Major Reasons Why You Should Opt for React JS Web Development

Major Reasons Why You Should Opt for React JS Web Development

If you’ve stepped into the world of web development, then there are fewer chances that you might not have come across React JS. Even though it’s not a typical web development framework, it offers various coding possibilities which increased its popularity in recent years. Therefore, many businesses prefer to hire React JS developers for their web application development projects.

Big brands like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, and Skype are leveraging React JS technology for their web applications. So, what makes React JS a preferred framework for website or application development? This article describes the major reasons why you should opt for React JS web development.

Why Opt for React JS Web Development?

1. Ease of Use

React JS has an easy learning curve. You only need to know JavaScript and you are good to go! However, you should adopt a continuous learning approach to expand your knowledge, skills, and training. But with React JS, independent work with the use of comprehensive guides will be just enough to master the framework in a short time.

Also, why you’ll love working with this amazing framework is that it allows you to prepare and immediately configure a new project with a single command. You just need to open the console and write:

  1. npx create-react-app my-app
  2. cd my-app
  3. npm start

And you’re done! The application has successfully launched and you can get started with coding. People who don’t like to mess with configuration files or beginners who cannot do it all will be happier.

The Facebook community has already addressed these problems through the support for modern JavaScript syntax (Babel), the configuration of the packaging module (Webpack), code quality control (ESLint), the application test environment, etc. GitHub has a full list of solutions.

You can also access all configuration files with a single command:


“scripts”: {

“start”: “react-scripts start”,

“build”: “react-scripts build”,

“test”: “react-scripts test –env=jsdom”,

“eject”: “react-scripts eject”


And, there you go!

If you have the support of a React JS development company, you can get started with React JS web application development within a short time.

2. Great Popularity and Community

React is highly popular amongst developers across the globe. According to Stackoverflow, it was the second most popular web development framework in 2020 with 35.9% usage globally. The main reason behind the popularity of this framework is its vast community and the ecosystems it builds. Currently, over 7.4 million live websites use React JS library.

A Large Number of Libraries

React is the combination of JavaScript and HTML which makes it a robust and reliable framework for web development. And as it uses JavaScript, you will find millions of third-party JS libraries that facilitate web application development.

Some of the popular libraries include:

  • React-router for navigation,
  • Bootstrap for CSS style and User Interface design,
  • React-Motion to implement various animation styles

The availability of so many options empowers developers to design interfaces efficiently.

Furthermore, installing dependencies in React makes the lives of developers much easier. You simply need to type npm <dependency name> and it’s done! No ZIP file is needed!

However, if you’re not hat technical savvy, you can always hire React JS developers for technical support services.

3. Virtual DOM

The DOM, the object model is created once the web page is loaded. Any modifications to the properties of each element make it imperative to load the entire HTML structure. Well, it’s not in the case of React JS.

Virtual DOM is a hierarchical representation of a website’s UI that remains loaded all the time. So, when a web application is updating, you can easily interact with it. And no components are affected.

Moreover, virtual DOM boosts the loading speed of pages significantly, which enhances the user experience.

4. Reusable Components

React JS is a prominent component-based library. The best part is that these components are reusable. Hence, you need to define a component only once and use it several times as required.

This feature speeds up the web development process and also enhances productivity substantially. When you have to work on a large-scale website or application, this feature will reduce the development time, effort, and cost significantly.

The faster development process is one of the major reasons why businesses prefer to invest in a React JS development company for their project.

Moreover, due to component independence, the internet is booming with individual components and complete frameworks ready to be used.

5. Update-friendly

Another advantage of React JS is the clear data flow processes. React uses props object to transmit data from the parent component to the sibling components that are nested within it.

You’ll be amazed to see the quick refresh functionality whether you’re using React JS for web pages or React Native for mobile applications. You no longer have to click the refresh button whenever you wish to see site updates. This is because Quick Refresh runs when the React project is saved in the code editor.

This is very useful when you are working on the finer points of your React-based website. You can view results in your web browser whenever you make minor changes to the code.

Moreover, the React compiler reports issues that are clear and understandable. So, you can easily understand the problems and fix them on time.

6. You Get a Bonus – React Native

React Native, built after React JS, is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop iOS and Android mobile applications. Your JavaScript-based application utilizes the native API similar to other apps. While there are some minor modifications between React and React Native technologies, the core ideas and logic remain the same. So, you leverage the benefits of both JS and React JS.

What Solutions Can Be Built Using React JS?

While React JS was originally designed to be used exclusively within Facebook, it was made available as an open-source JS library in 2013 to build diverse range of solutions.

Some of the solutions that can be built using this technology include:

  • Social media platforms (Facebook)
  • Video streaming platforms (Netflix)
  • Online learning platforms (Udemy)
  • SaaS solutions (Asana)
  • Online communication platforms (Skype)

Wrapping Up

React JS is an evolving development platform. It is supported by a strong community of developers and organizations. The future of React JS technology is very promising. React JS has a smoother learning curve, so you don’t need advanced knowledge to get started.

React JS offers numerous advantages such as virtual DOM, component reusability, unidirectional data flow, stability and lightness, and much more. Due to all these benefits and growing popularity, it is worth investing in a React JS development company for your next project.


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