcrumbs allow your visitors better to understand the structure/layout of your website. Thus, customers can view more relevant content using the breadcrumbs regardless of their gender, age, and professional background.

How Be Magento Breadcrumbs Will Helpful For SEO?

  • Location-based breadcrumbs help search engine robots understand your website’s relationships and help you rank higher in search results.
  • Search engine crawlers, which assist search engines in obtaining a website structure, can navigate more quickly to your website using breadcrumbs, thereby improving your site’s SEO.
  • The breadcrumbs can link keywords to specific pages on your website, assisting search engines in determining which page should be associated with the key.
  • They improve your site’s internal linking, which arranges link juice between pages.
  • The SERPs are integrated with breadcrumbs to make the search results appealing to visitors by displaying a clear snippet with valuable data.

Magento breadcrumbs are highly beneficial for users, so you should implement them on your Magento websites. They can be used in registration pages, cart recovery pages, login screens, etc.

How to Use Breadcrumbs with Magneto Pages?


  • You will need your Magento username and password to access the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Go to System > Configuration > Web. Default Pages On Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages, select Yes to enable Breadcrumbs.

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  • To finish the process, click the Save Config button.

How to Turn Off Breadcrumbs on All CMS Pages?

  • Log in with your Magento username and password to access the Admin Panel.
  • Select System > Configuration > Web > Default Pages from the drop-down menu.
  • Select No for Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages to disable breadcrumbs.
  • To finish, click the Save Config button.

Best Practices of Magento Breadcrumbs

Though Magento comes with several options, there are a few things you need to focus on when using breadcrumbs in your store.


The user’s path from the root page to the current page is determined. Even if a user’s problem page has no content, it contains links that lead them to additional information. This is a very common and simple breadcrumb that everyone sees. These breadcrumbs are pretty valuable, for instance, when a customer comes to your product via a blog or another page.


Instead of displaying the entire route, a “back” button may be added to the page. It’s similar to a website’s back button, but it’s handier. The button is best suited for businesses with many filters. When the browser’s back button is clicked, all selected settings are restored, and the user must re-configure them.


Links related to the page may be used, such as other similar products. These links can also be added to categories and manufacturers’ pages. The product link will only appear in stock; if there are any available, users can click on them.

Built on a transition history:

The whole history of user navigation on the site is reproduced by Navigation. This might be useful while looking at a long list of pages (the list of seen pages will be kept in its original order), but it’s not very useful when trying to locate a certain page using Google (there is no history).


A single method of breadcrumbs may not be enough for a superior UX. If this is the case, add two different sorts of breadcrumbs. Each species has distinct responsibilities when using combined breadcrumb navigation. The first is concerned with structure, while the second is with history.

What Do You Need To Know When Creating Breadcrumbs On Your Magento Shop?

Determine whether this additional navigation option on your website will benefit customers in navigating around your site. Navigating between various product categories on an ecommerce business is complex, and breadcrumbs are ideal in assisting with that.

As a result, users can easily locate the breadcrumbs on the page, and they are always at the top of the product pages. Such navigation is avoidable, but it is an essential site component. It should be a secret helper. The sequence is critical – if you offer this navigation on a page, it should be available throughout the site.

Users can quickly discover the breadcrumbs on the page, so they are always positioned at the top of product pages. Such navigation may be avoided, but it is an essential component of the site. It should function as a helpful assistant. Further, the order in which you present your content is critical—if you have this navigation on a page,


Magento Breadcrumbs are a new feature for those who have just started, but it is important. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much of your time, and it can improve the user experience both for visitors who are new as well as those who are returning.  It is also a smart way to maintain your site’s SEO value. 

Using breadcrumb navigation can lead to better user engagement, and more importantly, it will make traffic flow more effectively on your site.

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